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"Oh, let's go back to the strange humans.". I thought they were sleeping, and I wanted to go over and have a closer look, but I found that they couldn't breathe.

"Oh, let's go back to the strange humans.". I thought they were sleeping, and I wanted to go over and have a closer look, but I found that they couldn't breathe. Also, there was a bad smell coming from the body, like the smell of death. Tiantian felt sick to her stomach when she thought of the taste. Anyway, in the end, I saw a lot of people hurt. "How do you know that an important person was injured?" She looked at Tiantian suspiciously with a smile, not believing that this guy knew the level of human beings. Because he wears different clothes, although it is also green, but it is different from other insects. Well, the little bees have directly regarded the special soldiers in green uniforms as worms, "just like our king, which is different from our people, which is easy to distinguish." "Uh-huh." Love to smile and nod. You said the man was hurt. Did you hear the people around you call him? Do not be Xu Song, the thought of Xu Song was seriously injured, love to laugh heart is not calm. Even if we can't go on together in the future, we still hope that he can live well, for his duty, for his ideal, whether he is happy or not, at least he should be safe first. Name? Sweet strange look at this human, originally thought that this human can understand their own words,car radiator cap, there is such a capable pet (Xiaobai), but there is such a stupid idea, "I am a bee, that is human, do you think I can understand what they say?" "Don't you understand me?" As soon as she finished, she laughed and froze. She thought that before she took the animal language Tongdan, she seemed to be unable to understand the words of animals. However, is this related to whether these animals can understand their own words? After all,DIN screw plug, after taking the animal language Tongdan, the love of laughter can only understand the words of animals, which does not mean that the love of laughter will also be the animal language? "You are a special case." Tiantian is also very helpless, if this person is really a smart human, then, perhaps in the future, he can follow her, but now it seems, or forget it, this brain is really missing a lot of classics. You mean you don't understand human beings in general? "If I learn for a lifetime, it should be possible, but you know, our bee family is the most hard-working insect family, how can we have time to learn human language?" Tiantian is a little excited. To be honest, Tiantian doesn't blame human laziness. She only knows how to enjoy it all day long. Speechless looking at the excited bees, love to laugh full of black lines. Ok, socket screw plug ,die casting parts, I already know this thing, I think you are tired for so long, should be hungry, hurry to eat. Love to smile and wave your hand. It's more reliable to call yourself to understand this matter. The subscriber you dialed is power off. Please redial later. Aixiao made three phone calls in a row, but still didn't get through to a number. If the original love of laughter is still suspected that the bees see insects, no, those special forces are really Xu Song their camp, now, love of laughter has been basically determined that it is indeed them. Of course, it is not excluded that they are on other missions in other places. However, that kind of probability is very small, although there is no evidence to show, but the feeling in the heart of love to laugh tells her so. The fourth phone call, Aixiao directly called Lao Mao, although because of Xiaomao, the relationship between Aixiao and Lao Mao had been contradictory, although there was no contact later, but there was still some occasional contact. If Xu Song is injured, then Lao Mao should know. Love to laugh. Although there was a contact after Xiaomao's affair, it was on the Internet. I don't want to see it now. It was a call from love to laugh. So, Lao Mao was very surprised. Lao Mao did not believe that he loved to laugh because he knew the news of Xu Song's injury. After all, it had just happened, and he knew the news because he happened to be here. At that time, love to laugh away so determined, it is impossible to still pay attention to Xu Song's news. Is there anything wrong with Xu Song? Love to laugh without beating around the Bush, straight to the point. Xu Song? Do you know? Now Lao Mao is really surprised. "His injury is not very serious." In fact, Xu Song's injury is not very serious. See you in the main body VIP volume Goodbye, VIP volume Aixiao learned from Lao Mao that Xu Song's injury was not serious, and that the more serious injury was Ah Hao. Do not know out of which kind of heart, love to laugh unexpectedly decided to go to Tengchong County. For the place of Tengchong, all the knowledge of Aixiaoao comes from the novel. It seems that the place of Tengchong is always mentioned in every novel about gambling stones. In the description of those novels, Tengchong is a place where jade is almost everywhere. For the first time, for Tengchong, the understanding of love and laughter is equal to zero. Leave Jingke in a hurry, Jingke itself is very busy this period of time, so, also did not leave love to laugh, just ask love to laugh later to keep in touch with the release. So, when Aixiao arrived in Tengchong, it was less than ten hours before she got the news from Tiantian. Sure enough, the first impression of the city of Tengchong is not very prosperous. It seems that there are secrets hidden everywhere. If the novel is written on the basis of reality, then Aixiao believes that these scenes are normal. When a person who does not understand jade comes to Tengchong, there is really no place to play. However, fortunately, the goal of laughing is not to play and relax. Sister-in-law A man dressed in plain clothes came to the smiling side, although he was dressed in a table, but the iron-blooded temperament of that body could not conceal his identity-special forces. Hello Love to laugh in the impression has not seen this man, so, although the man's temperament is quite like that, after the last time I was cheated, the vigilance of love to laugh is overflowing,Steel investment casting, "I don't seem to know this gentleman." Love to laugh, in addition to the special forces who have experienced the smell of blood bathing, those who have lived in the sharp edge of the knife for a long time will also have this kind of smell. One cannot fall twice in the same place. autoparts-dx.com