Full-time Master Complete Perfect Intensive Edition

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Combat mage leather armor class, life and defense are not high, because there is no attribute dazzling lines, the movement is quite fast.

Combat mage leather armor class, life and defense are not high, because there is no attribute dazzling lines, the movement is quite fast. If you just want to use Dazzling Stripes, you have to attack the target to produce them. This battle mage, in order to supplement the state of Dazzling Pattern Blessing, has alarmed countless small monsters all the way, which can be regarded as arrogant and domineering, and I don't know if it's a sign from the president. At present, this tracking does not need too much speed at all, and the mobile state support of non-attribute dazzling lines is dispensable. No, he's too eye-catching. Kill him, maybe he won't see it, but maybe someone else who also saw him will find us. That's not good. Said the star anise to the sword bean. At this time, it was too late to come to the wild number again, so Tian Nanxing sent them directly to carry out this task. Even if they hide the name of the guild, the names of star anise and sword beans are exposed enough. Even if the name is not exposed, people undercover in the guild list a check, can also be completely on the number. So Tian Nanxing said hello to them, and if it was exposed, he would automatically quit the guild first. Don't deal with him yet. Change it. The sword bean agrees with the view of the star anise, two people are preparing to move,pumpkin seed extract, suddenly see the fire in the field of vision together, it is from the foot of the fighting mage of the misty rain building. The battle-hardened two men judged at a glance that they had stepped on a fire trap set by a thief. After all, the elite of the club guild has extraordinary skills. As soon as the battle mage touched the trap, he immediately reacted, and hurriedly jumped back. Although he was still hurt by the trap, he had to stand on the top endlessly, and the damage would continue to expand. This fire trap has no restrictions on the character's actions, but its damage is high and sustainable. Although the battle mage jumped away,saw palmetto extract, the one he stepped on when he began to touch also gave his body a spontaneous combustion effect. At this time, there were still flames on his body, and his life still had a continuous decline in damage. But the damage is far from fatal. The battle mage was also immediately alert by a sneak attack, a 360-degree turn, the perspective swept a circle, startled star anise and sword beans are also hurriedly hidden under the head. When he came out again, he saw that the battle mage had retreated to a tree, with his back against the tree, so as not to be surrounded. As a result, on top of his head, a ninja appeared quietly from behind a tree, slowly sliding down with the art of escape, and suddenly fell sharply. The battle mage realized that the figure was not shaking at all, and was dragged askew by a ninja's back binding technique that fell from the sky. An assassin rushed from the other direction, the murderous look of a knife, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,pumpkin seed extract, the star anise immediately recognized that this is their assassin's most terrible nirvana: to lay down their lives! Assassin's blood is not thick, lay down one's life to strike, exchange blood with blood, most professions are not seconds. But on the mage side, it's either worse than the assassin or a grade. Although the battle mage is in the name of fighting, it is still unable to get rid of the identity of the mage, and the fragility of the mage's life is also reflected. The assassin laid down his life to strike a knife, and the fighter did not fly away, but the blood spurting behind him spared no effort to show people how high the damage of the blow was. As a result, the knife went down, the battle mage was not dead, twisted his body, was about to see the name of the ninja, suddenly heard a shot, is hitting the right shoulder of the battle mage. The battle mage staggered and turned in a circle, and the angle of view that was about to be twisted turned back. The ninja hurriedly hid behind the battle mage, and the ninja and the sword kept attacking wildly. As for the assassin, he was out of power for a long time after he laid down his life. The price of such a strong move is very high. Good marksmanship! Star anise and sword beans are all discerning. Although the main output is obviously assassins and ninjas, the mysterious shot just now really shows the peak of technology. The location and timing of the shot were calculated with great accuracy. It's just that now it seems futile. Although he was not seen by the battle mage, he was seen by both the assassin and the ninja. There's a guy with the same intentions as us. "Star anise and sword bean side secretly said, hurriedly sent a message to the president, let him quickly contact undercover to check which of the two players." Should we keep an eye on them? After sending the message, the sword bean saw that the two men were about to leave and asked the star anise. "No, and the gunman." The star anise looked around warily and found nothing. The shot came, and from the part of the gun, they could judge the direction slightly, but they found nothing. Who knows if this man is still staring at this piece? "I don't recognize either of them!" Said the sword bean. The elite of the guild, more or less are a little famous, do not know, but also know some of this. But these two people, actually are not in the sword bean cognition guild master category. I don't recognize it either. The star anise shook its head. It's not a wild number, is it? Said the sword bean. Whose wild number can come so fast? Said the star anise. Sword beans think about it, too. Seeing someone carrying out the assassination with them, the two men were more cautious. At the same time, he was glad that he had not chosen the battle mage just now, otherwise they would have been exposed. So, in the face of the three assassins, the two of them were the winners: the competitors were eliminated, but they were not exposed. And what about the three? You get rid of your competitors, but you expose yourself. Yanyu Lou player was killed, the first time to receive the news, of course, is Yanyu Lou. Yanyu Lou President Yanyu Lock Lou did not get angry, and immediately knew that some of the people who went out had bad intentions. This wants to give competitor to be killed stealthily, BOSS is likely to fall into their bag unknowingly. The perspective of the misty rain lock building, secretly swept over the players of the guild in front of him, and suddenly saw a player in the guild over there, quietly as if to leave the team. What do you want?! Unexpectedly, almost at the same time,turmeric extract powder, several guild presidents shouted out together, and the perspective was all in that direction. Uh? What's going on? What about me? It was not easy for the player to react that so many presidents roared in unison at him, "Nothing!" "You want to leave?" "No." 。 prius-biotech.com