Queen of the Xie family

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The emperor also laughs: "Her disposition is originally lively,

The emperor also laughs: "Her disposition is originally lively, so come more great.". If only Ying and Yuyao could fall off. Should be too quiet, the mind is too careful. Yuyao is too capricious and naughty. "When I was a child, I was better at playing than the princess. I climbed trees and went to the house. The princess is really nothing." The emperor asks curiously: "Do you still climb a tree to go up a room?"? Tell me, how did you climb? Xie Ning is a little embarrassed: "How does the emperor inquire about this?" "At least she's an imperial concubine now. The imperial concubine climbs a tree. It's going to make her laugh." There's no one else. If you just tell me, I won't make it public for you. Green lotus they have been clever to avoid out, Xie Ning looked around, said softly: "also did not climb a few times." Besides, it was a very young time. "Don't take the easy way out. Speak carefully." Xie Ning thought: "What impressed me most was that when I was in the old house of the Lin family, a section of the wall near the ancestral hall collapsed. When they went to the school, they didn't want to take a detour, so they climbed over the broken wall.". I also turned over. Unfortunately, the wall was rebuilt after the New Year. "Anything else?" Xie Ning smiled: "Yes.". Climbing trees, too. I remember it was autumn at that time, and it was almost winter. There were several children at that time, and I was the most stupid. I couldn't get up after climbing for a while, but my cousin grabbed my hand and pulled me up. As soon as I climbed high, the adults saw me from a distance. As soon as they shouted, the others were so frightened that they turned over and jumped down and ran away. I was the only one who dared not run. I rode on the branch of the tree and dared not move. Later, my aunt asked the servant woman to carry me down from the top. Of course, the past days are not only happy, but also have many unhappy times. But now in retrospect, most of the time I think of good things and happy things. The emperor smiled and said, "Hong's temperament is probably like yours. I can't sit still as soon as I can walk. The days of climbing houses and trees are still ahead." Although it was said that the child was naughty,outdoor palm trees, the emperor's face was full of expectation. The eldest son's illness was always a worry for him. If the second prince was active and stubborn, the emperor thought it would be better. Xie Ning is particularly afraid of the heat now, a little movement is a sweat. The emperor accompanied her to walk a circle in the garden, looking at her some laborious appearance can not stop the heartache. Xie Ning originally some bitter summer, now is the double body, more suffering. Heard that when others are pregnant, always can raise the pearl round jade run, but Xie Ning on the body did not add meat, even more appears the belly bulging prominent. Xie Ning would insist on walking a few more steps in the garden every morning and evening, which was also Li Shu-ling's instruction. There would be many benefits to walking more until the time of giving birth. The fan in Qinghe's hand was taken over by the emperor, and he fanned Xie Ning evenly. Xie Ning closed his eyes drowsily and did not notice the change of the fan. Recently, she eats less food, Faux cherry blossom tree ,large artificial blossom trees, and she doesn't even eat melons and fruits. It happened to be the hottest day of the year. Fortunately, it should be cool by the time of delivery, otherwise there would be a lot of suffering. The weather was really hot, and of course there was no comparison between the place where they lived and the place where their masters lived. Although the back window was open, there was a solid wall only three feet away from the window, and there was no wind in the room. 288 festivals In the past, when he was in the back garden, he lived alone in half of the yard, which was very cool in summer. Especially in the evening, the north and south windows are opened together, and the wind passes through the house. But Zhou Chengchen didn't regret it at all. A long time ago, he was crowded with seven or eight people on a bunk. The room was damp and dark, with only a very small window. When he got up in summer, there was a clear and distinct mark on the mat, which was all sweat stains on his body. At that time, I was looking forward to moving out of the house and getting away from all the humble things. In fact, he had not lived in such a house for a long time. It seemed that he had lived in such a house for more than a year or less than two years. He worshipped the master and moved out of the house and lived in the master's house. I don't know why I suddenly remembered the past today. In fact, when he moved out of the room, he was not as happy as he thought. After moving to the master's house, he hardly dared to sleep a wink. As soon as the master moved, he woke up. He served him so meticulously that he did not dare to be perfunctory at all, whether he was serving tea or beating his legs and rubbing his waist. In the daytime, he trembled for fear of being calculated and replaced by others. It seemed that from that time on, everything that had been desired in the past had lost its original meaning. He could not tell whether the exquisite food was delicious or not, and the spacious house would make him restless at night. Some people say that eunuchs are not human beings. Zhou felt very sad when he heard it for the first time, but later he felt that he was right. The eunuch is not only physically disabled, but also not a person's life, for a long time, he feels that he is not a person. Inversely like. What does it look like? He can't say. Even if he could leave the palace in the future, he did not know what kind of life he would live after he went out. Zhou Chengchen sometimes looked at Hu Rong and them, feeling like looking at himself when he was young, his eyes looked very docile, but he could not shut up the ambition in his chest. He also came here at that time. How could he not understand what they were thinking? Zhou Chengchen washed up and lay down. There are too many things in his mind, and he can't be careless about each one. After going through these things one by one in his heart, Zhou Chengchen did not know why he remembered the serene face of Fang Shanggong again. He knew that Fang Shanggong must have concealed a very important thing, so important that Zhou Chengchen did not dare to reveal a word rashly, let alone guess in the depths. A cold sweat broke out on his back just by turning the thought in his mind. Daughter's Day was a half-cloudy day, but the palace was full of laughter and laughter, which was a rare day of the year when the palace people could relax and be happy. Princess Yuyao got up early, and as soon as she opened her eyes,faux ficus tree, she saw a plate of flowers with dewdrops on the small table outside the curtain. Guo Shanggong smiled and led people to come over to serve her to wash, and ordered people to unfold the newly made palace clothes for Princess Yuyao to choose. Several new clothes are dazzling. Princess Yuyao pointed to the pink and purple one and said, "This one." 。 hacartificialtree.com