Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

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Just as Shuzhen was about to ask a question, a loud noise came over,

Just as Shuzhen was about to ask a question, a loud noise came over, and both of them turned their eyes to the direction of the source of the sound. Although the captain has reduced the speed of the aircraft as much as possible, no matter how low it is, the speed of the aircraft is always the same as that of the aircraft. Shuzhen saw the huge spray hit up, and the plane kept sliding forward. Fortunately, the forced landing was very successful, the plane did not start gymnastics on the sea level, the two captains saw that the plane finally landed safely, looked at each other, could not help laughing. Soon, all the passengers were told that the plane had landed safely. Suddenly, the people sitting together, whether they knew each other or not, hugged each other. After the ecstasy, some women began to cry in a low voice. The stewardess who had stopped Tianyu got up from her seat and went to look for the two young men who had left the cabin. Shuzhen looked down, and at this time, the two men were floating at a height of 300 meters above the sea level. Shuzhen looked at Tianyu in surprise and said, "Tianyu laughed and loosened her hands. Shuzhen couldn't help crying out. However, the beauty found that she was still floating without holding Tianyu.". It seems that some invisible force is holding itself. Tianyu smiled and said, "I'm not telling you on the plane. If you like, I can take you to play on the clouds. Fortunately, the plane is all right. After all, the Bug is safe!" Although Shuzhen felt something holding her, she did not move. Tianyu smiled and extended her hand to Shuzhen. Shuzhen immediately grasped it tightly. Tianyu laughed and said, "Now, go and visit our own flying machine, the Bug." Shuzhen looked up and saw a beetle-like thing floating a hundred meters above her. A minute later, Tianyu was already holding Shuzhen's hand and standing at the entrance of the Bug. He made a gentleman's salute and said, "Beautiful young lady, please go in and have a look." Shuzhen felt as if she was dreaming. In just a few minutes, too many things happened. She murmured, "Tianyu, my head is a little dizzy. Let me be quiet." Tianyu hugged Shuzhen's hand and walked into the bug. Shuzhen saw a sofa appear out of thin air. Tianyu said gently, "I was scared just now!"! Sit down and collect yourself! I hear red wine calms the nerves. Shuzhen saw again that a glass of red wine appeared in Tianyu's hand. Tianyu smiled and handed over the glass of red wine. Shuzhen took it in a daze. Chapter 264 is not a missing person. This poor beauty, who has just experienced such an exciting thing, is now surprised by the things that Tianyu has shown. Holding the wine glass, Shuzhen asked hesitantly, "Immortal?"? Monster? Tianyu exclaimed, "Have you ever seen the Korean version of a Chinese Odyssey?" Shuzhen nodded and suddenly seemed to come to her senses. She jumped up from the sofa and shouted, "Mr. Tianyu, what's all this about?"? You can take this wine glass! I don't like drinking! Tianyu smiled and said, "Drinking a little red wine is very helpful for a girl's skin. I was scared just now!"! Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with the plane. Shuzhen took the wine glass and looked at everything in the insect number in surprise, while Tianyu grinned and appreciated the lovely expression of the beauty at this time. After a while, Inflatable indoor park , Shuzhen came to her senses and asked, "Mr. Tianyu, are you an alien?" Smiling, Tianyu took Nizi's hand, shook his head and said, "No, I am an authentic earthman, 100% pure earthman.". If you don't believe me, you can touch it. Tianyu grinned and put her face together. Shuzhen shook her head and said, "No, Mr. Tianyu, you can take this wine glass back!"! By the way, or how did you come up with this sofa? Yu Yu said, "Do you want to know?" Shuzhen nodded affirmatively. Tianyu said with a smile, "I will tell you after your wedding night. There is no way. This is the rule." Shuzhen blushed slightly and said softly, "That's needless to say." Tianyu took Shuzhen's hand and went to the window. He looked at the plane floating on the sea and said, "Although we know that planes seldom have accidents, how can we be so coincidental that we really met this thing?" Shuzhen said softly, "Fortunately, those people are all right.". "Tianyu said slowly," Shuzhen, it's still very dangerous for the plane to make a forced landing like this. If I were an ordinary person, I could only give my life to an unknown fate, like those helpless people on the plane. Screaming in despair. Shuzhen, let me protect you in the future! Shuzhen looked at Tianyu. Then he cast his eyes outside and said softly, "Mr. Tianyu, just now, how could we float in the air?". I feel like I'm being held by something. Tianyu said with a smile, "You know, I am a master of martial arts. This is the legendary Lingbo Weibu.". It's good and bad! In the future, you can fly to the sky like me. "How is that possible?" Said Shuzhen in surprise. Tianyu took the beautiful woman's hands and said, "Everything is possible when you are by my side.". Do you want to play in space? It seems that the bug number has become a special tool for Tianyu to pick up girls. Shuzhen said in surprise, "Can this thing fly out of the earth?" Tianyu nodded with a smile and said, "Don't blink!"! The speed of the bug is very fast. Shuzhen immediately opened her eyes wide, almost at the same time. Shuzhen saw that the outside was no longer an endless sea, and what appeared in front of her was a huge blue planet. Unconsciously, the girl let out a cry of surprise and held Tianyu's hand tightly, as if only in this way could she have a sense of security. Tianyu asked softly, "Shuzhen, is our earth beautiful?"? You see, there is China. Next to the peninsula is your South Korea ( Shuzhen nodded and looked at all this. Five minutes later, the girl finally came to her senses. He raised his head and looked at Tianyu seriously. "Mr. Tianyu, you are really not an alien," he said. Tianyu laughed and said, "Of course, I let you touch it, but you don't want to touch it." Shuzhen shook her head and said, "However, according to the existing technology on the earth,inflatable bounce house with slide, this aircraft can not be built." Tianyu said with a smile, "This flying machine is sent by a friend. This friend is not an earthman. Are you surprised?" Shuzhen nodded in surprise and said softly, "So there really are aliens!" 。