Stick to Qing Qing and don't relax.

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Lu Shiqing's smile could not be kept firmly. He gave her a hard look and shook off his hand to open the way.

Lu Shiqing's smile could not be kept firmly. He gave her a hard look and shook off his hand to open the way. Wang! Step out, suddenly heard a dog barking. With a sudden pause, he turned sharply and took a detour to the other end of the pavilion with a livid face. Lu Shuangyu grabbed her heart and followed her. yuan Cixian couldn't help it any more, holding her stomach and laughing and falling down on the beauty. yuan Yu still thought it was not enough, so he continued to add fire and shouted to the back of the group, "Lu Shilang's legs are soft. Walk slowly. Be careful of falling!" When he had left, he sat down beside him, put his hands on his knees, and frowned at yuan Cixian. "What's the matter with you? You just got into trouble with this kind of person when you arrived in Chang'an." What kind of person is this? She stopped laughing and looked innocent. "I'm not to blame for that. Ask Shicui if you don't believe me." Shicui told the whole story and then said, "Lang Jun, the young lady is new here. I don't want to make trouble for you. She has tried her best to endure it." After hearing this, yuan Yu patted his head and said, "It's all my brother's fault.". In that case, this man surnamed Lu may have recognized you at first sight, and only then did he deliberately put on his face and implicate you in his enmity with his elder brother. yuan Cixian blinked strangely. "How could he recognize me?"? I was only last year.. Oh, the day I went to the palace with my father to be rewarded coincided with the new moon, but the officials gathered together.. She said, she tied up her chest, drew her eyebrows thick, and painted her skin color thick. How could he see through her daughter's body so sharply? He had seen her face before. She glanced at yuan Yu and said,plastic pallet crates, "Then I'd like to ask you how you got into trouble with this kind of person." yuanyu opened her mouth and could hardly speak. Seeing that she was looking at herself in her spare time, she had no choice but to curl her lips and say, "It's not that this man has too many eccentricities. He feels uncomfortable all over at the sight of asymmetrical and untidy objects.". As you saw just now, he has two pairs of identical jade pendants hanging from his waist, one on the left and one on the right. How can an ordinary person have such a pair? She is stupefied, recall nod: "Strange person also." "No wonder the dog took away a piece of jade and simply gave up the other one." Yes, indeed! You don't know,collapsible pallet box, once I went to court, I was only half an arm's length away from the ranks of the officials, and he felt uncomfortable all over. He was stunned to ask the officials to send a message to me one by one, telling me to stand upright. The sage was talking, but when he saw the rustling and whispering below, he was unhappy and asked us what we were doing. He came out without changing his face and told Manchao Wenwu about the embarrassing thing that I didn't stand up! "Tell me about it. He's an official on the fourth grade, and he has to be present at every court meeting. As for me, I don't do anything practical. I can go to the Xuanzheng Palace to see the world on the first and fifteenth days of January. It's rare for him to go out of sight and bully people like this." yuan Cixian laughed so hard that she couldn't stand up straight. After a while, she wiped away her tears and said, "What happened later? How did the sage punish you?" yuan Yu was even more angry: "Obviously he was picky regardless of the occasion, but the sage only taught me a lesson!" Then he sighed, "Don't mention it. Who told people to be loved by saints and have the ability to be proud of their favor?" yuan Cixianyuan wanted to laugh again, but his face changed a little when he heard it: "Do you mean that this Lu Shilang is the favorite minister of the sage?" Chapter 3 Yanwen. Seeing that she suddenly became serious, yuan Yu did not know why she answered, plastic pallet price ,ibc spill pallet, "Not bad." The sage should have more than one favorite minister, and there was nothing to make a fuss about, but yuan Cixian was pretending to do something in her heart, and when she heard this, she thought of the situation in her dream. This time to the capital, in addition to the six princes, thirteen princes and Huining emperor these three key figures, she also had to feel the background of the so-called minions. She gave a long "oh" and said tentatively, "What kind of role can sit in a high position at such a young age and still be so favored?" "Why are you curious about this?" yuanyu got the news and went out of the city to meet her. In a hurry, she didn't have lunch. When she got to the bridge, she saw that the Lu family was blocking her for some reason, so she came to vent her anger. Now she was really hungry. Without waiting for her to answer, she said, "Let's go back to the house. Today your sister-in-law cooked delicious food for you." The brother and sister left the pavilion and went into the city. yuan Cixian asked all the way east and west. yuan Yu was so entangled that he had no choice but to say, "This man's name is Shi Qing, and his name is Zi Shu. At the age of fifteen, he went to high school to explore flowers. He was highly regarded by the sage. He rose all the way to the top and became an official for seven years. Now he is the assistant minister under his door. He is very capable." yuan Cixian nodded thoughtfully. Previously, she heard the elder brother call this man the assistant minister, and she said that he was the second in command of the six departments, but now she heard that he was a figure in the province under the door, so she knew the weight of this sentence "Lu Shilang". In Dazhou, this is a very important official. She continued to probe: "Before I left Beijing in my early years, I was somewhat impressed by the hairpin and tassel families in Chang'an. I don't remember any Lu family whose books were handed down from generation to generation." "Lu Zishu is not from Chang'an, and his family background is not high.". The Lu family is a prominent family in the eastern capital. Although they are ranked locally, they are not comparable to the dignitaries in the capital. "A prominent local family in Luoyang, the eastern capital?" yuan Cixian repeated, "In that case, the ancestors of the Lu family may have been officials in the capital. What achievements have they made?" This is only one side of the edge, a few words, how to also drag other people's ancestors ah. yuan Yu looked at her suspiciously and said, "yuan Cixian, tell me the truth. Why are you asking about this?"? Didn't you just have a relationship with Lu and tell you what kind of love you had for him? As soon as she was stupefied, she sneered, "Not to mention that this man has a strange temperament. I dare to put my finger into your black dog's mouth, but this big and small man is scared like that. How can I have a good feeling?"? "Besides," she calculated, "he's twenty-two now, and he should have a wife long ago." "Don't tell me, I really don't." yuan Yu snorted coldly, "I don't think you look down on such a weak scholar.". It's best if you don't pay attention to it. Wanmo, like the young lady in Beijing, is interested in the abacus of Lu one by one. Brother, I have a deep hatred with him. Remember that! yuan Cixian saw that he had misunderstood and went far away, so he had to postpone the matter, and curled his lips and said "narrow-minded",collapsible bulk containers, not to ask. Chang'an yuanfu is located in Shengyefang in the northeast of the city. This area is close to the imperial city, surrounded by as many as the mansions of officials and dignitaries, all of which are rich families with carved beams and painted pillars.