Blood Rain Splash Flower Red

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"Although you will be angry with Niang, but Niang decided to tell you.

"Although you will be angry with Niang, but Niang decided to tell you." More than twenty years! This matter has been endured in Niang's heart for more than twenty years. Although Niang has been talking and laughing on the surface for more than twenty years, she secretly repents the pain in her heart, but no one knows it! With tears in her eyes, she looked at her daughter with infinite perplexity, and with a painful heart, she continued to tell with regret. Uncle Liang is much older than me. That's what Mr. Liang Er said about marriage and matchmaking. When Dow said this, she immediately realized her daughter's confusion. After a pause, she explained, "Uncle Liang is Liang Zhongju. Mr. Liang Er is his brother, and he is also a person in the fur business. Because my family and Mr. Liang Er are neighbors, and my father and Liang Er are friends. Although Liang Kunzhong is a businessman, both brothers have amazing martial arts." It's just that not many people out there know about it! "My father knew it, so he often went to the nearest place to ask Master Liang for advice on martial arts, so he learned that Uncle Liang's wife had been ill for a long time,Inflatable water park on lake, and that Uncle Liang was nearly fifty years old and wanted to take a concubine.." Tan Guizhi's expression was startled, with a slight sneer on her face, and she had already guessed what would happen next. Tao sighed lightly and said, "My father should be blamed for this. He was so drunk with the martial arts of Liang Men that he didn't notice his daughter's happiness. He recommended me to Uncle Liang!" "Mother.." You said yes? Dow nodded, tears sliding down the tip of his nose and dripping down again. Mother's heart is not willing, but father's life is like heaven,Inflatable indoor park, for fear of hurting his old man's heart, I all compromise, but- "" Tan Guizhi's nervous look could be seen in her eyes. In front of this eldest daughter, Dow no longer retains the past nakedly. Her face turned blue and white for a while, and she said with a wry smile, ".." Niang already has someone in her heart. How does your grandfather know! That man is your father! Tan Guizhi was stunned for a moment, wanting to ask but a little hard to say. Dow went on slowly, ".." Your father and I got to know each other when we went to the temple fair on the day of Cheng Huang's birthday. At this point, she blushed and said, "We met several times and left a good impression on each other. At that time, Inflatable dry slide ,Inflatable bouncer, I didn't know that your father was also in the leather industry. Until I worshipped heaven and earth with Uncle Liang.." “…… I can't remember which day it was. One day your father came to talk business with your uncle Hu. I came out to greet him for dinner and suddenly met him. She blushed. It still embarrasses her to this day to think about it. Evil fate.. "From that day on, your father has been pestering me …" said Dow. He often came to my house on an excuse and bribed my bedroom maid, Wen Xiang, to send me a message. She shook her head frequently and burst into tears. Tan Guizhi clenched her teeth tightly and did not hum, but from her eyes, she could see the resentment accumulated in her heart! Dow casually wiped the tears on her face. She looked out of the window in a daze. Then she went on to say, "I was wrong.." I'm sorry, Uncle Liang. I killed him. I shouldn't have dropped that bag of pills! When Tan Guizhi heard this, her whole body trembled. She couldn't help it any longer. She lay on the table and cried bitterly. After crying a few times, she suddenly turned over and stared at Tao and said, "Niang.." Why would you do such a thing.. Did you kill Uncle Liang? Dow shook his head, tears streaming down his face, just staring blankly out of the window. "How did Uncle Liang die?" "Yes.." It's your father. Tan Guizhi immediately opened his eyes wide, as if there was a clap of thunder on his head! "This is what happened. That day the servant girl Wenxiang secretly handed me a letter from your father with a packet of medicine in it." "Is it poison?" "No.." It's Snake Bone Powder. It's a kind of medicine that makes people drowsy and has the most powerful vitality. ” Recalling what had happened before, Dow went on to say, "Your father said in his letter.." Just to make it easier for us. "A private meeting!" Tan Guizhi ridiculed her mother coldly, looking as cold as ice. Dow nodded with tears in his eyes. With a deep sigh, she said, "Who knew your father would meet you? Uncle Hu had a deep heart. The two of them had disguised themselves as Uncle Liang's sidekick and rickshaw puller.." “…… Right at.. I did it on the way to Yanziji with Uncle Liang by car. Tan Guizhi murmured, ".." They killed Uncle Liang? Tao nodded his head in silence and said with tears in his eyes, "Uncle Liang had a momentary attack because he had taken the snake bone powder beforehand. He was weak all over his body. Your father took the opportunity to use the'Qian yuan Wen Xin Zhang 'to shatter his five internal organs.." Uncle Liang died like this. Died "No-" Tan Guizhi suddenly shouted: "Dad is not this kind of person, Dad is not this kind of person-I will never believe it!" As she spoke and shouted, she began to cry on the table. Dow sighed lightly and said, "Niang is telling the truth." "You're lying!" Tan Guizhi cried loudly and said, "I don't believe it. What Niang said is not true.." Dow walked slowly to her side and reached out a hand to touch her hair. Tan Guizhi suddenly turned around like crazy and threw her hand down forcefully. "Don't touch me," she said in a painful voice. I'm not your daughter, I'm not.. I'm not! Suddenly he jumped up and ran out. Dow grabbed her hand and said in surprise, "Where are you going?" "Don't you care about me-" Tan Guizhi struggled hard, but Dow pulled her hard with two hands, making her unable to break free for a moment. Dow was livid and said, "My child, don't be confused.." Mother and father have only one daughter like you, and we all love you! "Love.." What's the use of love? You did this.. How can I be a man? Tell me how to be a man! As she spoke, she covered her face with her hands and cried for a moment. Dow was in a daze for a while. "No one knows about this, son,inflatable amusement park," she said. You should believe Niang's words, Niang really loves you! "That.." Tan Guizhi wept like a tearful child and twitched, "Who is my own father?" 。