Carapace frenzy

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Ye Han did not care about the insect for the time being, because he found a steel bar the thickness of an egg beside him, and the other end of the steel bar was connected to a piece of concrete the size of a washbasin, which looked like a concrete hammer.

Ye Han did not care about the insect for the time being, because he found a steel bar the thickness of an egg beside him, and the other end of the steel bar was connected to a piece of concrete the size of a washbasin, which looked like a concrete hammer. He grabbed the steel bar with his arm, swung the concrete block suddenly, hit the giant bug with a hammer like a serve, and smashed the springtail into the wall. The shell of the worm was instantly smashed, and the blood of the worm mixed with the internal organs flew three feet. Ye Han weighed the Warhammer in his hand and felt that it was quite handy, so he swung the Warhammer at another springtail. The soldiers in the smoke and dust suddenly felt that something was wrong. Originally, the springtails were all attacking in an arc, but how could they all suddenly change to a straight line? Not only was the speed much faster than before, but also the posture was out of control, like a runaway train hitting the wall heavily, and none of them could get up after landing. This thing is surprisingly easy to use! Chapter 1615 brilliant results. When the smoke and dust dispersed slightly, everyone was stunned to find that Ye Han was swinging a steel bar more than one meter long to kill all sides. Any springtail who dared to pounce on it would inevitably end up flying with a stick. The scene was exactly the same as the special effects in the movie. But this is not a special effect, but power armor gives humans super power, what is flying a few insects? Probably because Ye Han is too eye-catching, there is a shield bug among the many springtails that pounce on him! Ye Han simply did not have time to distinguish what kind of insects were rushing over, as long as he found that there were insects around him, without saying a word, he would swing a stick in the past. Shieldworms are no exception. However, the shell of the shield worm is much thicker than that of the springtail, and its weight is much higher. This stick swings up and hits the side of the shield worm heavily. The steel bar grinds out a large spark on the body of the shield bug. The shield bug falls down on the spot,titanium machining parts, and the shell of the worm in the steel bar swings is broken in a large area, and it can't live. Ye Han is not much better, the force of the impact is so great that the steel bar almost dropped, even through the alloy gloves, still shaking his hands numb. Wait for him to calm down, only to find that the original straight steel bar has taken a few points of radian. By this time, the smoke and dust had dispersed a little, and the soldiers who saw this scene had their eyes straight. The first reaction of many people after they came to their senses was to find a steel bar to carry. There were many steel bars in the collapsed wall,car radiator cap, but not many of them were of the right length. Only a few people found the right one and immediately took it in their hands, waving the steel bars like Ye Han and rushing to the giant insect. The swarm was still attacking, and some of the others raised their rifles again, some raised their pistols again, and some simply pulled out their sabers. Although the saber is short, it is more effective than the fist in close combat. In this way, in the corner of the dungeon appeared a rare spectacle, a group of soldiers wearing the most advanced power armor, but with a steady stream of insects fighting hand-to-hand combat, steel waving, a giant insect shell broken body, can not die again. Accumulation of insect corpses more and more, do not know when to start, rushed over less and less springtails, such as knocking down the last springtail, we found that the attack of the swarm actually stopped. It is simply a big slip in the world, metal stamping parts ,die casting parts, the insects here are hundreds, thousands of insects into the underground city, how to stop? Do insects know that they are afraid? In any case, the Marines won their first attack, killing more than 400 giant insects by various means, without any casualties of their own. I have to say, the new power armor is really awesome. Afterwards, Xiao yuan sighed with admiration that he had long been accustomed to speaking with guns, but he never thought that steel bars would be so good to use! This is not only Xiao yuan's exclamation, but also the exclamation of others. One of the sequelae of this battle is that the soldiers are looking for suitable steel bars everywhere, and in any case, they have to find one to take with them. Later, Ye Han simply made an application to Beiyuezhou, hoping that his superiors could distribute a cold weapon suitable for power armor to the orbital airborne troops. Ye Han's application has aroused heated debate in Beiyuezhou, and the core issue is whether it should be equipped with cold weapons. One side holds that firearms are the main equipment in active service, and the use of cold weapons in combat is simply turning back the wheel of history, and there is no need for this at all; the other side holds that cold weapons can also play an important role when necessary, such as the confrontation between the enemy and ourselves in the West June 4th Middle School. Besides, now the earth is not the world of human beings, in the face of overwhelming insects, any army is likely to shoot out bullets, no bullets do not fight? In this case, power armor with appropriate cold weapons should be a good combination. The two sides stuck to their own arguments and were at loggerheads. In the end, it was Wu Han who made the final decision: whether it is suitable or not, and whether it is good or not, we must see the combat effect, instead of sitting here and grinding our lips. So Ye Han's application was approved, first a small batch of trial equipment, and so on to see the effect, and then consider whether to expand the scope of equipment. The choice of cold weapons is not so smooth sailing, many people believe that it should be equipped with an arc saber that is conducive to chopping, so that it is easier to split the insect shell when fighting against giant insects. But some people, including Ye Han, opposed it, because the insect shell was so strong that it could not even be penetrated by medium and small caliber bullets, and it was split by a knife? How big a brain hole does it take to figure it out? Ye Han's suggestion is to simplify the problem, directly copy the successful examples of underground cities, equip the troops with a batch of blunt instruments made of special alloys, such as sticks, which are very good choices-knives can not split the insect shell, but the fierce blow of sticks can put part of the force through the insect shell, acting on the internal organs of insects, which is more practical than simply chopping. And sticks are stronger and more durable than knives. After careful consideration, Beiyuezhou agreed with Ye Han's opinion, but the details of how thick, how long and how heavy the new equipment is still need to be carefully considered, and it will take several days to come up with a suitable plan. This thing certainly has no technical difficulties, it is not difficult to make, but even if it is made, it will take a few days to send it to the earth, Ye Han and the soldiers can only use a steel bar top first. After winning the first round of counterattack,Magnetic Drain Plug, Ye Han led the soldiers to attack continuously, attacking the insects everywhere in the underground city. In just four days, he destroyed more than one thousand giant insects and achieved extremely brilliant results.