Lu Zhuan Feng Hui (Pilot War) Author: Left Swing Right Swing-Boat to Bridge

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The wind blew thick clouds, and soon they couldn't even determine the position of the sun, and through the porthole, the outside was gray, and BIELING felt fear for the first time in his life, subconsciously freeing up a hand to reach into his clothes, but was interrupted by Zhou Zhi

The wind blew thick clouds, and soon they couldn't even determine the position of the sun, and through the porthole, the outside was gray, and BIELING felt fear for the first time in his life, subconsciously freeing up a hand to reach into his clothes, but was interrupted by Zhou Zhiyan's voice. "Don't pray for good luck. You come and help me hold this, and we'll try to rush up." The captain is the biggest on the plane, not to mention that the captain is Zhou Zhiyan. BIELING moved his already stiff fingers, put away the communicator, took off his seat belt, held his seat and squatted beside Zhou Zhiyan. As soon as he stretched out a hand, Zhou Zhiyan firmly grasped it and put it on the joystick. "With this strength, no matter how you shake, don't let up." Then he unfastened his seat belt and stood up holding the console and pulled off his hat to wipe the fog on the porthole. Another gust of wind, the plane swung violently, Zhou Zhiyan's body suddenly fell there, BIELING'ah 'called out, but still remembered Zhou Zhiyan's words in his mind,Service Sink Faucets, his feet turned back and hooked under the seat with two hands firmly pulling the joystick. He didn't know where the plane was flying now. Fortunately, Zhou Zhiyan stood up slowly and swayed. BIELING crouched there. One of Zhou Zhiyan's hands reached out and grabbed the seat. There was blood on his hand. ZHOU, are you hurt? “…… It's all right. It's just a knock. Zhou Zhiyan's voice was a little weak, but his tone was the same as usual, and his hand with blood wiped on his clothes, and then he held BIELING's hand. "Now you go back and fasten your seat belt. We're going to turn." According to Zhou Zhiyan, according to experience,push button toilet flush valve, they should have entered the center of the gale by now, so long as they can determine a direction unchanged, they will be able to fly out, the key is that they can no longer deviate-of course, this direction can not be eastward, all the instruments have lost their function, God knows what their altitude is now. If it flies eastward, the biggest possibility is to hit the mountain directly and be crushed to pieces. Zhou Zhiyan roughly confirmed the downward direction according to the position of the gale before, and began to pull up the nose and turn right to pull the joystick desperately. The wind was still pouring into the cabin, and soon the porthole could not see anything. BIELING had basically given up what he could do as a correspondent. He carefully unfastened his seat belt and took his sleeve to wipe the porthole. "Sit down quickly and don't move." Zhou Zhiyan saw his action just finished, the plane a drift BIELING did not pull steady all of a sudden slide to the rear cabin, Zhou Zhiyan did not dare to clench his teeth back to hear the sound of'bulge 'behind, but BIELING had just experienced the palpitations of Zhou Zhiyan's being hit, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Time Delay Tap, and his voice came for the first time-even if it was only a groan, at least it showed that he was still sober. Zhou Zhiyan's hand trembled slightly, and then he remembered that the back was filled with cotton. Soon, BIELING crawled back on his hands and feet, not without gains-picking up the hat that had just been blown away, regardless of Zhou Zhiyan's command to hold everything that could be grasped and wipe it everywhere-Zhou Zhiyan had no way to wipe it in front of him, and even freed up a hand to hold his waist-anyway, the instrument was all out of order, as long as there was an arm to hold the joystick. BIELING wiped all the places that could be wiped before he slowly squatted back to his seat. When he tied it up again, he recalled the scene of ZHOU holding his waist just now: the cold wind in the cabin was biting, and it was really warm when he was held. This situation alternated several times, as long as they felt that the transparency was not enough, and did not care whether it was outside or inside the porthole, BIELING would go to wipe the hat again, and by the way, observe everywhere whether there was any reference object that could confirm the position, and report to Zhou Zhiyan at any time. In addition to these, both of them did not say a word, tacitly trying to save physical strength and attention. After finally seeing the sun again and the plane not floating so much, BIELING silently calculated in his heart that they had fought with the wind for at least two hours. Out of the storm zone, the instruments began to resume operation one by one, and Zhou Zhiyan nervously fiddled with them for a while before he freed his hands to wipe the sweat on his forehead-the blood was brought into his eyes-just now it was too cold and the blood flowed slowly, but now the temperature has risen, but the wound has not healed, and when he was about to rub his eyes, he handed over a handkerchief. "Wipe it. It's clean. I bought it yesterday." Even if he did not say, Zhou Zhiyan could guess that this was one of the countless things BIELING bought yesterday-with the smell of Indian incense on it. He hesitated for a moment, thinking of the present situation, and silently took it over and wiped it. May not wipe good, this wipe pulled the wound, Zhou Zhiyan'hissed ', feel more blood flow. Clumsy to fold the handkerchief with one hand and cover it up again, the BIELING seen next to him had unfastened his seat belt and fixed Zhou Zhiyan's head with both hands. "Don't move." Without waiting for Zhou Zhiyan to react, he already felt that a hot and humid thing had swept his forehead, and he really dared not move. In order not to affect Zhou Zhiyan's line of sight, BIELING pulled his head forward and stretched his neck as far as possible; In order to fix his body, he tried to stick to one side of Zhou Zhiyan's elbow and pin the back of the seat behind Zhou Zhiyan, until he felt that the blood was not flowing much, he continued to lick the open flesh back carefully with his tongue, then took the handkerchief around his injured forehead and tied a knot behind it, and then looked back to see if the front was covered. BIELING is in a daze-Zhou Zhiyan's dark pupils are not turbulent, so he looks at himself without any emotional color,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but it just makes people unable to move their eyes. Zhou Zhiyan did not know what he should do. He subconsciously wanted to decide what he wanted to say from BIELING's reaction, but when he looked at BIELING's unpretentious concern, he could not say a simple'thank you 'to his mouth.