Seek the way of immortals

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However, Xiaohei's situation is somewhat special.

However, Xiaohei's situation is somewhat special. The reason why Xiaohei can break through to the intermediate level of heaven is entirely because Xu Qingfan provides it with endless dead gas. The reason why Xiaohei can become the king of dark crows is also to follow. The reason. This is the same as the evolution of other monks' spirit pets on their own. It can be said that although Xiaohei has saved Xu Qingfan's life many times before and after, it owes Xu Qingfan more kindness. So just now, Xu Qingfan and Xiaohei agreed that Xiaohei would still take his men and follow Xu Qingfan for a hundred years. After a hundred years, Xiaohei would return to freedom. One person and one beast could still be friends, but they had nothing to do with each other. And the three dark crows that have evolved to the primary level of heaven are still in the island of shaking light at the moment. The monsters of heaven are not bound at all. After they wake up, their first reaction is to get rid of the control of Xiaohei, but they are defeated by Xiaohei one by one. At the moment, they are recovering in the island of shaking light. Speaking of the three dark crows, they also owe Xu Qingfan's kindness, but they and Xu Qingfan have no feelings at all. Also do not want Xiaohei so reasonable, how to control, to see Xiaohei and Xu Qingfan's means. A hundred years should be enough for my plan. Has been used to Xiaohei with the side, think of Xiaohei Xiaohei will leave after a hundred years, the heart can not help some loss and sadness, however, the nature of the monster is free to live, and other monks to their own monster attitude is different, Xu Qingfan does have some true feelings for Xiaohei, but also do not want to force, just secretly think in the bottom of my heart. A hundred years may not be enough if everything goes well. There are too many accidents in this world. When Xu Qingfan thought, a cold and indifferent voice sounded in the bottom of Xu Qingfan's heart,grey marble slab, there was no trace of emotional ups and downs in the voice, although he knew there was no malice, but it still made people feel cold. Xu Qingfan turned his head and saw Xiaohei standing on his shoulder, his indifferent eyes showing the color of thinking, as if he was thinking about something. Xu Qingfan trusts Xiaohei very much, and has nothing to hide. During the negotiation just now, he has told the whole story of the plan he has designed over the years, and now Xiaohei is thinking about Xu Qingfan's plan. After reaching the level of heaven,Granite Slab Supplier, for Xu Qingfan, Xiaohei is no longer a spirit pet, but a trustworthy partner. See Xu Qingfan turned his head to see, Xiaohei also slightly turned his head, toward Xu Qingfan looked at each other, or Xu Qingfan's illusion, Xiaohei's indifferent eyes actually flashed a faint smile. Then, Xu Qingfan's heart once again sounded the voice of Xiaohei. We monsters judge the time of a year by the changes of the four seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, but here is the East China Sea, the changes of the four seasons can not be detected at all, so how long is a year, you have the final say. Xu Qingfan slightly stupefied, looking at Xiaohei's eyes full of surprise, Grey Marble Slab ,White Marble Slabs, but more is warm, Xiaohei for himself, unexpectedly voluntarily gave up his freedom for a period of time, and for the monster, freedom, survival, strong, these three are their most important, especially Xiaohei, it is not only a mid-level monster, but also the king of the monster, these three are more important. However, after your plan is fully realized, I have to leave. Xisha is the suitable breeding place for my dark crows. The East China Sea is too wet. But after everything is over, it is estimated that you will not stay in the human alliance with your temperament. You can come to Xisha to find me. After all, you hatched me and helped me grow up. You are half my parents. Hearing Xiaohei's words, Xu Qingfan's eyes were even more smiling and warm, but in a twinkling of an eye, he just nodded to the dark crow. After the evolution of Xiaohei, with the general intelligence of human beings, they can communicate with each other. Xu Qingfan initially thought that he would not adapt for a period of time, but now it seems that he is very familiar and natural. It seems that he and Xiaohei have been communicating for countless years. Looking at Xu Qingfan and Xiaohei or looking at each other, or nodding, each other seems to be communicating something, outside the dark crow encirclement, all the monks came to feel a strange. Although it has become a common sense in the realm of immortals that the monster is intelligent, the monks still subconsciously regard the monster as a more powerful beast, and the monks who have had the experience of communicating with the monster are unique, so seeing the communication between Xu Qingfan and the dark crow, every monk feels unimaginable. After talking with Xiaohei, Xu Qingfan turned his head and looked at Hualong and Jiaolong not far in front of him, and his eyes became extremely cold in an instant. Seeing the communication between Xu Qingfan and Xiaohei as if no one was there before, Hualong and Jiaolong felt extremely angry because they were ignored, and also felt the mood because of the momentum that Xu Qingfan and Xiaohei showed unintentionally. When Xu Qingfan's attention shifted to them, Jiaolong and Hualong were slightly startled, and their bodies could not help retreating. But these two insufferably arrogant monsters are surrounded by countless dark crows at the moment, want to retreat, but also can not retreat too far. However, Xu Qingfan's attention is still not on Jiaolong and Hualong. Qiu, you and your men are badly wounded and have fought hard all night. You'd better go back to Shaking Light Island to rest. Xu Qingfan's eyes were tightly fixed on the dragon and the dragon in front of him, but his mouth was leisurely, and his voice spread throughout the audience. Hearing Xu Qingfan's words, the eyes of all the people on the field were focused on Qiu. Their eyes were either surprised or admired. They killed two fish and dragons alone, as well as countless terraced monsters. The performance of Qiu that night could only be described as incredible. After the first World War, Qiu's position in the seven islands of Xia Ling would not be inferior to Liu Ziqing's. Of course, this is. The monks of the island did not see the enemy's body, if the enemy did not have a broad cloak at the moment, his demon-like appearance will be displayed in front of everyone, how the monks of the seven islands of Xia Ling look at the enemy,Silver Travertine Slabs, is another thing to say. After hearing Xu Qingfan's words, two red lights flashed away under his cloak, and then he bowed silently to Xu Qingfan and flew quickly into the distance with the few remaining monks of the Shaking Light Camp.