Nao Xue Ji

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When they do something,push back racking system, they say it, and others see and hear it.". You're like this to Yan Shen and Dad, and it's probably the same when you fall in love. You can't just expect others to understand you.

In our class, there are still small circles. The people at the two ends of the long table spoke separately. People of the same nationality refuse to use English. Shy and quiet at all. There are only three boys, and the girls take the initiative to take care of them, otherwise the boys dare not eat. My seat is in the middle of the table, so the students on the left, right, opposite and next to me can talk in all directions. After class, when smoking in the corridor, she often only pulled Irene, and at that moment, the content of the lecture was different. Henry James, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Hemingway.. Only by talking to the teacher about the things of these writers can we feel comfortable. The situation in class is like this: first talk for ten minutes, and at the same time look at each other's clothes that day. The students who are dressed beautifully that day have to stand up and turn around. At this time, everyone praises them. After seeing the clothes, I went to get tea, and if the teacher baked a "banana cake" that day, I had to divide the paper plates. When everyone finally settled down, they began to take turns to do grammar sentences. In case one of the students doesn't understand, the whole class should concentrate on teaching this one. When I finally understand it, I can finish the class. There must be a cartoon in the second class, which is photocopied and distributed to the students. The picture is like this: a man is lying dead on the ground, and the policemen are talking nearby. One of them is a cop with a smoking pistol. The policeman who fired the gun said, "What, a tourist?"? I thought it was a terrorist. The words "tourist" and "terrorist" were pronounced so closely that they were killed by mistake. The background was the kind of Russian architecture that alluded to Soviet Russia. The students will laugh for a while when they see this cartoon. Those who did not laugh belonged to the two or three whose English was very bad, and everyone went to teach them to laugh, and the twenty minutes passed again. Next, read a short story together. I got a big advantage in this short story because I had read all the stories that the teacher had read to us. Even so,medium duty racking, I would never kill the scenery, tell the ending, or even tell others. I had already read this kind of story. When watching the story, everyone is like playing a radio play, each short paragraph is read automatically by the students, and everyone's understanding and literary accomplishment are clear at a glance at this time. There was silence in the classroom when it came to the wonderful novel. Most of these stories end in tragedy. We are not willing to save the protagonist of the story. The teacher says: "The end of literature is sad mostly, everybody does not want sad." One day, we were reading a story about an old couple who had been married for sixty years. Suddenly, the wife died first. The husband went mad and called his wife's name in the field every day. So the old man wandered from village to village for three years, eating the food given by others during the day and sleeping in the straw at night. Until one night, the old man clearly saw his wife standing under a tree full of pear blossoms and waving to him. He pounced on it. The next day, the villagers found the old man dead under the cliff. Above, a tree of flowers, quietly open. When we finished reading the story of about two thousand words, the whole class didn't want to talk for a while. The teacher waited for a moment before saying, push back racking system ,teardrop pallet racking, "Sad." We did not eat sugar, nor did we make a sound, nor did we answer, each in a trance. Ten minutes later, a classmate closed the book and said, "It's too sad.". Don't go on. I'm going home. "Don't go." I said, "We can fix the ending." I began, "In that village there lived at the same time a widow who had been widowed for many years, but they still called her Miss Marple.". This Miss Marple knits for her nephew by the fire every evening. In the silence of the night, except for the sound of the wind, I heard the sad cry of the mad old man-Mary-Mary-where are you. The calls continued throughout the year. Miss Mabo sighed as she listened. Suddenly she put down the sleeve of her knitted sweater, opened the door, and went straight to the crazy old man. She grabbed him by the ear and said loudly, "I'm here. Don't shout any more. Go to take a shower and eat quickly. You dear old man, it's time to go home." Say this story, opposite a female classmate throws a pencil, laughing to cry: "Scoundrel!"! Bastard! You've assigned Miss Marple from Agatha Christie to the man in this story. After that, every time I read a story, my job was to revise the ending. The teacher says suddenly: "Hello!"! You can write a book that changes the endings of literary masterpieces all over the world. After that, there was no more sadness in the classroom, and it was all a comedy ending. At the end of the class, they waved to each other in the rain with smiles on their faces. Before long, the Chinese New Year came. As soon as the teacher entered the classroom, he shouted, "Everyone, everyone, let's celebrate the New Year!" " "What year? We're in America." I say You won't get away with it. Tell me, what activities do you want to do for the whole class? The teacher looked at Yuefeng and me. I'll give you a plate of fried noodles. I say. Everyone disagreed, and Yuefeng also added dishes, but everyone still refused. Finally, I said, "Then I want to make a speech, and Yuefeng will speak with me to tell you about Chinese New Year customs." "What Luo-you-" Yuefeng shouted to me, the whole class applauded to her, she blushed and did not speak. That afternoon, Yuefeng and I sat in the school cafe, facing a piece of white paper. There is only one English word written on it-Ancestor. How to say? Yuefeng said. Start by sending the Kitchen God. I say How to say Kitchen God in English? Yuefeng said. Call them husband and wife kitchen gods. I said, "No, no, let's start with the social structure of China-just to celebrate the New Year." The two men talked about it and found that China was really an interesting and fantastic nation. In this way, not afraid, only worried about the two-hour class, not enough to talk about the Lantern Festival. Ok, on the third day, we went to the classroom to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Irene was so proud to have students like Yuefeng and me that she went everywhere to publicize it-all the teachers in the school came! I ran up to the clipboard and first drew the leaf of the Chinese flowering crabapple clearly. The flower of the Chinese flowering crabapple, Taiwan, of course,heavy duty metal racking, was especially drawn a little bigger. In the classroom crowded with strangers, I patted Yuefeng on the shoulder, and they stood up with a leisurely smile.