Ace Dharma God

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Had it not been for the death that sank the city underground

Had it not been for the death that sank the city underground and sealed the cracks in space, the mainland would have disliked the war long ago. "Would you like to go to the Plain of Bones again? That underground city must not be left to the Demons." "Yes, of course, but not now." Layne took out a gray rock and handed it to the magic wheel. Then he got up and said, "Go back to the tribe first and settle the trouble in the northwest." "Well, it's all your business anyway." Dharma God said shut up. Layne retracts the magic wheel and confirms a direction before flying. If flying, sometimes the subtle direction is really not easy to find, several times deviated from the correct position, easy to return to Carmela's territory. The castle grew faster than he could have imagined, and in just a few months, it doubled in size and added walls. It has become a small town. The busy Demons are walking in the streets, either buying or selling things. As soon as you land at the top of the castle. The whole mountain top immediately exploded, and the leader who had been missing for months finally came back. What Ryan didn't expect was that the first one to rush out was not Linda or Leia, but Jobach. Already waiting impatiently, Joe Bach grabbed Ryan's arm and said hurriedly,uns c70600, "Quick, tell me what's going on now."? How can you be demonized? "What are you doing here?" Asked Layne in surprise. "Why can't I be here? Tell me quickly, or I'll have you as an experiment." "Joe Bach is going to urge like crazy." I tried to use the divine consciousness to control the soul crystal, and the result triggered the power inside to enter the body. As for whether to reach a certain level to trigger power, or what conditions I do not know. After pondering for a moment,x56 line pipe, Jobach found the answer and said, "It should be that the power of repression has already come to a breakthrough, and all of it has poured into your body.". Moreover, the divine consciousness should be strong enough to trigger power, and only human magicians can do it. As for the fact that humans can be demonized, I need to study it carefully. At this time, Rota, Moris and others came out one after another, and they were all overjoyed to see Layne, who was still alive. On the surface, Carmela now has great strength, uns s31803 sheet ,uns s32750 sheet, but unfortunately many people here have contradictions and interests with each other, and it is Ryan who can connect these people together. If anything happens to Ryan, the family he built will collapse in an instant. Jobach and the Carmela family also have some ties, so it is only by staying here for a while that Carmela's internal contradictions have not intensified. You're not dead. I heard you got the nickname of an evil spirit in the East. You're in the limelight this time. Rotta looked at Ryan and laughed. "And it's obviously a lot stronger." "Have I collected all the things I want?" Moris was still in that emotionless tone. He only cared about the rest of himself. Geary said dejectedly: "I said boy, I beg you, you change a person to take my core, I really can not stand every day on tenterhooks, grandma, you go out to make trouble, every time you make trouble to the big trouble.". If you leave the core, I won't die even if I die. Ryan laughed and said, "Don't worry, I have a big life. No one can catch up with me if I want to escape. So you don't have to worry about your life." "Damn, it's strange to be at ease with you." Geary sighed helplessly and said, "Don't let me catch you, or you will feel better." Relia and Linda were relieved to see that Ryan was okay. Ryan pulled up Jobach and Moris and said, "I have something to ask you two. I'll talk about the rest later." "Why is it so mysterious?" Asked Jobach. "Don't tell me I haven't finished collecting the materials?" "It's a good thing, not a bad thing." Ryan took Jobach and Moris directly into the house where the door of the demon world was placed. Lazio had eight heads sleeping on his stomach, and one head was on guard when he saw Layne come in and say, "Master, you're going back to the mainland." "Lazio, go out and help me look outside. No one is allowed to come in." Lazio nodded and climbed out. Jobach stared at Lazio with interest and said, "I haven't seen nine heads. This should be able to be studied." "Old Joe, I declare in advance that you can study, but you must not hurt him." "This is the gate of the Demon World." Chobah laughed and saw the door standing in front of him with more interest. He touched his chin and said to himself, "It is said that the door of the Demon World was built by using the theory of space cracks. It only used kyanite to build a channel." "Put away your curiosity and let's get down to business," said Layne. This old man wants to study everything. I really don't know if he would go to the mainland to study the Protoss again. Get down to business? Jobach stared at Ryan and said with a smile, "I'm most interested in studying you." "My business is to collect the materials I want." Ryan took out the metal plate and the diary and said, "The city I'm most interested in." Jobach was immediately interested when he saw the metal plate. "The diary of Chakraondo," said Moris in a deep voice when he saw the magic flame on the diary rising as if it were out of control. Ryan looked at Moris and said, "You do know." "My design was first made by him." Jobach raised his head when he heard the name and said, "Chakraondo, this name is taboo in the demon world.". At least after the war between gods and demons, this name is no longer allowed to exist here. "I guess it's the reason why this human led Carmela to prosperity." Jobach nodded and said,uns c68700, "Yes, no one is willing to admit that the prosperity of a Demon depends on the Demons. This is a disgrace to the Demons." "Only Lord Chakraondo is my master in the Demon World," said Moris. Because my core design is exactly what he designed.