Regeneration Warriors of Online Games

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Although facing the battlefield, I could not see anything in front of my eyes. There was a confusion in my mind, as if I had fallen into an endless cycle.

Although facing the battlefield, I could not see anything in front of my eyes. There was a confusion in my mind, as if I had fallen into an endless cycle. With my IQ, I could not figure it out. Has such an advanced computer produced a terrible failure? It can erase the player's memory! If I had a choice, I would leave this terrible game decisively. Unfortunately, I have no choice. If I could report it, I would go to the computer management center to report it immediately, but unfortunately I can't. Looking around, who can I trust? I don't have any proof. Who would believe that a computer can erase a player's memory? I do not know how long, I did not leave a line to pull me out of the chaos, he looked at me worriedly: "Brother, you are not tired, you sleep during the day?"? Yesterday you did the task all night, and today you came to Eagle Town so early to do this task, but now, oh, it's past two o'clock in the morning, you'd better go down and sleep. I secretly sighed, rare to see me do not stay so considerate, I do not know what to say, only sighed: "I have nothing to say, after watching this battle." I turned to the battlefield, just in time to see that the monk who came from the resurrection of Eagle Town had just entered the range of attack, and was suddenly transferred to his back by a space of Dharma God,Prison toilet for sale, and a fire wheel dance killed the monk in seconds! "It's already the third time," I sighed. "The monk has hung up three times.." In the sky, I don't know when the leader of the Slaughter Eagle has come back. He rushed down again to the Dharma God. The Dharma God didn't turn too far this time. He flashed to the rear of the Iron-blooded Cavalry Company. Two fireballs were sent out one after another at the fastest speed, and then transferred again. Two fireballs plus the fire on the ground, Iron-blooded cavalry company head out of "-300, -300, -20", however,stainless steel shower tray, the bottom is 46 knights, less 620 HP, still did not hang, he roared, while taking medicine, while turning around to find the magic God, more than a dozen healing also hurriedly fell on his head. However, the Dharma God is already killing on the other side. Now there is nothing to play, unless which time the law God calculation error, a few seconds late transfer, was hit by the Iron-blooded cavalry company or the mage group once, he may be hung, but this law God is really not a mistake ah! I don't know when the number of players taught by Eagle Slaughter has decreased a lot. I don't know whether it's because they died too fast or some people deserted. The encirclement of the periphery has become loose. At this time, the algorithm can not be beaten, but also can leave through space transfer at any time. In fact, judging from the precise technique of the Dharma God's transfer to the center of the priesthood just now, he can actually leave at any time. Listening to the comments of the players around, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Manual Flush Valve, it seems that the only thing that Tu Yingjiao can count on now is to hold out until after four o'clock, the arrival of the peak online time for American players, including two masters, but I'm afraid that won't have any effect. At that moment, there was a loud cry in the sky, and a huge figure appeared. It was Phoenix, the pet of the Dharma God, who came back! Chapter 43 Honor and Dignity Updated 2005-10-10 0:27:00 Words: 3497 The fire on the phoenix seemed to be more dazzling than before, its wings were more powerful, and an indescribable momentum pressed on all the heads. Obviously, the fatigue of Phoenix has been completely restored, and now it shows the momentum of a 40-level BOSS mythical beast. Phoenix descended to the outer circle of the round array of the Eagle Slaughter Sect. In the panic of the low-level players, Phoenix completely ignored those low-level attacks and threw himself to the ground while spitting fireballs. The Eagle Slaughter Sect finally broke down. A large number of followers of the Eagle Slaughter Sect began to flee to the village, and some other players who ran slowly got off the line directly in situ and insisted on fighting to the death. In a twinkling of an eye, a large number of phoenixes swept away. The formation of nearly two thousand people, so into the autumn leaves, is indeed a shocking scene, the players watching the battle in shock at the same time, but also involuntarily back out of a distance, for fear of being affected by the phoenix. The "Iron-blooded Cavalry Company" in the sky was about to crack its eyes. In a hoarse voice, it shouted to the ground, "Don't run!"! Are you still men? Where is your honor, your dignity? Some players stopped and returned to attack the Phoenix, but many of these low-level players on the periphery had even fallen to more than ten levels. Even the players in their twenties could not break the Phoenix's defense, and now they were just dying for honor. The monk rode the vulture again, but this time, the phoenix seemed to get the master's message, and gave up the low-level players to meet the monk. With a loud roar, the monk sealed the phoenix. However, the magic of sealing the phoenix could not seal the body of the phoenix. Under the intensive attack of the giant wings, sharp claws and iron beak of the phoenix, the vulture lamented constantly. In less than ten seconds, it turned into white light and disappeared. The monk fell from the sky, and the players below had no time to pick him up, so everyone witnessed his body falling to the ground from hundreds of meters high. I don't know if the monk will be forced to go offline because of fear in the air, but it is said that many players who have seen this scene have suffered from acrophobia since then, even if they return to reality, they can't overcome it. Screams sounded more and more frequently, but from the direction of the town of flying eagles, there were still people coming from the town of flying eagles. I suddenly said to my two brothers, "Let's go. There's no need to watch." I did not leave a line ah: "is not wonderful?" I looked at him, after all, still young ah, like to see such exciting bloody things, and I have felt dull. A super abnormal player, there are unknown things behind him to support him, such an unfair battle, even if it is exciting, there is nothing to see. The author is really a super failure in writing these chapters, hum. "Let's go," said Bai Yu suddenly. Then he turned away. I had no choice but to follow us into the distance. After a speechless walk, I finally couldn't help it: "Two bosses,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, where are we going? You open a cavity." Bai Yu did not speak and looked at me. I thought about it and asked Bai Yu, "Did I tell you about my mission this time?"? This task is only sent three times in total. "I'll take it," said Bai Yu. 。