Emperor tyrant

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Li Qiye sat down, just a faint smile, too lazy to pay attention to Mu Shaolong. Mu Shaolong had no choice but to run away dejectedly.

Li Qiye sat down, just a faint smile, too lazy to pay attention to Mu Shaolong. Mu Shaolong had no choice but to run away dejectedly. He was also afraid that Li Qiye would catch him again and beat him severely. It seems that the childe for the Mu family, that is not the general care. After Mu Shaolong left, Liu Ruyan chuckled, charming and moving. In fact, Li Qiye such a gesture, everyone can see. Even Bao Yuqiang, who was born in Shenmengtian, Li Qiye was too lazy to take a look, like an ant in his eyes, but for Mu Shaolong, it was completely different. Although Li Qiye severely taught Mu Shaolong a lesson, it was quite a gesture of hating iron but not steel. For Liu Ruyan's words, Li Qiye just smiled faintly and said, "Tianxian Lou is finally predestined with me." At this point, he said nothing more. Are you going to make an enemy of the Moon Fairy? Zhuo Jianshi looked at Li Qiye and said with concern, "Although people all say that Mengzhentian can become an immortal emperor, I heard an ancestor of the clan say that if the moon picking fairy is willing to be born and is interested in the immortal emperor, I'm afraid Mengzhentian must stand aside." "Hongtian Empress is the enemy of her life." Liu Ruyan could not help saying, "I want to see how beautiful she is." Picking the moon fairy, there are too many legends about her in the heavenly spirit world. She has existed for a long time. If she is born,Time Delay Tap, she will be so famous that she may even overshadow Mengzhentian. Li Qiye just smiled, closed his eyes, and did not answer their words. Where are we going? After a while, the fairy, who looked a little confused and lonely, said. The fairy is often too empty, and from time to time she loses her mind, and no one knows what she is thinking. Sea of bones. Li Qiye looked at the fairy and said lightly,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, "a place like that either reminds you of something or makes you gain something." "Sea of Bones." The fairy turned her head sideways, as if remembering something, but it was only a flash and she could not catch it. If you go, you will know that this is a place worth visiting. Li Qiye gently stroked her hair. The fairy nodded thoughtfully. (To be continued.) Chapter 1306 Sima Yujian. The giant who swallowed the demons continued to move forward, because Li Qiye was not in a hurry, so the speed of the ship was not fast, and many later monks surpassed them all of a sudden. On this day, the giant continued to move forward, and suddenly, the giant stopped. What happened Liu Ruyan asked when he found the giant suddenly stopped. Suzerain, someone in front of us is blocking our voyage and won't let us pass. The disciple immediately reported to Liu Ruyan. Who is in the way? Liu Ruyan frowned and said. In the heavenly spirit world, there are absolutely not many people who dare to block their three unsullied sects. Sima Yujian of the Holy Land of Speed Road. Said the disciple hurriedly. Hearing the name, Liu Ruyan and Zhuo Jianshi looked at each other and they went out together. On the blue sea, there was already a person standing there, when she stood there, Self-closing Faucet ,Self-closing Shower Valve, the sea seemed to condense into ice, her whole person emitted a cold and merciless breath, so cold and merciless breath permeated the sea, no matter who felt such a cold and ruthless breath, can not help but shiver. The woman looked very old, even younger than Zhuo Jianshi. She was dressed in gray clothes, without any decoration or decoration. She was very simple. Her simplicity is different from that of ordinary women. Her simplicity gives people a feeling that one more thing is superfluous, just like a killing weapon, without any superfluous parts. The woman wore her hair on her shoulders, her expression was cold and merciless, her eyes were cold, and in the depths of her eyes, the intention of killing blossomed like a blazing flame, and anyone who saw her eyes could not help but shiver. In terms of coldness, Li Shuangyan is also cold, and Bai Jianzhen is also cold, but the coldness of the two of them is completely different from that of the woman in front of them. The coldness of Li Shuangyan is the coldness of Hanmei Aoxue, the coldness of the white sword is the cold of the body turning into an iron sword, and the cold of the woman in front of her is the ruthlessness of killing, with the unfeeling of killing everything, she is like the sharpest edge, will pierce people's hearts at any time. The woman in front of us is actually very beautiful, with a round face, a forehead like jade, a pair of eyes like gems, and red lips like fire. Her face reminds us of a sentence-beauty like jade! Moreover, this woman's figure is also very good, exquisite curve is at a glance, especially her waist with a gold ribbon, which makes her look more curvy, plump chest, round buttocks, are eye-catching. Unfortunately, no matter where she stood, it would be difficult for people to notice her beauty, because her whole body emitted a blazing murder, so that anyone would shiver, even if she was beautiful, many people would shy away. Her whole body exudes the intention of killing, which has already covered up her beauty. In fact, when the woman stood on the sea, many strong monks in this sea area made a detour or watched from a distance, not daring to approach. Sima Yujian! Seeing this woman, a friar from the deep gully sea changed his face and murmured. The most famous killer in the spirit world today, and the youngest killer. People who had heard the name of Sima Yujian could not help but change their faces and murmur. Liu Ruyan and Zhuo Jianshi came out and saw the woman in front of them. Liu Ruyan's beautiful eyes flashed a ray of light and said, "Sima Yujian!" In fact, many people who pass by this sea area have heard of Sima Yujian's name, and even many people feel a chill in their hearts when they hear the name. Once the most potential genius,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, unfortunately, he took another path and became a killer. The enchanted friar could not help saying. Even a monk from the deep gully sea could not help but feel pity and said, "It's a pity that there should be a double star genius in the Holy Land of Speed Road." 。 cnkexin.com