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Holding the ancient sword, Li Yang had a feeling of longing. This desire comes from the ancient sword, which seems to be trembling slightly.

Holding the ancient sword, Li Yang had a feeling of longing. This desire comes from the ancient sword, which seems to be trembling slightly. The reason why Li Yang is afraid is because of this desire. Taking a deep breath, Li Yang looked down at the ancient sword on the table again. When the two ancient swords were put together and compared, he immediately found the difference. The sword in Li's hand is a little longer and thicker. Placed on the table, the sword brought back from Nanjing was short and thin, but the material and appearance of the two swords were exactly the same, and you could see that they came out at the same time. The feeling became stronger and stronger, and Li Yang even felt that the ancient sword in his hand was trembling, as if expressing something, describing something, and as if he was asking and praying for something. This feeling is very strange, Li Yang gently shook his head, slowly put the ancient sword on the table. When placing the ancient sword, Li Yang's heart suddenly moved, devilishly put the two ancient swords together, the two ancient swords on the stone table into a, and, glyph. However, this shape was not put out by Li Yang on purpose, but by the ancient sword itself. When the two swords just touched, Li Yang's hand suddenly went numb and unnaturally dropped the ancient sword,deep draw stamping, and then the two ancient swords became what they are now. At the moment when the ancient sword fell, Li Yang still had a strange feeling. He suddenly felt that the ancient sword he had just held seemed to be very excited and happy at the moment of falling. Li Yang shook his head hard, putting aside this unrealistic feeling, an ancient sword will also have emotions, this said out, let alone others, that is, he himself will not believe. Li Yanggang stabilized his mind,deep draw stamping, his eyes tightened fiercely, and he stared at the two ancient swords in front of him. The dark body of the ancient sword will gradually show cracks of different lengths, which are very similar to the decoration. "Both swords are changing, and after a while, both swords are completely changed.". What surprised Li Yang most was what happened next. The two swords turned slowly on the stone table without anyone's control. Everything about the ancient sword was seen by the people around him, and because of this, He Jie would show that ghost-like look. He Shanshan turned around and immediately forgot what she wanted to say before. She stared at everything in front of her. Two ancient swords that no one touched were slowly rotating on the stone table. "This scene has a kind of unspeakable weirdness.". If it weren't for broad daylight and so many people around, maybe he Shanshan would scream out loudly. The old man stood up and walked slowly to the stone table, his expression unusually dignified, and the guards hurried over, looking warily at the two ancient swords that were constantly rotating on the stone table. The two ancient swords moved by themselves without any traction, and they did not know if there was any danger. They dared not let He Lao get too close to them in order to avoid accidents. One side of Li Yang, also did not expect to appear such a scene, in the two ancient sword rotation, his special ability naturally opened. In the three-dimensional picture, CNC machining parts ,die cast light housing, it is clearer and more careful than the naked eye. The two ancient swords were indeed moving, and when they were turning, Li Yang found that the mysterious thick liquid inside the two ancient swords was constantly diluting and expanding to the outside. Diluted liquid, become more and more, the original body of the sword to hold liquid space is not large, this dilution becomes more "inside appears more crowded." Diligently! Slight voice, usually no one will pay attention to, but in this quiet environment, everyone around heard, even Li Junshan and his wife are no exception. Wang Jiajia stretched out her finger and pointed to the position of the hilt of a sword. She asked in a low voice. At one end of the hilt, a kind of red liquid slowly flowed out. There was not much liquid flowing out. But everyone could see it with the naked eye. The red liquid appeared in the ancient sword that Li Yang bought for 800,000 yuan. The owner of the sword once said that it was a magic sword. A few seconds later, the same liquid flowed from the hilt of another sword, and the old man frowned tightly, not too close, but he saw all the changes that had taken place in the ancient sword. This is the first time that the old man has seen such a change. At this time, He Shanshan completely forgot to discuss the bet with He Jie, and all the people stared at the two ancient swords in front of them, paying attention to their changes. Li Yang's expression was the most attentive, and only he understood how the change had come about. After the mysterious thick liquid inside the ancient sword was diluted, the pressure inside the body of the sword increased, and a small opening suddenly opened in the hilt. The liquid inside flowed out along the small opening, and then flowed into the decoration that had appeared before. The decoration is very irregular, with tiny cracks of different lengths, just enough for the liquid to flow in. Jiajia, do you think they are crying? He Shanshan suddenly said a sentence, Wang Jiajia slightly stunned, carefully looked at, carefully pay attention to the shape of the two swords, that outflow of two lines of red liquid, really like a person crying out of tears. Red tears, they are tears of blood. He Jie, Liu Gang, including Li Yang eyebrows are moving, He Shanshan is competing to say this, but it is very reasonable. These two swords really look like they are in tears. Tears flow down the tiny cracks, the speed of the ancient sword seems to be faster, after a while, these liquid like tears flow into the middle of the body of the sword. The two streams of liquid, both flowing into the middle, slowly mixed together. The mixed liquid was no longer red, but turned into cyan, and the cyan liquid was still bubbling, which made the people around more surprised. But these bubbles give people a happy feeling, like a beautiful singer is singing, the scene is strange, the feeling is even more strange. Li Yang is not the only one who has this feeling. All the people around him have this feeling at this time. The liquid gathered more and more, bubbling blue liquid slowly spread outward,metal stamping parts, constantly eroding the black body of the sword, Li Yang's eyes shrank tighter and tighter, the shock in his heart became more and more intense.