Tangmen Masters in Other Worlds (serialized)

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Within a distance of less than a few dozen feet, Tang Feng saw four huge buildings with carved beams and painted terraces and pavilions standing within a square circle of ten miles.

Within a distance of less than a few dozen feet, Tang Feng saw four huge buildings with carved beams and painted terraces and pavilions standing within a square circle of ten miles. Each building was separated by three or five miles. The four buildings showed a four-phase trend, forming horns with each other and echoing each other at a distance. Looking at their appearance, they should be an array. Just Tang Feng and thunder walk but did not encounter any obstacles, want to think time is too long, I am afraid the array here has also failed. Which building to go to? The thunder walks to scratch one's head, some are difficult to choose, the eyeball will look at this one, will look at that one, can't make up one's mind. Both sides are to be searched. Just go into one building. Tang Feng stretched out his hand and pointed to a building on his left. "That's all," he said. The aura emanating from this building is not too strong, but it is not weak either. Three of the four buildings have aura emanating. This one ranks last, but there is no sign of any aura leaking out, which makes Tang Feng a little confused. After listening to Tang Feng's words, Lei said, "Just follow the words of Brother Feng." As he spoke, he went ahead. Before arriving at the building, Tang Feng looked up and saw the aura emanating from the attic, which covered a large area, with a faint sense of solemnity. The attic had only four floors in total. There was a dark plaque on the main entrance in front of the building, which read "Shenbing Tower" in three big characters. Tang Feng saw a light laugh, this magic weapon building tone is not small, the world magic weapon total but two palms of the number of "thunder go day thunder God wood sword was born a few days ago, is also a magic weapon, add up to only eleven pieces, this building is actually known as the magic weapon building" obviously some arrogance. But this is supposed to be the place where weapons are stored in the Grey Clothes Fort. "No wonder there is some chill.". Lei had already kicked the door of Shenbing Tower to pieces and stood at the door to greet Tang Feng to go in. Tang Feng withdrew his eyes and walked quickly into the Shenbing Tower. After entering the inside, Tang Feng instantly felt countless cold killing machines blowing on his face, "cold and cold" people can not help but tighten their skin. As far as the eye could see, the first floor, which covered a wide area, was filled with all kinds of weapons, "swords, guns, sticks," bows, axes, swords, and daggers. These weapons are classified and placed on the weapon rack one by one, "in good order, without any disorder, even after countless years, they are still as bright as new." So many weapons? Lei walked in awe, but when he picked up a sword and skimmed it into two parts, he could not help curling his lips: "It's all scrap metal." It's worthless. " Really worthless to him, these weapons have gone through countless years, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, although because of the well-preserved "no signs of rust, but they are just ordinary weapons.". Not to mention thunder, Tang Feng doesn't even like these weapons. Tang Feng wanted to pack these weapons back to Tianxiu, anyway, there is a phantom space, directly into the end of the matter, "but think or forget it.". Tianxiu Zong looted Yidaomen last time and got numerous weapons. There is no shortage of this thing for the time being. Anyway, the White Emperor's Secret Land is now his own, and it's not too late to put it here and come back later when he needs it. Go up to the second floor. Tang Feng found the stairs to go up and led the way. After arriving at the second floor, Tang Feng found that the area here was several times smaller than the first floor, and there were not many weapons placed, only about three or five hundred pieces, and the placement was sparse, not as crowded as the first floor. However, "the second layer of weapons gathered in the meaning of killing, but far more than the first layer.". Tang Feng picked up a machete and felt it slightly. "His expression congealed:" Gang Bing? " Pick up a sword again, or Gang Bing. Pick up a dagger again, it's still a Gang soldier! The weapons placed in the whole second floor are all of the level of Gang soldiers! "Scrap metal, worthless!" Lei Zou is still dismissive. Tang Feng almost laughed out loud, this time to explore, can be really big. If there are only one or two Gang soldiers, there is nothing to be surprised about. In the whole Li Tang Empire, no matter how big or small the clan is, no matter how strong or how important it is, there are always a few soldiers in the clan. It can be said that after the strength of the day, ordinary weapons have been completely unable to withstand the power of their moves, only Gang soldiers can be used by them without damage. And here, there are three or five hundred Gang soldiers! In the Li Tang Empire, which clan can have such a number of Gang soldiers? No, not even in Baidi City! Forging "Gang Bing" requires not only valuable materials, but also highly skilled craftsmen. If the same level of the same strength of the training of people, then the quality of weapons will affect the victory or defeat of the war to a certain extent, if these Gang soldiers take back to Tianxiu disciple equipment, the overall strength of Tianxiu will be directly upgraded to a higher level! ~! Enjoy reading in the www.66721.com of my reading novel network. Chapter five hundred and ten wantonly plunder I read the novel network www.66721.com to remind book friends to pay attention to the rest of the eyes yo chapter five hundred and ten wantonly search Three or five hundred pieces of Gang soldiers in front of us, around is Tang Feng these years used to see the storm, also can not help but some moved. This Grey Clothes Castle is so big, or the ancient clan has such a rich foundation? But these are not the things that Tang Feng needs to pay attention to, beckoning Lei to go together to help, the whole second floor of the Gang soldiers all stuffed into the Phantom space. Let's go to the third floor. Tang Feng was full of interest and excitement in his heart. He had a guess that there were four floors in the whole Shenbing Building. In the first floor, ordinary soldiers were placed. On the second floor, however, there are Gang soldiers. If this is the case, then the third floor is not placed in the soldiers, as for the fourth floor. Is there really a magic soldier? However, this is only a speculation, as to whether it is, it remains to be verified. Lei walked behind Tang Feng's buttocks, looking at his face excited and expectant,collapsible pallet bin, not confused, thinking that a pile of scrap metal can make him happy like this, the human mind is really not what I and other spirit beasts can figure out. binpallet.com