Lingxiao Road

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The Taoist in purple was silent for a moment. Then he sighed and said, "Separation?"? Alas, you really have forgotten together.

The Taoist in purple was silent for a moment. Then he sighed and said, "Separation?"? Alas, you really have forgotten together. Luo Zu must have left the Holy Land because of you, perhaps he has been annihilated here. Really did not expect, that year that farewell, today will be such a scene. If that is to know this scene, I do not know if you will choose this road again! Hongjun Taoist looked puzzled: "Forget?"? Where does that come from? The poor way has been above the flood and famine since its transformation. After countless years of cultivation and enlightenment, it has this virtue. I don't know where to start with that? Just when Hongjun Taoist saw the black-clad Taoist, his heart was shocked. When the Ziyi Taoist came to this world, Hongjun's heart was still full of surging waves! To know that Hongjun is now the first glimpse of heaven, not to mention the change into Hongjun's appearance, even if you want to make a picture for Hongjun, it is extremely difficult. But now, two people who look like themselves appear in front of them, what does this mean? This represents the strength of these two people has been no less than their own, the thought of this possibility, Hongjun heart how can not be shocked? However, the purple Taoist unexpectedly let oneself have a kind of familiar feeling, so under the devilish, Hongjun Taoist will have this words. Stay their own reaction to come over, the heart is even more stunned, this, this is really from their own mouth to say the words? The Taoist in purple was still silent for a long time. Then he looked at the Taoist in black with a sigh and said, "Since he has forgotten his true identity, why should you and I be angry?"? Besides, to annoy him is to annoy you. Why bother? Since you and I have found the breath of Luo Zu today, it means that he has not been annihilated. So according to Luo Zu's ability, as long as he recalls his memory, it is not far away to go back there again. In that case,phycocyanin spirulina, you and I will leave. If we leave for a long time, I'm afraid there will be trouble again. The man in black seemed to be extremely convinced by the man in purple. When he heard him say so, he looked at Hongjun bitterly and said, "In that case, you and I will go back!"! Hum, if that group of cubs really dare to make trouble, I will peel off their skin when I go back! The man in purple smiled softly, not taking it seriously, and then glanced at Hongjun Taoist, which seemed to have a profound meaning. Hongjun Taoist had no time to stop watching the man in purple and the man in black turn into two Taiji eyes, purple and black, and slowly disappear into the void. Until now, Hongjun Taoist heart is slightly bitter, it seems that the original choice of their own really should not be ah. The Hongjun Taoist looked at the River Styx and said, "From now on, jujube seed powder ,turmeric extract powder, the River Styx is the leader of the Blood Sea Styx Shura Sect. He is in charge of the Blood Sea Shura Clan and is stationed in the Asura Way of the Six Ways." As soon as Hongjun Taoist's words fell, great merits and virtues fell from the sky and slowly fell on the Styx River. Styx roared, then his mind trembled, and a cold Taoist appeared in front of Styx. The cold and incomparable Taoist was the evil corpse beheaded by the sword of the Innate Lingbao yuan Nose of the Styx River. As soon as the evil corpse was beheaded, all kinds of roads that were not very clear in the past suddenly appeared in my heart. In a moment, the Styx River woke up and bowed three times with the evil corpse to the place of the Hongjun Taoist in the void. Hongjun Taoist saw this scene of the Styx River, seemed to be satisfied, nodded slightly, took a look at Haotian, disappeared in the void. River Styx saw Hongjun Taoist left, the evil corpse Ming yuan is a cold look, the moment a wry smile unceasingly. But now that all the saints and many of the great supernatural powers are outside the sea of learning, how dare the Styx wait? The evil corpse Ming yuan went to the depths of the sea of blood to retreat and realize the truth. The Styx River went to meet the people, thanked Haotian, and let the people go to the palace for a chat. Haotian chuckled and didn't take it seriously, but he secretly sent bluestone to tell Niu Zhi where the opportunity was. The bluestone Taoist stayed in the depths of the bluestone world for many years, and also wanted to go out to see what the bluestone world looked like. At present, the mind moves slightly, but it has already appeared in the world of bluestone. I don't know how many times the bluestone world is bigger than it was at the beginning, but compared with the land of flood and famine, it still seems small. The bluestone world seems to have a little more spirit, but it still lacks a little spirit of life. Because up to now, there is no living creature in the big bluestone world. This has to let the bluestone Taoist heart is very helpless, there is a Taoist in the world of bluestone, see the bluestone Taoist come here, do not care, just speak. This Taoist turned out to be the manifestation of the primordial spirit of the original bluestone Taoist. Unexpectedly, after so many years, this primordial spirit has realized the way of enlightenment, just like the Hongjun Taoist in Pangu's world! "Hm?" The bluestone Taoist did not care, and then his mind moved slightly, but he was summoned by Haotian. That's how it is! Bluestone Taoist heart secret way, then out of the bluestone world, came to the land of flood and famine somewhere, the heart moved slightly, only to see Niu Zhi has appeared in front of him in a daze. ^ Mingshu (Lou) (wwW, MinGshuLou. CoM/Big Literature [Chapter 19 of the main text: Why did Niu Zhiji die in three thousand years?] (The Great Literature () Let's say that Niu Zhi is exchanging a cup with that Niu Man in his cave mansion. Isn't it a pleasure to drink! Suddenly the eyes of a flash, unexpectedly has changed a place, Rao is Niu Zhi nerve so big, is also shocked. When he saw what the bluestone Taoist looked like in front of him, he turned to God and worshipped the bluestone Taoist three times respectfully. Then he raised his head and said respectfully to the bluestone Taoist without getting up, "Teacher Wan An!" Niu Zhi thought about all the words in his mind, and then jumped out a sentence, "Teacher, the disciple misses you!" Finish saying, unexpectedly choked up! In such a picture, a strong man knelt down in front of a Taoist,fenugreek saponins, choking like a child, just holding his thigh and crying loudly. The bluestone Taoist's face became strange, and this Niu Zhi was really that simple and honest!.