Ice and Fire Magic Kitchen-Tang Jiasanshao

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Don't let out a deep growl, and his two front paws suddenly raised and clapped directly at his body. The halogen had not yet folded high, but he did not dodge, from the front to meet the claw of folding, with a bang, the huge body of folding was thrown out by the force of halogen, hi

Don't let out a deep growl, and his two front paws suddenly raised and clapped directly at his body. The halogen had not yet folded high, but he did not dodge, from the front to meet the claw of folding, with a bang, the huge body of folding was thrown out by the force of halogen, hitting the side of the stone wall, making a loud bang. It all happened so fast that when he left, Nian Bing rushed in front of him and headed for the other side of the Red Mountain at full speed. The halogen did not move, his eyes locked on the eyes of the fold, the fold seemed to be enraged by the halogen, issued a more sonorous roar, a low forehead, a purple light in the distortion toward the halogen. Although Nian Bing had already flown by, his mental strength clearly felt that the purple light was actually the sky fire, the real sky fire! It is the sky fire that can only be sent out by the forbidden spell of the eleventh order of fire magic. He still hesitated, because he was afraid that the halogen would not be able to cope with the attack, the speed of the forward rush suddenly slowed down, and looked back at the halogen. In the face of the attack of the sky fire, he looked very calm and still stood there. When the sky fire was about to come, he punched out again. The black fighting spirit, accompanied by his strong punch, exploded like a thunderbolt in the air. With a bang,akba boswellic acid, not only the sky fire was scattered, but also the aftermath of the fighting spirit shook the one who did not cry. He rolled on the ground and fainted. His eyes suddenly changed and he looked up. What he saw was a piece of red smoke and dust. Of course, it was not dust. At least a hundred of them rushed in his direction. Sent out an angry roar, halogen no longer stay, the body has come to the side of Nian Bing, a Nian Bing on his broad shoulders, feet force, the speed will be raised to the limit, running forward. When Nian Bing reacted,carnosic acid price, he saw a purple light, hundreds of sky fire gathered in the air, and the air around the sky fire seemed to boil, twisting and chasing him and halogen. The halogen did not look back, but he seemed to have eyes behind him, and at the moment when the sky fire was within ten feet of them, he jumped high and threw the ice out, and at the same time his body turned over in the air, and the black tomahawk that had been in Rada's hand had appeared in his hands, and there was a monstrous roar in his mouth. Holding the handle of the tomahawk with both hands, with the belt on the back, with the back on the arm, with the arm on the hand, and with the hand on the axe, a strong black light, as if it were the beginning of the world, stesweet stevia ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, went down to the chasing fire group. The black armor on his body burned out a black flame, and the surging fighting spirit inspired his fighting spirit to be stronger and stronger. Poof, the sky fire split in two in front of the black light, and the black light surged out, like a black dragon, to meet the chasing people, who seemed to feel the irresistible black light, and immediately separated to both sides at the fastest speed. In the blink of an eye, the black light in the shape of an axe swept across the space of a hundred feet and fell heavily on the Red Mountain. A string of dense roar came, the corner of the red mountain actually cracked in this axe, a large area of red powder filled the air, enveloping the people, so that they could not feel the location of the halogen and ice. Nian Bing's body was thrown a hundred feet away by the halogen. When his body was still in the air, he had seen all this clearly. When he was about to land, the halogen had floated to him and carried him on his shoulders again. In the blink of an eye, he had already passed the range of the Red Mountain and galloped forward quickly. Nian Bing's heart is beating crazily, what kind of strength is this! For a few days, he has been a simple and honest dwarf in his heart, but what he has just shown, I am afraid that the legendary master of human beings is just so so, no, even the master may not be able to split the sky fire with such a high degree of condensation, but also cut the mountain, God! Is it true that in this land of God, all living things are as strong as halogen? If it is true, then what are the so-called strong people on the Yangon mainland? (To be continued) Chapter One Hundred and Seventy of the Four Warcraft (Part One) He ran a long way before he slowed down. In a gasp, he put Nian Bing on the ground. "Damn, it's so dangerous. Fortunately, we didn't let those people come up. Otherwise, we would be in big trouble." Nian Bing looked at him with a half-smile and said, "I'm afraid I'm the only one in trouble. With your strength, it's not difficult to get out of those breaks." The halogen shook his head, opened the armor mask on his face, and spurted a mouthful of blood. "These folds are stronger than you think. The attack they send out with their horns is not only very powerful, but also very powerful. I was slightly injured when I resisted so many attacks just now.". Fortunately, these years I have been working hard to practice, otherwise, if the speed is a little slower, they catch up, even if I want to run, it is very difficult. You know what? Half of the impact of their attack just now was defused by the armor on my body. The Dwarf Armor, the treasure of the Dwarf Clan, is not so easy to break. Nian Bing smiled and said, "It seems that without your help, I'm afraid it would be impossible for me to run from this group." With a silly smile, he said, "Don't belittle yourself. In fact, I can feel that your mental strength is very strong. You are the strongest person I have ever seen. Even the Lord God I have seen before is no better than you.". Unfortunately, you are now a zombie body, mental strength can not fully play out, otherwise,ghana seed extract, these do not stop you at all. I just don't know how your spiritual strength is better than those true gods. "That can't be compared," said Nian Bing with a wry smile. All right, let's not talk about that. You can rest for a while. We're on our way. 。