Here comes the beauty

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The group of 168 won another game. Although because of Fang Xiaojing'friendship 'to admit defeat, they finally looked forward to the dust and the original Chu a shot, but only a hand out of a scary, a knife out of the shock off the ring, still did not see anything.

The group of 168 won another game. Although because of Fang Xiaojing'friendship 'to admit defeat, they finally looked forward to the dust and the original Chu a shot, but only a hand out of a scary, a knife out of the shock off the ring, still did not see anything. Someone said disappointedly, "The strength of those two people just now is far from that of the original Chu Wuchen. We didn't see anything wonderful.." "It's not that there's no chance to see something wonderful." Someone whispered: "Si Shaocheng, who ranked third, is here, and Yan Junlin, who ranked second, is also here. When the original group of Chuyi and Wuchen meets the two groups of Si Shaocheng and Yan Junlin, it will definitely be a bit interesting.." "Why didn't Si Shaocheng form a group with Yan Junlin? Otherwise, it's really hard to determine who will win this time." "You're silly, how could Si Shaocheng form a group with Yan Junlin." "Also, an arrogant guy like Yan Junlin who looks at people with his nostrils is really annoying, and I wouldn't be in a group with him." "Si Shaocheng doesn't just hate Yan Junlin. The two of them have a real quarrel." Someone immediately interrupted and said,Stainless Steel Toilet China, "Brother, I only know that Si Shaocheng and Yan Junlin are at odds, but I don't know that they have a quarrel.." Somebody stared big eye: "You do not know unexpectedly?" Someone felt ashamed: "I have been practicing martial arts with great concentration, and I know little about things in Jianghu.." I'll tell you what. Three years ago, Yan Junlin made an appointment with Si Shaocheng to compete in martial arts. "Who won?" "Yan Junlin.". Si Shaocheng has only lost four times in total, one of which was to Yan Junlin. "Because Si Shaocheng lost,Flush valve price, he held a grudge against Yan Junlin?" "Qingcheng Childe is not such a narrow-minded person, how can he hold a grudge against others because of winning or losing once?". Si Shaocheng will have a quarrel with Yan Junlin entirely because Yan Junlin is too aggressive, won not count, but also insulted. "I went to see it when they were fighting." Someone said, "This competition is very exciting. Si Shaocheng and Yan Junlin spent more than eight hundred strokes in half an hour. In the end, Si Shaocheng was stabbed in the shoulder by Yan Junlin and lost.". But Yan Junlin this person is really annoying, win to win, but also speak evil words. The man straightened his back and raised his head, vividly imitating Yan Junlin's arrogant and domineering posture, and imitating Yan Junlin's extremely arrogant tone: "It's a pity.." I thought I could learn something from fighting with brother Si this time, so that I could make a breakthrough in martial arts, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,stainless steel squatting pan, but I didn't expect brother Si to be so vulnerable. I have shown mercy to you, but you still can't take my one thousand strokes.. This competition is really superfluous. "People still say such things when they win." Tut-tut, Yan Junlin is really annoying enough. It's not over yet. Seeing that Si Shaocheng was injured, his good friend Shangguan Huaiyuan immediately came up and supported him. You should also know that Shangguan Huaiyuan is very popular with young girls. He is called the three most beautiful men in Jianghu together with the original Chuyi and Wuchen. He is gentle and friendly, unlike the original Chuyi and Wuchen. One is too cold to approach, and the other is too dusty to make people feel ashamed. However, Shangguan Huaiyuan seldom leaves Shangguan's house. It's rare to walk in Jianghu. So as long as it is confirmed that Shangguan Huaiyuan will appear in the place, there will be a large number of girls come to see him. It was the same when Yan Junlin and Si Shaocheng competed in martial arts. We gentlemen all went for the contest, but the Jianghu swordswomen all came for Shangguan Huaiyuan. Yan Junlin was probably too jealous of Shangguan Huaiyuan's popularity with women. When he came up, he spoke ill of him, saying that Shangguan Huaiyuan was a sissy. He said that Shangguan Huai yuan was neither male nor female. His face was disgusting at first sight. He might as well change into a woman dressed as a woman. In a word, every sentence pokes Shangguan Huaiyuan's soft threat, makes an issue of his appearance, and makes Shangguan Huaiyuan, who has always had a good temper, angry. With a cold face, he doesn't even bother to look at Yan Junlin and helps Si Shaocheng to step down. ” "Shangguan Huaiyuan has a good temper and good self-cultivation. He doesn't have the same knowledge as Yan Junlin. But the friends who came with him couldn't bear it any more. They pointed at Yan Junlin's nose and scolded him. Yan Junlin's friends showed no sign of weakness. You said a word and I returned a word. The scene was chaotic at that time.". Had it not been for Shangguan Huaiyuan, who was anxious to take Si Shaocheng to heal his wounds, and stopped the people on his side, I'm afraid the two sides would have torn their faces and fought with each other. "So that's it." It would be strange if Si Shaocheng didn't have a quarrel with Yan Junlin. yuan Chuyi and Wuchen had very good ears, and the comments of these people were heard by both of them. yuan Chu listened to these people talking about the relationship between Si Shaocheng and Yan Junlin. He peeked at Fang Xiaojing: "Xiaojing, did Yan Junlin really say in public that you are a sissy who is neither male nor female?" Fang Xiaojing nodded indignantly: "That's right!"! This man is really annoying. A Yi, Wuchen, if our group can match Yan Junlin's group, you must leave Yan Junlin to me to clean up.. As soon as yuan Chu looked at Fang Xiaojing, he stroked his chin and smiled maliciously. "Actually, what Yan Junlin said is true. You are really a sissy.." Fang Xiaojing stared at yuan Chuyi, and new hatred and old hatred welled up in his heart: "I remember, you used to say in front of me that Shangguan Huaiyuan was a sissy.." "Is there such a thing?" As soon as yuan Chu looked up at the sky, he thought hard. There is clearly. Fang Xiaojing looked at yuan Chuyi unkindly, "don't think I've forgotten." yuan Chuyi shamelessly denied: "I thought about it for a long time, but I didn't remember that I had said such a thing..." Then he looked at Wuchen innocently, "Ah Er, I didn't say these words, did I?" No dust nodded: "I really have not heard..." Fang Xiaojing gave yuan Chu a white look and waved to Tang Xin: "Tang Xiaodi, come here.." "What's the matter,stainless steel toilet, Sister Fang?" Tang Xin rushed over. "I ask you, did yuan Chuyi say that Shangguan Huaiyuan was a sissy?" Tang Xin immediately nodded: "Yes!" yuan Chu opened his eyes wide: "Tang Xiaodi, is there really such a thing?" 。