I'm a scumbag [wear it quickly]

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There are also Peng Yue die-hard fans pointed the finger

There are also Peng Yue die-hard fans pointed the finger at Shao Yu and Lin Qingying, saying that if Shao Yu hadn't saved such a mind, Peng Yue wouldn't have done so, and if Lin Qingying hadn't done something wrong to provoke Peng Yue, Peng Yue wouldn't have done this to her. This "victim guilt theory" is extremely lethal. It seems to be a disguised recognition of Peng Yue's crime. He killed Peng Yue ten thousand and hurt Shao Yu and Lin Qingying three thousand. Passers-by were stunned by the stupidity. Shao Yu quickly replied on Weibo: "Others are determined to commit a crime. If they don't look for me, they will definitely look for others. So I went on. I was very sober that day and didn't make a mistake. I didn't say it before because I didn't want the reputation of the bad guys, but now the victims want to pursue it, and I must help them to the end." Netizens also believe, do not believe, perhaps in the future someone will take this matter black Lin Qingying, but after all, no nude photos burst out, and Lin Qingying still looks sunny and positive, the attitude towards Shao Yu is also very normal, completely mutually destructive old friends, so most passers-by still stand on the side of Shao Yu. Soon, Lin Qingying filed a lawsuit against Peng Yue and the 18-line male star, and Shao Yu will participate in the lawsuit as a witness. But the formal court session may have to wait for a long time, but for Peng Yue's precarious reputation, this is undoubtedly a heavy hammer. Originally in the matter of derailment, men are more likely to be forgiven than women, and Peng Yue this male small three, compared to Su Xue this cheater, the attack is actually much less,x60 line pipe, but now he because of instigating others to commit crimes, the success of more than Su Xue to seize the C success, previously chasing Su Xue bite troll, at this time even Su Xue also no matter, a strong chase Peng Yue scold. Peng Yue was exasperated in the villa at this time. He looked at the abuse on the Internet with red eyes. He threw his mobile phone heavily on the ground and scolded angrily: "a group of keyboard warriors!" "Stay out of the way for a while. You can't make such a thing again." Wen Shan said. I know With a sullen face, Peng Yue glanced at Su Xue and Wen Shan. Remembering those things, he was still a little worried. He picked up his cell phone again, went into the room, and dialed a number: "Something has happened to me. I hope to get your help." Shao Yu this is leisurely,316l stainless steel pipe, and even have the mind to consider the next movie, now on the micro-blog in addition to Peng Yue on the hot search, Shao Yu's women's clothing is also hanging on the hot search, not only that, but also p into the expression package, plus some coquettish words such as "little brother online love", "I wear clothes like Pinru", and even some people tease, single for a long time to see Shao Yu's women's clothing also feel beautiful. In addition to these, Shao Yu's micro-blog, but there are many people want him to return to acting, Shao Yu just returned to a "Suiyuan", to be honest, Shao Yu did not have much interest in acting, because he lived so many lives, in every world is actually the best actor, on the contrary, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x60 line pipe, he now prefers to be a director, enjoy the feeling of controlling everything on the set. By the time "Class 304" was completely released, the cumulative box office of the film had reached 3.6 billion. Fans on Weibo wanted him to make a sequel to "Class 304", but Shao Yu was not in the mood. Instead, he asked people to inquire about Su Xue and Peng Yue first. Peng Yue was sued, so hard hammer, I do not know what he found the character, actually washed him clean, the 18-line star insisted that he did it himself, and the words Peng Yue said in the recording were all induced by him, in short, Peng Yue was washed like a white lotus flower. The broker also paid a lot of money for public relations, hyped Peng Yue and the brotherhood of the 18th line, and fired Peng Yue into a silly white sweet who valued love and righteousness but was easily cheated by others. Peng Yue's die-hard fans, who had been struggling to support, immediately shook up at this time, and took chicken feathers as arrows to whitewash Peng Yue everywhere. But believe that the whitewash is very few people, most people are saying that Peng Yue backing is too big, simply become the entertainment circle can not say, Shao Yu see this situation is not urgent, he knows the plot, Peng Yue made a lot of big brothers, a recording alone is really difficult to hammer Peng Yue to death, but Shao Yu think Peng Yue such a person will not be willing to go on like this. In order to get up again, he will certainly move, as long as he moves, he is used to taking shortcuts, and he will make mistakes. But Su Xue here is a coincidence, Shao Yu is inquiring about her news, Su Xue is also letting people stare at Shao Yu's next move, Shao Yu learned about this matter, immediately on the clock. Soon, it was reported that Chunlai Reading Network, a well-known female frequency website in China, was in contact with Shao Yu's studio. It seems that Shao Yu intends to buy the website, which is now the top of the Golden List: "Good Girl Like Orchid". "A Good Woman Like an Orchid" is a book about farming in ancient times. In the book, the description of the family's short stories is detailed and vivid, the plot is ups and downs, and the characterization is flesh-and-blood. It is a very excellent female frequency network article. According to the news from Chunlai Reading Network, Shao Yu is very optimistic about this work, intends to adapt it into a film, and wants to develop it into a series. Book friends who got the news were first happy that their favorite author's work could be filmed, and then worried that the director and scriptwriter had wasted a good work on the original work. Many fans even asked about the authenticity of the matter under Shao Yu's micro-blog, and left comments hoping that Shao Yu could restore the original work to the maximum extent. Shao Yu's answer is also very simple, he first gave high praise to this work, for many famous scenes in the original, and repeatedly promised to respect the original, in the case of ensuring the core of the adaptation of the creation. Shao Yu's reply, fans who want to see their favorite works in film and television are even more delighted. These days, most of the adapted works have changed beyond recognition, and many scriptwriters even began to make up nonsense before they finished reading the original works. Comparatively speaking, Shao Yu has only one directorial work, but because of the super high box office of Class 304,321 stainless steel sheet, he has been recognized to a certain extent. Such a director with reliable works and obvious research on the original works, this full sincerity undoubtedly gives the book fans a strong heart, and even the book fans run to the original author's micro-blog to congratulate him and urge the author to sign the contract earlier. Fans of the book hope to see the film released earlier. lksteelpipe.com