You are beautiful when you smile.

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But Zhou Tian, no matter the energy or the energy in his body, could not support him to fight with that rule all the time.

"Be henpecked." Lu Sicheng said with an expressionless face, "I laughed." "No, no, no, Chinese traditional virtues, Chinese traditional virtues!" "Yes, yes, yes!" "How can the henpecked of the upper class be called henpecked? It's called loving your wife and children!" With a wave of his hand, Xiao Rui raised his head, and everyone chimed in. The nursery rhyme twitched its lips: "When you have a spouse in the future, you should remember what you said today-henpecked is a traditional Chinese virtue-if you don't remember, I can help you remind your spouse." "You can't expect your future man to be henpecked." Lu Sicheng glanced at her. Why, one world, one dream! "Soft ears." “……” The nursery rhyme thought about it, then the old man blushed and covered his ears with his hands, turned his head and stared at the man with a natural face in the dark, but the latter lowered his head and brushed his fingers on the screen of his mobile phone,potassium sulphate fertilizer, and quickly bought a ticket.. The landing place of the plane is located in a southern city not far from Shanghai. It is said that in that place, a stone falling from the sky can kill three billionaires. Two days later, it was finally time for Xiao Rui to have a training match with a group of Caibi teams. This time, it was specially chosen in the afternoon when the VPN was not so crowded on weekdays. Everyone took their places and entered a group of rooms that had already been opened by the Caibi team. They were still the same few people. They were still the same few ids. I don't know if they were discussing their opponents on the opposite side. Anyway, the five people of the zgdx team had never stopped since they sat down in front of the computer. Old Cat: "Xiaopang, why do you think the Pope wants to go to this relegation team?" Xiaopang: "Don't call a relegation team. Where are you drinking milk when they enter the World Series?" Old Cat: "Well, why do you think the Pope wants to go to this …" Declining noble team ah? Xiaopang: "I heard that it is to find the best assistant and teammates to help me defeat brother Cheng together." "That's terrible,diammonium phosphate fertilizer," Lu Sicheng said with an expressionless face. "I only have a bottomless acrobatic assistant in the hero pool, and a 0/7/0 Yasuo single." Nursery rhyme:.. If you speak well, it's none of my business-that Yasuo was an accident, and today I exploded to carry you. Lu Sicheng: "Don't do things in half, just explode, don't carry." Nursery rhyme: "…" Old K: "Your trash talk is really many, when prepares the summer match, must on the match time quotation every day?" "Matchtime Quotations" is an indispensable entertainment link in the professional league. The production team of the professional league records what the players say during the match, selects interesting videos and edits them into a small video for publication, so that the audience can also understand what the professional players say or communicate during the match. Usually, it is often heard that the players will only play "ah ah ah" and "against him, against him, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,calcium nitrate sol, against the opposite ad", or laugh at each other or something. Nursery rhyme: "I love to read quotes during the game." Old K: "Trust me once, when waiting for you to become the leading role of match time quotation, you do not like to see." Nursery rhyme: "…" At this time, Mingshen clapped his hands to signal everyone to be quiet: "Well, everyone is serious, so much bullshit, you are very inflated ah?"? There is no good end to inflation. I heard the team next door say that after the last training match with us, they found that they had exposed a lot of problems and improved them. Xiaopang: "Did they see the problem after only ten minutes in the last training match?" Lu Sicheng: "It shows that they have many problems." Mingshen: "Brother Cheng, don't speak. You are really inflated. Why can't you?"? Ten minutes has already occupied most of the early alignment period. The training match has already begun. First of all, it is still the ban pick link. Surprisingly, this time, the opposite side came up to ban the nursery rhyme card first. In the midst of everyone's sighs, the nursery rhyme happily found that he could probably get the Le Fu Lan he wanted. In the end, she got it. At the beginning of the game, everyone was a smooth and quiet handsome man, and occasionally there was a collision that could be regarded as a near miss to re-open the safe distance, until everyone's level gradually approached level 4, and the atmosphere of the next road began to be dignified. "Lee Jun-hyuk is going to start crossing the tower to send people's heads." Lu Sicheng said in a low voice. The single on the opposite side is missing. Be careful when you get off. Nursery rhyme said while clicking a signal, the system prompt sounded at the same time, the disappearance of the enemy in the single really like a ghost appeared in the grass behind Lu Sicheng and Xiaopang, at the same time there is the opposite wild. "***, four people grab it!"! When did you make a vision behind us?! On the opposite side, the teleportation (summoner skill, which can be teleported from the current position to any position in the map that has its own field of vision) is handed in. Xiaopang in a scream, a group of vegetables than the team of four people swarmed up, Lu Sicheng the first time to hand over the running skills to run away, leaving Xiaopang a person was surrounded and beaten under their own defense tower, the system reminds "d" voice sounded, the Pope got the first drop of blood. The balance balance of this oath is beginning to tilt towards a group of vegetables. Nursery rhyme summoner skills did not take the "transmission" of this skill, in mobility is not as good as Ai Jia, know that even if they go to support it is too late, so she chose to stay in the middle, peace of mind to collect their own wave of small soldiers to eat enough experience, and then take their own small soldiers to the other side of the tower, let the other side of the defense tower kill these small soldiers-so that they can do so. When Ai Jia comes back, he will find that he has no small soldiers to eat, and his experience and economy will be solidified, which is the inevitable defect brought about by the single choice of other ways. However, about seven minutes into the game,caustic calcined magnesite, Ai Jia went down the road again. This time, a group of vegetables than in the single plus the next road ADC and auxiliary three people together to catch Lu Sicheng, and homeopathic push down the first defensive tower.