The female partner is innocent.

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Xi'er threw the rusty iron sword in her hand next to several corpses,

Xi'er threw the rusty iron sword in her hand next to several corpses, and soon the snow would cover everything. Who would have thought that the little servant girl with a slightly round face and a pleasant appearance would be the eyeliner sent by the desert, and who would have thought that the calm appearance of the Central Plains Wulin was full of restlessness. Tears Ji is dressing in the room, the incense burner is still lit to the disgusting fragrance, horn comb from top to bottom, from top to bottom, combing again and again, ink green shirt pushed the door to come in, and tightly closed the door: "I bought you the Rouge you want." Mo Qingshan said and put a box of Rouge in front of Tears. Tears Ji opened the Rouge, sniffed close to the nose, and covered the lid with satisfaction: "You never buy the wrong thing for my body." There was a small gourd hanging on the bedpost at the head of Tears Concubine's bed. It was something that desert people often put in their hands for children to play with. Mo Qingshan touched the small gourd and asked, "You took the trouble to let those two Lingyu Sect people sneak into the underworld. Do you really think they can find Lingshu Sword Spectrum?" Tears Ji sneered: "Can they find the Miraculous Pivot Sword Spectrum?"? How could it be? Yan Ming had never seen that thing. "Yan Ming hasn't seen it?" Tears Ji stood up, twisted her waist and walked to Mo Qingshan's side. She leaned in his arms and said, "Yan Ming only heard his master mention it. I don't even know where the sword spectrum is. How can he know? I'm the favorite woman of the former domain master." The word "love" was bitten very heavily by Tears. Mo Qingshan's face was still elegant. When he heard the last sentence, there was a flash of unhappiness in his eyes. He immediately disappeared and said, "It seems that God wants Yan Ming to be king. The poor immortal doctor stands in the wrong line. If Yan Ming takes the Emei Sect into his pocket, the first thing he will do is to operate on him." "I didn't expect that a man like him would be in danger for others one day. Isn't he moved?"? No, how can a person like him have feelings? This world is really getting more and more interesting. "Tears Ji giggled happily and said,Jumping castle with slide," Speaking of it, I haven't heard from your little apprentice who is doing eyeliner in Broken Sword Villa for a long time. Will he be pulled out and killed? " "I haven't been pulled out, but I think she's going to expose herself," Mo Qingshan said with a sigh. "I taught her swordsmanship since I was a child. I taught her one move and she learned one move. She was self-taught because she was trapped by love." "Thanks to my body, I think she has a good talent, and I want to pass on the art of transfiguration to her. My body has the heart to teach,Inflatable mechanical bull, and she may not have the science of life." Tears Ji angry way. After Mo Qingshan left, Tears Ji leaned against the carved bedpost and closed her eyes gently. When Mo Qingshan said that Xi'er was "trapped by love", she wanted to say, "You are not like this, like a disciple, like a teacher." After all, she could not say it. She was such a smart woman that she pretended not to know what good it was to follow her. She was already unclean. Her hands were full of blood, her personality was strange, her future was worrying, without her, he would not be trapped here, if there was any clean place in her snake heart, it was guilt, inflatable water slide ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, the only guilt for him. The wind blows the small gourd hanging on the bedpost, the small gourd knocks on the bedpost to make a sound, the tearful girl opens her eyes and reaches out to hold the little gourd, which has been hanging here for ten years without moving, the past has been precipitated in her mind for a long time, thinking that it has rotted and blurred, but when she thinks of it, it is clear and vivid. At that time, his wife had just died, leaving only an orphan girl named Xihuan. After Yan Ming killed his teacher and ascended the throne, she defected without hesitation as the Taoist Lord of Shura Dao. The underworld was like this. She didn't care about blood or means. According to the strong, the girl who always followed her and called her "Erniang" was thrown out of the underworld by her and thrown into the desert. At that time, she was still so young. Will undoubtedly be eaten by wild animals in the desert. Her hands were really evil. Tears played with the small gourd at the head of the bed. Her eyes flashed as if the gourd was stained with blood. When she fixed her eyes on it, she saw that the gourd was clean again. The tip of her nose seemed to have a lingering smell of blood. Tears went to the incense burner and added a lot of spices to it. No matter how fragrant the powder was, no amount of spices could hide the smell, which was her most annoying smell. So she didn't like to be too close to Yan Ming, because the smell of blood on this man was stronger than hers, and countless people died in his hands. Oh, even such a man had someone he couldn't bear to hurt. As Mo Qingshan once said, "The hero is sad about the beauty.". Now, she sent a beauty who hated him to his side, not knowing that he could not pass this pass, and the corners of her mouth showed a cold smile. Yan Ming only took one look at Xue Qing and walked forward silently, as if acquiescing. Xue Qing stood up and found that the fireflies were dragging their skirts. He lowered his head to give him a relaxed look and caught up with Yan Ming. The location of the study was just one of the many rooms, as unremarkable as the other doors. Pushing the door open, it was a large room with a large collection of books. Rows of wooden viaducts were filled with books. Yan Ming motioned Xue Qing to stand at the door and wait. He was looking for something one by one in front of the viaduct. When Yan Ming looked down at the book, Xue Qing always had an impulse to attack him from behind. At that time, he would first protect his chest in the position of his heart, and then he would unexpectedly attack his lower plate and cut off his. Thinking like this, Xue Qing's eyes are not staring at that part of Yan Ming, Yan Ming felt Xue Qing's line of sight, he was sure that this woman is a new person who has just come to the underworld, although strange, but also did not think much, the women in the underworld, want to have a relationship with him is not a few, these maids are a hook finger will be happy to serve under him. But it was the first time he had met him so directly, always staring at his secret parts, never before had a woman hinted so boldly, and he was even a little uncomfortable. Xue Qing lowered her head,Inflatable water park factory, a modest look, only eyes kept looking at strange places, but might as well Yan Ming suddenly came towards her. I always think you have a familiar feeling. Yan Ming went to Xue Qing step by step.