God of a thousand faces version of the bad guy 3

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Snake Ye looked at this is a big fellow "ha ha" a smile: "Xiaotian, don't look down upon these eleven people, although I am nominally Xiaoshuang, in fact they are Gao Qiang's men, only in the" dark "can there be such an outstanding character!"

Snake Ye looked at this is a big fellow "ha ha" a smile: "Xiaotian, don't look down upon these eleven people, although I am nominally Xiaoshuang, in fact they are Gao Qiang's men, only in the" dark "can there be such an outstanding character!" "Master Dong is right. We are indeed members of the'dark 'group.". Our secret group is the secret department of Wen Dong Hui. As the name implies, it kills the enemy in secret. Everyone in the dark group has excellent fighting skills and knowledge of firearms. In order to train us, Gao Ye once chartered several helicopters to send them to Shennongjia and live for a year. Wu Tian is not clear, but Xie Wendong knows that the'dark group 'was founded by him. Through the development of Gao Qiang, a group of dead soldiers have been trained. They belong to the kind of machine that can only kill people without desire. That's them. Only then did Wu Tian take a closer look at the man; his hair was only three millimeters long, his hairstyle looked like dried tofu, and his broad forehead and eyes seemed to be bare at night. "What's your name?" Asked Wu Tian. "Brother Tian, just call me Wolf," the man said respectfully. Wu Tian nodded and said, "It's a very bold name." Took the box, Wu Tian did not look at it directly ordered the younger brother to take it away, the two younger brothers are carrying some hard, do not know how those big fellow is refined. After all, the firearm is something bought by the Snake Master. Can it still be fake? Is it impossible to fool yourself with some toys. Wu Tian and others sitting in the luxury Mercedes Benz, the other younger brother can only think of a way to go back,Flush Retrofit Kit, it is now eleven o'clock car is still very easy to take a taxi, Wu Tian and his party returned to the day dance disco. When we arrived, it was already 11:42. It took two hours to take a taxi, but Mercedes Benz was different. Big head. "What's the matter, Brother Tian?" The big head saw that there was no one in the disco today, and he thought he had something to say today. Wu Tian said with a smile, "You called me last night and said you would give me a gift. You also said I would like it.". I didn't believe it at that time. I thought there was nothing in the world that could win my favor except money. But today I believe it. The eleven of them are the most precious gift I have ever received. The evil wolf stood up,Flushometer valve, bowed a standard and perfect bow, and said, "Thank you, Brother Tian for your appreciation. Our eleven brothers are called'Dark Wolf Eleven 'in the dark group. I am the eldest evil wolf. If you have anything to do in the future, please tell me directly." Pang Wei hummed beside him, "Damn, what do you say about yourself? It seems that you are invulnerable to bullets.". Do you think this is a movie? Just said this sentence, Wu Tian found a tall guy behind the wolf rushed forward, grabbed Pang Wei's collar with one hand and raised it! Dragon Gang Rising Bad Guy 3 Chapter 43 Kill the Chicken to Make an Example of the Monkey When Wu Tian saw that guy lift Pang Wei with one hand, he was shocked. What kind of strength did he have to have to do it? Although the big head is not as tall as Li Qingtian, but for many years of rich life, he has long been different from the former Amon, according to Wu Tian's estimate, Pang Wei has only seen one hundred and four to one hundred and fifty. This looks like a hungry wolf, Concealed Flush Valve ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, this guy is similar to Pang Wei, but he can actually lift his big head with one arm, that other people. Wu Tian can't even think about it. Pang Wei's two trusted younger brothers saw that their eldest brother, who was now following them, was caught. They rushed forward immediately, only to hear two'clucks'. The hungry wolf grabbed their necks with one hand and broke them easily. Clap, clap, clap! "Pop, pop, pop!" Wu Tian, big head, Li Qingtian, Han Xuan and others could not help clapping. Pang Wei was silent, but he thought to himself, "Is this still the underworld?"? I'm good enough. Are these guys in the wrong place? Aren't they supposed to be warriors from hell? Wu Tianyi frowned and said, "Let him go. He is our brother. No matter who you are, you can't attack my brother. Be careful that I will be rude to you.". "Although Wu Tian was a little surprised, what kind of medicine did the Snake Master take to bring such a group of murderous guys!"! Killing two people is about as common as eating two ants! Pang Wei sat in the backyard of the disco, gawking at the two corpses. Wu Tian thought he should have a sad feeling now. Is it a wise choice to consider following himself? Is it a wise choice to mix with the underworld? Only God knows. Carry the two of them into the yard, dig a hole and bury them. Wu Tian took one look at the wolf and said, "Damn, you're not a wolf. You're a ***ing hungry wolf.". In the future, you should be gentle. If you hurt the wrong person, it's not right, but you have to accept the punishment. "Yes!"! Brother Tian, I know. "Well, you're tired, too. I've arranged your accommodation. Go to rest after a day's ride!" "Yes!"! Brother Tian! That night, the eleven elder brother's cruel helper was arranged by Wu Tian to a temporary hotel next to the disco, and when Wu Tian had his own real nest, let them move there. Wu Tian asked Big Head to stay in a hotel with them. Big Head was frightened and said, "I dare not let them live with me. The efforts of these eleven grandfathers are really scary.". If you kill someone, you can kill someone. You can shout twice, and you can be red-eyed or something. That's good. Kill two of Pongo's men without a sound. Then the big head imitated the wolf's respectful appearance: "Brother Tian, where do our brothers live tonight?"? Grass, such a perverted guy, I do not say anything on the performance, the heart is really cautious panic, I do not live with them in a hotel! Pang Wei looked at the two brothers who died in vain and said with a deep sigh, "Alas, I have been brothers for several years. I didn't die at the hands of others, but I died on my own people.". You guys.. Alas! Wu Tian stepped forward in all earnestness and patted Pang Wei on the shoulder. Wu Tian could understand his mood now. Watching his brother who shared hardships die, his heart was more painful than being cut by a knife. "Old Pang,Time Delay Faucet," said Wu Tian, "it's all my fault. If you feel uncomfortable, you can cut me twice with a knife." 。 cnkexin.com