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And the main battlefield has Prince Seethill, and the magic guide group is hiding in the dark. It is absolutely impossible to defeat in one day, which is simply unthinkable.

And the main battlefield has Prince Seethill, and the magic guide group is hiding in the dark. It is absolutely impossible to defeat in one day, which is simply unthinkable. As for the downstream battlefield, he doesn't care how long he can hold out, he has ordered the iron wall legion commander Tuo Tucker, when necessary, can choose to retreat to the new camp, as long as the water army can be brought back as far as possible, take the mercenary to stop Nicholas's mouth, how to say is also one hundred thousand people? Enough for him to eat for a day! But he has to last all day! In the end, Prince Seethill did not dare to say victory before he said defeat, that is, the three foreign battlefields were all unfavorable. With the silver fox legion, the whole army can retreat to the camp, according to the strong fortifications to resist the pursuit of the big Han army. It doesn't matter if the grain in the city of Qatar can't be burned. There is only food for three hundred thousand troops, which is certainly not enough for millions of troops to eat for a few days! As long as the big Han army can't cross the river, can't get supplies. This section of the Liuhua River is several hundred meters wide, and the hundreds of warships of the fifty thousand water forces are absolutely controllable. Warships are not like cargo ships, they are huge fighting machines, and it is simply too simple to pack up the cargo ships for transportation! Even if the grain is transported across the river sporadically, it is impossible to guarantee the food of millions of troops? As long as the big Han army in tired, hungry, tired, at most a month,secondary containment pallet, will not fight from chaos. Prince Seethill was the Victor. To say the least, if the Kuji Aya family did not betray, then he did not have any loss ah? Just stick to the camp? In bad, assembled so many troops of the army of Carter, can also be less than their number of the big Han army besieged? This is a joke! Out of such consideration, Prince Seethill made his final decision! The silver fox legion is quite helpless here. In view of their fighting style, it is obviously the most suitable reserve team. It is fast and can be quickly received everywhere. But Prince Seethill had a ghost in his heart, so he did not give them such an important position, fearing that after they rebelled,plastic bulk containers, he would not even have a nest. But then I thought, if they sent to replace the wings of the troops, then after the silver fox army rebellion, can directly by virtue of the degree of advantage, can put their ZhongJun to cut off the way back to the camp, and then with the big Han army to surround themselves. Even if everything goes well there, will you be finished? So forced by helplessness, he can only let the silver fox guard camp and reserve, however, in order to prevent accidents, he still put hay and other important supplies concentrated on his main business, and then left all the troops that can be used, about tens of thousands of people to guard! Now he regretted sending the fifty thousand men back to send the wounded, otherwise the troops in his hands would not be so tight! One morning, when it was still light, there were countless figures on the flower plain, and the green dragon fighters slowly opened the gates of Qatar, plastic pallet containers ,plastic pallet suppliers, and the hooves of countless horses stepped on the ground, even the ground trembled slightly. At the same time, numerous rope ladders were put down on the wall, and the soldiers began to climb down the rope. No way, there are too many people, light walk through the city gate, dark also can't finish, how to go to the battlefield? So if the cavalry in the city go through the gate, the infantry can only go through the wall. In addition, on the river on both sides of the city of Qatar, there were countless boats, big and small, coming down from the top without stopping the blue dragon warriors with horses. They had already had breakfast very early and got on the boat! After getting off the ship, under the command of the officers, they mounted and assembled one after another, and then went to the battlefield. Everything was done in such an orderly manner that no one made a loud noise, showing a profound military accomplishment. Obviously, they were all the best soldiers! A few things, still in the upstream and downstream of the Liuhua River, fifty miles away from here, are staged together, countless large and small cargo ships. It is not easy to transport hundreds of thousands of soldiers in a tense and busy way. Fortunately, enough cargo ships have been prepared in advance, and the six places are wide enough to stop anywhere along the river bank for dozens of hours. Otherwise, it is really difficult to transport! The same is true of Carter's side, in almost the same time, in a huge camp stretching for more than a hundred miles. Countless soldiers poured out and drove in the direction of the battlefield. Before he left, Prince Seethill also specifically told the troops staying in the main camp that they must complete the camp and guard the food! Because the battlefields were so far apart that it took more than an hour to send a message, Prince Seethill could not command it all at all. Therefore, the sub-battlefield can only be handed over to the two princes and the commander of the Iron Wall Corps, who is also the commander of the downstream battlefield, Tuotak random disposal! The second prince is a fool. So the actual commander of his troops is his deputy. Carter, the deputy commander of the guards, Youla! By seven o'clock in the morning, the vanguard of the two sides had arrived and began to confront each other at a distance of several hundred meters, which was actually a great opportunity for Prince Seethill to make a surprise attack, because Carter's troops were in the east. The big fellow's troops were in the west, and when the sun rose in the morning, it happened to be shooting at the Carter soldiers and the eyes of the Blue Dragon Army, forcing the soldiers of the Blue Dragon to squint. Fighting under such circumstances is obviously a great advantage for Carter! However, considering that the Qinglong Army has not yet completely come out of the city of Qatar, once the raid is likely to force the Qinglong Army to shrink into the city, Prince Sithir gave up this attractive opportunity! As for the other two battlefields, they also have their own scruples. Didn't do it right away. That's mainly because after the appointment, people on both sides of the battlefield have been patrolling separately, which is a rule to prevent the other side from entering the battlefield ahead of time to ambush. So everyone arrived at the battlefield almost at the same time, in the case of similar numbers, Carter's troops quality is slightly lower, in the absence of the advantage of the number, it is obviously cheap and dare not move! The battle line on both sides was more than twenty miles away from the Liuhua River, about the middle line on both sides to show fairness, because there were too many troops, and it was not until ten o'clock that the general position was set up. Father said that he was in a hurry to fight,plastic pallet crates, but he also knew that when the sun was shining, it was not good for attack, so he waited and continued to adjust his deployment. binpallet.com