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When Ding Yuluo heard this, he looked at Princess Yongqing with new eyes, but Zhe Ziyu sighed again and said, "We have arranged suspicious soldiers from Bianliang, the four gates of the nine cities, and the main roads of land and water.

When Ding Yuluo heard this, he looked at Princess Yongqing with new eyes, but Zhe Ziyu sighed again and said, "We have arranged suspicious soldiers from Bianliang, the four gates of the nine cities, and the main roads of land and water. All the routes have been arranged since more than a year ago. Every escape route is true and false. We can adjust the speed of the court's arrest at any time.". We have used a lot of manpower and material resources to simulate five escape drills, and we have achieved a seamless situation. However, three days ago, we suddenly found that there was another force on many traffic arteries. They were also deploying people everywhere, and their actions were the same as ours. Princess Yongqing just smiled, smiling slightly proud, yes, she was just a little princess raised in the palace, not familiar with the world, not familiar with the world, but suddenly, she changed from a carefree little princess to a woman with a blood feud, her father died, her brother died, the empress was confined in the palace, weak and sick, and her brother was young. The responsibility of saving her family and avenging her hatred falls on her tender shoulders. What strength can she have? But her orphans and widows had come to this point, and there were still people who wanted to use them. The only thing she could do was to turn around and use the people who wanted to use her. This was true for Basu, Gao yuanwai, and Ding Yuluo. It was just mutual use. Now, she had finally succeeded. If the Xuanyi woman in front of us said that they had full confidence to save their family out of trouble, then now with the strength of the successor hall,non standard fasteners, true or false, the number of suspected soldiers has doubled, and the hope of doubling is not doubled? How could she not be proud of the combination of these two forces, both of which were manipulated by a young woman who was raised in the palace? Zhe Ziyu went on to say, "So, after I discovered that something was wrong with the situation, after some investigation, I finally concluded that Your Highness did not believe us. You found another force and used the trick of graft to kill us.". However, if you give us a false queen, false Qi Wang, that is easy, after all, few people have seen their true face, but you can not hide, Investment casting parts ,Stainless steel foundry, I admire you, for the sake of your family, even at the expense of yourself. Zhe Ziyu was not teasing her. Ziyu's face really showed a respectful look. She and Yongqing are actually the same person. She has also experienced similar hardships with Yongqing. They are her brothers and sisters, her flesh and blood relatives. For the sake of her relatives, she is willing to sacrifice herself. Although she is only a woman, she is also a member of this family. A woman should be an absolute weak, in their own flesh and blood compatriots in a dilemma of life and death, she has to play a fragile look, resigned to fate! As long as she can fight, even if she sacrifices herself, she will strive for her family. A woman is like a man. I'm just surprised. Zi Yu gazed at the young princess: "At the beginning, it was you who fought for Yang Hao and asked him for help. Why, now you refuse to believe him?"? I wonder, how did you do it? A little princess living in the palace, a bhiksuni of the ancient Buddha, where did you find a soldier with outstanding martial arts who could seriously injure the emperor with unique skills in front of the palace guards and beat the prince to a serious injury and coma? How do you make this means of passing off fish as pearls? Princess Yongqing did not expect that even the plan of carrying flowers and trees on her back would be seen through so quickly by the woman in black. She could not help showing surprise in her eyes. However, she did not deny it. It had been three days. Now she told her plan to these people who had been deceived. It had not hindered the overall situation. She breathed a sigh of relief and said frankly, "I believe Yang Hao."? Why should I believe Yang Hao? Yes, I fought for him to get away, and helped him to grasp the military power in the northwest, but I never became emperor with him. When he mastered the military power, he is not the use of the blood letter, but a country, do the son of heaven, how do you want me to believe him? Today the emperor went on a personal expedition to the Han Dynasty, and Yang Hao also went there. He helped the emperor to destroy the Han Dynasty, and received the reward of two hundred thousand arrows from the emperor. He returned to the army and destroyed Li Guangrui, but my brother died in front of him for no reason. From beginning to end, did he ever have any loyal minister? He proclaimed himself emperor and betrayed the state of Song, but spared no effort to save us. Have you ever seen such a loyal minister? He's just trying to take advantage of us, just like today's emperor uses the name of asking for help to discount the family, "Yang Hao!"! You want to treat my orphans and widows as puppets and hostages and use us to call on the world, don't you? He won't want to save us, nor will he want to avenge us. He wants to use us to plot against Song Jiangshan, doesn't he? Ding Yuluo was so angry that he trembled all over: "We.." Do you know how much effort we have put in over a year? My second elder brother has sent out his closest and most trusted people. He just wants to save you and live up to the care of the princess in the past, so that your father, a generation of talented and resourceful heroes, will not die out. He has taken great pains to save you.. You Zhe Ziyu raised his hand to stop Ding Yuluo. She was extremely unhappy with Princess Yongqing's words. She believed in Yang Hao's intentions. Yang Hao paid so much effort, but picked up the suspicion of others. She was also worthless for Yang Hao. But she did not vent her anger on Yongqing because of this. She was a very smart woman, so she understood what Princess Yongqing was thinking very well. As long as she had some brains, she had to admit that Yongqing had sufficient reasons to suspect Yang Hao's intentions. If she changed her position in Yongqing and Yu's position in Yongqing, her ideas would be the same as hers. She is Yang Hao's confidante, Yuluo is Yang Hao's sister, she can't ask everyone in the world to look at Yang Hao with Yang Hao's sister and confidant. Princess Yongqing and Yang Hao only met a few times, said all the words together will not exceed thirty sentences,alloy die casting, she still unreservedly trust Yang Hao in the case of Yang Hao proclaimed himself emperor? Think she's an idiot? She just thought that Yang Hao was up to no good and put Yang Hao together. If she were herself, she would never simply use him to get things done. She would certainly use a more ingenious way to drag Yang Hao into the water completely, so that he could not afford it and pay ten times the price! Fold two girls.. She is not so easy to talk to people who offend her. This little girl is narrow-minded. autoparts-dx.com