Douro Continent 2 Peerless Tangmen

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But one of his tiger claws also hit the centipede's body. This time, the centipede is not so easy to deal with.

But one of his tiger claws also hit the centipede's body. This time, the centipede is not so easy to deal with. Dai Huabin felt as if he had been patted on a strong metal rod. The huge elasticity immediately made the centipede bounce up quickly, but the white tiger's claws also left several deep scars on its tough body. The fourth soul ring on Dai Huabin's body lit up again, and suddenly, countless light and rain came towards the centipede. In the connection of soul skills, he deserves to be one of the outstanding members of the new generation of Shrek Academy. If he can enter the inner courtyard, which one is mediocre? While attacking the centipede, Dai Huabin turned to Zhu Lu and asked, "How are you, Lulu?" When Zhu Lu saw him, she breathed a sigh of relief and sat down with her body shaking. "I seem to have been poisoned.". You be careful. "I'll kill it first and help you heal." Dai Huabin roared again, and Zhu Lu's injury made his heart ache. Especially after he just recognized his feelings for Zhu Lu today. The whole body strength, the body suddenly bounces, Dai Huabin is almost the next moment to the big centipede in front of the body, a pair of tiger claws spread out, as fast as lightning launched an attack on it. The big centipede is also very good. Its three-meter-long body is its best weapon. Each leg is like a sharp blade. In order to save Zhu Lu, Dai Huabin did not care about any skills at all. Relying on the superposition effect of his three major techniques of increasing the soul of the white tiger Wuhun, he was simply playing hardball. The harsh sound of the explosion continued to ring,tannic acid astringent, and the scars on the big centipede began to become more and more, while Dai Huabin's hair and the white tiger barrier became his most advantageous defense capability. So hard, although the soul power consumption is very fast, but there is no sign of injury. Boom! Once again, the centipede flew away with a tiger's paw. The already scarred centipede seemed to finally realize that something was wrong, and its body bent and flicked, and quickly fled into the distance. Dai Huabin did not bother to chase it and immediately returned to Zhu Lu. At this time,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, Zhu Lu has fallen into a semi-comatose state. When Dai Huabin squatted down in front of her, he realized the seriousness of the problem. The toxin of the big centipede was very intense, and by this time, Zhu Lu's whole body was filled with black gas, especially in the wounds on her face and right arm. The skin began to rot and the muscles inside turned black. Zhu Lu's own soul power can only barely suppress the toxicity from spreading to the brain and heart. But even so, it looks like it won't hold up. What to do? Although Dai Huabin's fighting capacity is strong enough, he is not good at treatment at all! Looking at Zhu Lu like this, for a moment I could not help but almost bite a steel tooth. Lulu, hold on. With a low roar, Dai Huabin suddenly waved his right hand and cut off the muscles and skin of the wound on Zhu Lu's arm. The other hand quickly returned to human form to help her seal the blood vessels so as not to lose too much blood. However, after the muscle was cut off, Dai Huabin could not help but gasp again, because even the bones inside Zhu Lu's arm had turned black, lutein eye complex ,rosmarinic acid supplement, apparently deeply poisoned. What to do? No more hesitation. Dai Huabin took a deep breath, tiger eyes with tears, right hand suddenly waved out, tiger claw sharp blade instantly cut off. …… Xu Sanshi's eyes were somewhat blurred when he appeared on a street, surrounded by a bustling crowd. Why does this place look so familiar? He was surprised to find that he seemed to have returned to the real world, and everything around him had a sense of inexplicable familiarity. Looking up at the sky, the sun was already slanting in the west, and it was evening. Second young master, second young master. Why are you still here? The place has been booked for you. Let's go with the little one. Today is your bar mitzvah. A boy who looked a little wretched ran over quickly and came panting to Xu Sanshi. Chen Wen, why are you here? Xu Sanshi saw this man, but his heart was hot. Because this looks very wretched guy, it is his good friend from childhood to adulthood, but also his personal book boy, the two have been together since childhood, feelings like brothers. It's just that Chen Wen's own aptitude is not good, and there is no soul power after the awakening of Wuhun. Accompanied by Xu Sanshi Xiuwei's promotion, and later entered the Shrek Academy, this is less contact. He was overjoyed to see Chen Wen here at this time. Second young master, what's wrong with you? I'm not here. Where am I? Come with me. Before it's too late. You don't know that today I found you the best one, and you will be absolutely satisfied. Haven't you been saying for years that you want to experience that wonderful feeling as soon as possible? Today is your fifteenth birthday, and the master of the house has prepared for you personally. Why aren't you in a hurry? Hearing his words, coupled with what he felt wrong when he spoke, Xu Sanshi suddenly lowered his head and looked at himself. He was surprised to find that his stature had become a little shorter, and even the dress on his body was different from what it had been when he was in the Valley of Love. Fifteenth birthday! Fifteenth birthday. Do, do I.. In a flash, Xu Sanshi only felt a moment of lightning and thunder in his brain, even with his usual inner calm, this moment can not help but scalp tingling, there is a strong feeling of electric shock that is difficult to control. It's like Beibei released a thunderbolt on him. It's my fifteenth birthday. It's my fifteenth birthday! I, I actually came back, and changed back to the appearance of that year. How is that possible? How is that possible! Looking at Xu Sanshi still dull, Chen Wen rushed over and pulled him away. At this time, Xu Sanshi, who had completely fallen into memory, followed him with dull eyes, and for a moment, his brain was in a mess. On his fifteenth birthday, of course he remembered, of course he remembered! It was on that day that he met her for the first time. And here is his hometown, he and she, originally from the same city. He is a member of the Tiandou Empire, and his family is one of the hidden sects of the Tiandou Empire,naringenin price, the Xuanming Sect. As the most promising child of this generation to inherit the position of head of the family, he has been fully trained by the family since childhood. When he entered Shrek Academy at the age of twelve, he and Beibei made a big splash and became the best in the same grade.