Koi Little Queen

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Xiao Yi's heart suddenly softened. He also enjoyed the moment

Xiao Yi's heart suddenly softened. He also enjoyed the moment when he talked with Yang Yaoer in a low voice. He said, "Men are different from women, and civilians are different from nobles.". There are three more golden stripes on the man's mask and three more red stripes on the woman's mask. Half of the civilian masks are mountain and river patterns, and half of the noble masks are star and moon patterns. Yang Yaoer blinked. Xiao Yi saw that her face was not obvious, but staring at him so seriously, he must be very curious. He simply told her more about Tianzi. The Kingdom of Tianzi is legendary, and there are many strange and incredible things. Yang Yaoer listened carefully and did not open his mouth to speak, but his mind kept coming out with ideas. There must be many ghosts in Tianzi. The emperor can't go. By the time the story was finished, the food was cold. Fortunately, two people have already used almost, at this time also simply get up, scattered in the palace to start. Yang Yaoer walked slowly for a while and suddenly remembered something. She raised her hand and pulled Xiao Yi's sleeve. Xiao Yi immediately looked down at her: "Huh?" "I don't want to be a queen," Yang said softly. Xiao Yi's steps suddenly stopped. "There are a lot of things to do, but I can't do them," Yang added. Only then did Xiao Yi's pace resume the rhythm he had just taken. He opened his palm and gently wrapped her hand in his palm. He whispered, "No, no." "But,large inflatable water slide, but." But that Mrs. Hou, Mrs. Hou, said she had to do it. Xiao Yi said lightly, "If you hold the phoenix seal in your hand, you can just accept the worship and respect of others.". "I'll take care of it." Yang Yaoer nodded in a muddled way. As far as she was concerned, just listening to Mrs. Linyang Hou and Mrs. Anyang Hou talking about those things,inflatable floating water park, she was already sleepy and felt really tired. It was naturally good for someone to take away such troubles. She did not understand that, apart from what she had said that day, the miscellaneous and heavy affairs of the palace were far from that. Now all together on the shoulders of the emperor, Xiao Yi is afraid to be even busier. Xiao Yi gradually tightened his grip. He held her tighter and whispered, "I have something to say to you, too." "Hm?" Yang Yaoer also learned his tone of voice and asked in reply. Xiao Yi said, "Do you know that Dayue, Tianzi, Silla and other countries have come to congratulate you? What else do you want to do?" Yang Yaoer shook his head. Marriage and alliance in order to be stable for generations. Yang Yaoer still did not understand much, but she listened to the emperor very modestly. But the spring gauze behind Yang Yaoer has already set off a huge wave in her heart. As a person in the palace, although the heart has long been prepared, but when this day really comes, Inflatable water obstacle course ,Inflatable meltdown, the spring yarn or a tight heart, the whole person is hanging high up. Would you like to see a woman in the palace? Xiao Yi asked. Yang Yaoer nodded. She even broke her fingers secretly. The palace is so big and empty. One more person is not enough. Two, three, four, five.. You can add a hundred. Thinking of this, Yang Yaoer was happy for a while. She can count this far. Xiao Yi turned and held her wrist, looking complicated, as if there was a trace of dumbfounding. He should have known that no matter what he asked her, there would be no result. But there was a trace of unwillingness in his heart, and he wanted to get a refusal or an expression of unhappiness from her mouth, which also showed that she had a trace of possessive desire for him. Would you like to see me marry another woman? Xiao Yi asked again. In fact, where can we remarry? Apart from the queen, there is no one worthy of this word. Even if you enter the palace as a concubine, in the final analysis, you are just a concubine. How can a concubine be compared with a wife? Yang Yaoer hesitated a little now. It costs a lot of money to marry. She thought for a moment and said, "Your Majesty, I don't have enough money." Xiao Yi laughed. His eyes were so bright that he couldn't help holding Yang's youngest son in his arms. He said in a dumb voice in her ear, "What the youngest son said is that the money will not be enough.". "I can raise a youngest son. How can I raise someone else?" He kissed her auricle and said in a low, hoarse voice, "I think the youngest son doesn't like this." Yang Yaoer nodded: "Yes." "Come on." Xiao Yi hugged her and took her to the direction of the bedroom. Spring yarn one foot light one foot heavy to step on in the snow, the heart is not taste. Just now the emperor and the queen spoke closely, but she did not hear clearly, and her mind was full of memories of the emperor's marriage and alliance. Spring gauze is full of worry, afraid that the empress does not understand anything, so she misses the opportunity to fight for herself. Yang Yaoer is always carefree. When she returned to the Kunning Palace, she changed her clothes, counted her existing money in a daze, and fell asleep. In the daytime, the six princesses and the witch came again. The six princesses sat with Yang Yaoer and told her all kinds of things about Tianzi. Yang Yaoer suddenly remembered the mask that the emperor told her. She held out her hand. "Look at the mask." The six princesses had shown it to her before, and naturally they would not hide it at this time, so they immediately handed it to her, saying, "Next time I'll draw one for the empress." Yang Yaoer grabbed the mask and looked over and over. Red stripes. Mountain and river patterns. Eh. She held out her hand to the witch again. "Look at the mask." She looked up at the witch, and the witch looked at her steadily. After a while, the witch took off the mask from behind and gave it to Yang without saying a word. Yang Yaoer took it over and looked at it again and again. Golden stripes. Mountain and river patterns. Eh! Yang Yaoer put down the mask and pointed to the witch and said, "This looks good." "It's all the same," said the six princesses with a smile. "Where is a better one?" Yang Yaoer didn't speak. She was too quiet, and the six princesses did not feel anything wrong. It was not until later that Yang Yaoer left. The sorceress just put one hand on the head of the six princesses and said in a dumb voice, "She found out." "She has beautiful eyes." The six princesses did not answer the question. Witch: "… …" The author has something to say: stay up late to write more,Inflatable outdoor park, scratching my head, I really can't write during the day. 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