Liangsheng, can we not be sad 2 _ Le Xiaomi

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But Zhou Tian, no matter the energy or the energy in his body, could not support him to fight with that rule all the time.

Naturally, it is impossible for the police to embarrass reporters. They are still in awe of these supervisors of public opinion. No one wants to place any bad reports on themselves. I watched in a daze as Bei Xiaowu was taken away by the police and stayed where he was, confused and helpless. There are birds flying in the sky, but I can't hear their voices. Is it the biggest mistake of my life to come back to this city? Now that you have chosen to leave, you should not set foot on the way back. Liangsheng, can we not be sad? Chapter 11 She is my patient, and I know what I should do for her better than anyone else. Chapter Words: 3683 Updated: 08-04-09 01:27 Ah, isn't this my dear Jiang Sheng? When this voice, which pretended to be gentle but was thin and cool in alienation, came into my cochlea, I retreated subconsciously when I was confused and helpless. What's the matter? Am I so terrible? Above the wheelchair, it was still a quiet face like an angel, black eyes with faint blue, crystal clear, slightly long hair, a few locks, over his beautiful eyes, fell on the bridge of his nose. There was a morbidly gloomy beauty in the reflection of the sun on his delicate skin. Cheng Tianen! All of a sudden, my brain was working fast, and after a gasp, I realized that this series of things happened from his director. He looked at me with a charming arc at the corners of his mouth and said, Jiang Sheng,Magnesium Oxide price, you don't have to look at me so viciously! Didn't my brother teach you that girls should be gentle to look good. You see, you are like this now. You are out of your mind. If you are secretly photographed by those reporters, published in the newspaper, and sent to my grandfather, it is estimated that your beautiful dream of flying with Cheng Tianyou will be ruined. My grandfather doesn't like girls who are not cultured and reserved! Why? I looked at him in pain. Mingming Tianyou said that his dear brother had repented for the harm he had done to me because of his youth and ignorance. But, why, these injuries are once again under his direction in the interpretation of around me? What "why"? Cheng Tianen looked at me calmly, then looked at the men around him,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, and suddenly realized, Oh, I know, it must be Tianyou who told you that I regret my behavior four years ago, right? With that, he looked at me with infinite compassion, as if looking at a fool, he said, Jiang Sheng ah, I really regret, I should have asked him to hurt Liangsheng more thoroughly! Why did you just break his finger? I should have asked Cheng Tianyou to be more resolute, for example, to break Liangsheng's head! This, I am afraid that when he knew that Liangsheng was Grandpa's grandson, he could not take Liangsheng to the hospital. Ha ha ha ha, Magnesium Sulphate price ,dap diammonium phosphate, if so, how wonderful! So, Jiang Sheng, you will never come back! Then, Cheng Tianyou will regret for a lifetime! I can't change your mind for the rest of my life! Just like me, I can't get my two amputated legs back in my life! He will be unhappy all his life! Just like me, I can't be happy all my life! That's good, brother! This is called brotherhood, sharing weal and woe, right, dear little Jiang Sheng! I looked at Cheng Tianen like a devil, saying these creepy words without changing his face, and murmured in horror, you are a pervert! You pervert! Cheng Tianen slowly approached me with both hands holding the wheelchair, with a very charming smile on his face. He said, I am a psychopath? Oh? There are more sick, you have not seen! If you don't come back for the rest of your life, I might not be so sick. I will always watch Cheng Tianyou in pain in the days of waiting for you! And now you're back! He suddenly died of happiness! Then, Jiang Sheng, I want you and Cheng Tianyou to suffer doubly for the happiness you don't deserve! With that, he gave me a gentle look, and his eyes flashed a cold and contemptuous expression. I can't hide in front of Cheng Tianen. Every time he appeared, he was like a hunter who was sure to win, and I was like the prey he would shoot at any time. So he could look at me so proudly and proudly, with pity and pity on his face. However, Bei Xiaowu fell into this conspiracy for no reason, and I was suddenly very sad. I have hurt him unintentionally, and I have also hurt Xiao Jiu. However, whenever the waves of things have passed, he will always forgive me, still like the closest friend, standing beside me. However, I have to bring new harm to him. What should I do? What to do? He had been taken to the police station and did not know what would happen. Thinking of this, I intend to leave, no longer entangled with Cheng Tianen. However, he moved the wheelchair at a high speed and blocked my way. Out of the way! You pervert! I gave him a good shove. His body leaned slightly, and the wind blew the broken hair in front of his forehead, revealing his smooth forehead. He looked at me coldly, smiling, pondering, pervert? I'm afraid you'll soon be begging me for this pervert! Don't forget, your good friend Bei Xiaowu is in the police station. Besides, Lin Lu is already in a coma. Lin Lu? I looked at Cheng Tianen hesitantly. Yes, Lin Lu is the female reporter who was knocked unconscious by Beixiaowu. She is already in a coma in the hospital. If, in case, she, accidentally, died. When Cheng Tianen said this,Magnesium Oxide powder, he smiled meaningfully and looked at me. When he said the following words, his tone was like that. The golden sun shone on his exquisite face, making him look like an angel ready to open his wings and fly back to heaven. What do you mean? I was surprised to see the man who had the face of an angel but seemed to be possessed by the devil.