The Lord is mighty

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But Zhou Tian, no matter the energy or the energy in his body, could not support him to fight with that rule all the time.

Of course, according to Zhou Tian's strength, using those ordinary creatures to consume his strength in a specific environment, this arrangement is not a loss in some way. However, at that time, as far as the master of the rules was concerned, even if he sacrificed more lives at the moment, as long as he could increase his chances of winning the battle with Zhou Tian, he would not mind sticking to the arrangement at that time. However, for the person who controlled the rules at that time, the situation was good for him, but for those who fought with Zhou Tian, the situation was not good for them in any case. After all, the desperate battle of those creatures is only to let Zhou Tian consume some strength, from the root, those creatures can not threaten the strength of Zhou Tian. In this way, when it is completely impossible to do anything to Zhou Tian, and their appearance is only to die for nothing, Zhou Tian will not believe anything to say that the actions of those creatures are voluntary. Even dead soldiers don't want to be used as cannon fodder! So if those creatures have their own choice, Zhou Tian estimates that they should not want to fight with Zhou Tian in the way they did at that time. According to the situation at that time, it was obvious that those creatures had been controlled by their ancestors. Zhou Tian doesn't know what abilities the other side is using, but one thing is certain. If those creatures are really under the control of their ancestors. So according to the situation at that time,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, even if the desperate of those creatures can not play any role, it is estimated that under the control of the above, those creatures still have to attack Zhou Tian one by one. The situation was not good for Zhou Tian. If those creatures can act on their own, then Zhou Tian, in addition to killing them all, can naturally scare the other side away according to his various performances. I believe that if Zhou Tian's means are strong enough, then it should be absolutely capable of scaring away those creatures without killing many enemies. But now, since the actions of those creatures can be said to be involuntary. If Zhou Tian did not kill them all, there would be no possibility for those creatures to stop their actions against him. Of course, although according to the situation at that time, let Zhou Tian kill all those creatures, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, he will naturally be annoyed. But Zhou Tian's annoyance does not mean that he is afraid of the other side, after all, Zhou Tian's strength is there, even if not with all his strength, Zhou Tian is confident that if he wants to slay that group of creatures, then there will be absolutely no other problems. As a result, after Zhou Tian was ready to kill those creatures directly, it was not long before the group of creatures who were ready to kill Zhou Tian died in the hands of Zhou Tian's strong attack. And right after killing those creatures. At that time, Zhou Tian was supposed to continue to go deep into the boundary. As long as you really enter each other's ancestral land. Then the kind of rule suppression it is currently under will change. It is believed that without the suppression of the rule split, Zhou Tian's strong strength will be shown again. However, although in the face of those who attacked the creatures, Zhou Tian easily killed the other side to all. But that doesn't mean. At that time, Zhou Tian won the victory in this way. In fact, it depends on the situation at that time. Zhou Tian's desire to win is far from as simple as he thinks. After Zhou Tian had succeeded in killing those creatures, he soon encountered new troubles at that time. Who let the creature that Zhou Tian wants to challenge at the moment is that kind of character, since it can make all kinds of arrangements before in order to increase his chances of winning. Now, after Zhou Tian has a stronger performance. Naturally, he would not mind using all his means to weaken Zhou Tian's strength at that time. So. It was not easy for Zhou Tian to wipe out all the creatures who attacked him when his strength was suppressed. But when Zhou Tian managed to kill those creatures, he didn't think at all that another group of creatures would come out of the other side's ancestral land at that time without waiting for him to act again. "Don't you give me time to rest?" The idea of the creature Zhou Tian can be seen at a glance, and it has to be said that according to the arrangements of the other side, it was really not easy for Zhou Tian not to be affected at that time. And if there is a choice, Zhou Tian really does not want to face that kind of situation. However, the other side can not miss the opportunity to weaken his strength, so even if Zhou Tian does not want that creature will still continue to send his creatures to interfere with its actions. But in the hands of the other side is in control of an ethnic group, even if the strength of the creatures it controls is weak, it is not easy for Zhou Tian to kill all those creatures. And according to the situation at that time, the other side so constantly sent out his creatures to die, then the pace of Zhou Tian's progress will inevitably be affected. In this way, it may take several times more time to get out of the regular split coverage area, which could have been easily gone out. There is no doubt that the situation was not a good thing for Zhou Tian. As long as you are in the coverage area of the rule split, you need to use your own rule ability to offset the other side's rule effect all the time. Under the circumstances at that time, it can be imagined that it would take a lot of energy for Zhou Tian to be free from the influence of the other party's rules. And in that case, the longer it lasts, the greater the consumption of Zhou Tian will inevitably be. For a while, the suppression of that position may have an impact on Zhou Tian only so that he could not bring his strength into play at that time. But as time goes by, when Zhou Tian fights with that rule separately for a long time,Magnesium Oxide MgO, there is no problem of consumption when the other side has a world to rely on. But Zhou Tian, no matter the energy or the energy in his body, could not support him to fight with that rule all the time.