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He does not need great love or care, nor does he need

He does not need great love or care, nor does he need the care of great people. He just hopes that his own woman or the woman he treats sincerely can also do his best for himself. At this moment, Li Xiao even opened Xiaoguang's kind of imperial female master's grasp of the mind to test these three people. Li Zhenren, what are you talking about? You are the genius of my Li family. How can you be in danger alone? Even if we don't have the ability, in times of crisis, we can resist for a while and delay for a while for you. Li yuan immediately said fiercely. Li Zhenren, even if you are not the Li family, I will still protect you to the death. Although I'm not as capable as you, I'm not even afraid of death. What else am I afraid of? Bea's words are very firm. Husband, the butterfly is your person in life and your soul in death. The butterfly fairy is also very firm. This moment of emotional expression, so that Li Xiao slightly moved, but also some moved. The conclusion of Xiaoguang's analysis is that these words are all sincere. It is not false, because under such monitoring, when the energy swallowing space has now grown to such a powerful extent, and when Xiaoguang has transformed many times to such an intelligent situation, the conclusion is detected again. That's almost entirely true. So. Li Xiao has a moment of emotion and moved, but he is not a person who is good at expressing sentimentality. At that moment, he said heroically: "It's rare to meet your three bosom friends, in that case.". How can I fail you? "In the future, if you follow me, you can at least become a real genius who breaks six!" Li Xiao is very confident,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, this sentence said, directly let the three girls stay in an instant! "Broken.." Break six? Li yuan was very surprised. Can't help, she was excited to embrace Li Xiao, then seemed to feel something, immediately red face loosened Li Xiao. Li Zhenren. I'm sorry, I'm not.. I took advantage of you on purpose. I'm just, I'm just so excited. "Puff-" Bi Er immediately also laughed, that kind of smile,ultrasonic generator driver, beautiful and full of spirituality. With lovely dimples that make people want to kiss, it really has a different flavor. Butterfly fairy, just a slight smile, a pair of beautiful eyes again and again, looking at Li Xiao. That kind of enthusiasm is like burning Li Xiao. This seems to be a manifestation of emotion. Li Xiao's heart is also hot, but also a little surprised. I was hugged by a beautiful woman on my own initiative, and I was apologized by the beautiful woman for taking advantage of myself. Damn it. The world is so wonderful. It would be better if we could take advantage of it every day. Li Xiao heart can not help but think of, but still did not say much, just a natural and unrestrained smile, expressed his magnanimous tolerance of the heart. As for the butterfly fairy's emotional performance, this makes Li Xiao's heart is extremely hot, if not for the current crisis in the Thai Devil Heights, he really can not help but want to separate Li yuan and Bi Er, and then come to a spiritual double repair with the butterfly fairy, again, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, um. This postural movement study of human body art. "Breaking six is actually difficult, but it's not difficult. Don't ask too much. I will refine a special elixir for you to eat. At the same time, I will provide you with a wonderful method of practice. After you practice, you will be able to reach the level of breaking six!" Li Xiao laughed. Is this, is this true? The butterfly fairy was also somewhat moved at this time. Well, it's true. I know what you think. There is no problem. You are a butterfly. If you are gifted, I will choose to train ten of them to be their masters. As for the Li family, this is my own blood, I will naturally select some people, but this kind of cultivation, also need to consume the blood of the bloodthirsty beast, bloodthirsty beast is only one, so the quota is not more. Li Xiao thought about it and made a serious promise. This is the key to the previous hesitation! This is equivalent to showing a very unnatural ability-the ability to create a real-life genius! Although the resources required may be very large, and even the number of live-action geniuses that can be created is very small, this is still equivalent to a very powerful ability! This point, see that the strong exhausted countless thoughts, the three empires refined into a forbidden place, used to suppress and refine the elixir to create a real genius, we can know that things are far from easy! Li Xiao's practice is comparable to that of the strong man who banned the three empires. How can it not be shocking?! "Lee.." Real man, you are so kind! "Lee.." Li yuan and Bi Er were very excited, but Li Xiao said politely, "Since you are willing to die with me, then in the future, you can call me Big Brother Li. Don't call me'real person '." Li Xiao's meaning, in fact, has been very clear, which is equivalent to further closing the distance with the two people. Brother Li! Li yuan and Bi Er are not stupid, in a moment of charming body trembling up, excited. For such a beautiful and moving two girls, at this time it was because Li Xiao took the initiative and they were close to a few minutes, and excited eyes are red, it can be seen that along the way, Li Xiao's performance, has gone against the sky to what extent! yuan Er, Bi Er, I will take good care of you in the future. Now, you come with me. "Mmm." Li yuan and Bi'er were also very excited and very moved and excited. The butterfly fairy is looking at this scene with a smile, and her expression is as gentle as water. In the dark void, a gully appeared, and a light broke through a grave. Countless black water rushed out from the bottom of the tomb, and countless tombs shook at the same time, such as the peerless old demon was about to wake up. At this moment, such as hundreds of ghosts walking at night, such as thousands of ghosts crying, that kind of sad voice, is really harsh, with Li Xiao's powerful soul and white fog energy around the simulation of the wave defense shield, all of a sudden was severely shocked. At this time,sonicator homogenizer, Li Xiao trembled all over, and a mouthful of blood spurted out, turning into a fog of blood in the void. fycgsonic.com