The first moment clapped the table in surprise

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Hu Shanwei has been away from his daughter for four years. Her daughter feels strange and distrustful of her. Her father is in the same mood as she is at this time. Moreover, his father has been like this for 20 years.

But he said that Bao Longtu had been assigned to the prison in a secret way, and that he was not allowed to embarrass Liu Anzhu, and that the people in the yamen had gone out, saying only that he would live in tetanus and die soon. He went to Luzhou to fetch the general Zhang Bingyi. Not a day later, Zhang Bingyi arrived. Bao Longtu asked him to prepare carefully, and his heart was clear. Then let him take his rest before the door of the prison, and comfort him with good words. The next day, he signed the hearing card and told the prisoner to do so every time before the trial. A group of people were immediately detained. Bao Longtu asked Zhang Bingyi to argue with Yang. Yang Shi just fought hard and refused to relax. Bao Longtu told the prison to take out Liu An, but the prisoner replied, "I'm dying of a serious illness. I can't move." When President Li saw Chang Ping-yi and asked if the reason was not bad, he angrily argued with Yang for a while. Then the prisoners came to report: "Liu Anzhu died of a serious illness." When Yang heard that he was "dead," he said, "I'm really dead, but I thank heaven and earth for saving my family from being tired." "Why did Liu An die of illness?" Asked Master Bao? Quickly ask Zou Zuoren to look at each other and reply. He looked like a man and replied, "I got a corpse. He was about eighteen years old. The Dayang acupoint was injured by something else and died. There are blue and purple marks around it." "What are you doing now?" Asked Bao Longtu? When it comes to personal life, it's a big deal! Wu Na Yang Shi! Who is that boy to you? Is it close to you? "Grandpa," said Yang, "it doesn't really matter." "If you are the elder and he is the younger," said Master Bao, "even if you are wounded and killed, you will only kill your descendants by mistake. You will not have to pay for your life. You will only be fined some copper to pay for it. Since you don't care about your relatives, don't you hear that you have to pay for your life by killing and pay for your debts? He is a separate man of man, and you deny him. With what weapon did you break his head and kill him with tetanus. It is said in the law, 'Beating a man of peace, thereby causing the death of the dead.' About, can cangue come, cangue this woman! Down in the death row, hand over the autumn to execute,push back racking system, pay the boy's life. The men on both sides, who were like wolves and tigers, seemed to promise with a thunderstorm. They raised a cangue, which made Yang look like a scholar. They had to shout, "Grandpa, he is the nephew of the little woman." "Since he is your nephew," said Bao Longtu, "what proof do you have?" "As evidenced by the existing contract documents," said Yang. At that moment, he took out the document and handed it to Lord Bao. Exactly: Ben said Ding Yi Mao Er,asrs warehouse, and Sheng Tuo made three mistakes and four mistakes. Slightly use some small organs to earn the contract text early. When Bao Longtu had looked at it, he said to Madam Yang, "Since Liu Anzhu is your nephew, I'm sending someone to carry his body out. You must take it and bury it. You can't refuse." "The little lady would like to bury her nephew," said Yang. Bao Longtu then asked the supervisor to take out Liu Anzhi and said to him, "Liu Anzhi, I have already earned the contract text." "If it hadn't been for Lord Qingtian," he said, "he would have killed a mean man." When Yang looked up, he saw that his face was the same as before, and even his broken head was all right. Ashamed and speechless. Bao Longtu hence pen judgment Yue: Liu Anzhu line filial piety, Zhang Bingyi benevolence, are rare, all the Jing table door lv. President Li chose a date to marry his wife. The bones of Liu Tianrui and his wife were buried on the side of the ancestral tomb. Liu Tianxiang was hazy and unclear, thinking of his old age and exemption from punishment. His wife, Yang Shi, should have committed a felony, and the fine of copper was allowed to be redeemed. Yang's extra son-in-law, the original non-liu door relationship, shuttle rack system ,warehouse storage racks, immediately expelled, not to occupy the family property! Sentenced, issued a group of prisoners, each home. The crowd kowtowed out. Zhang yuanwai wrote a family name post and worshipped Liu Tianxiang. President Li went back to Luzhou first. When Liu Tien-hsiang got home, he complained about Yang and buried his brother's bones in the ancestral tomb with his nephew. President Li chose an auspicious day to marry his son-in-law. A month later, the couple went to Luzhou to worship Zhang yuanwai and Guo Shi. After living in Huai nun Tzu, Liu Tianxiang, Zhang yuanwai all have no heir, two surnames of private, is living in Huai nun Tzu. It can be seen that prosperity and decline are determined and cannot be forced. Besides, between the flesh and blood, so self-concealment, the most hurt the vitality. Therefore, Xuan this script, admonishing the world, must not be for a mere property, hurt the grace of nature. There are poems to prove it: The godfather of the bollworm is still virtuous, and the relatives of the flesh and blood of heaven are treacherous. Only in the future will it be known that the previous number is fixed, and how to stop using the organ. Volume 34 Hearing of Life Field Cuifu Nunnery Quietly Watching Nun Daytime Brocade Yellow Sand Alley Poem cloud: If wine is not drunk, everyone will be drunk; if color is not intoxicated, everyone will be intoxicated. It is not Sansheng who should be judged, but Zhixu Huijian who breaks the evil thoughts. It is said that in the world, Qi Mei Jie Fa is mostly divided into three lives, and there are all those who spend money and Huo Yu and plot to achieve success, but in the end they are caught empty. Have that poor, bare walls, like Sima Xiangru, divided time, not to say to find a matchmaker hired to meet and talk with that, is a different species, have never met before, the intention is not, but became a spouse. It has been said since ancient times, "Marriage was originally determined in a previous life, and it once came to the Peach Fair.". It is no small matter to see this. Just look from ancient times to the present, there are the Kunlun slave, yellow shirt guest, Xu Yu Hou, that a group of earth-shaking heroes, also only to help a few couples from the danger and difficulty, straight teach eternal spread. Nai He Pingren saw a beautiful woman, so he waited for her to steal the chicken and hang the dog. When she was hot, he dreamed of being husband and wife forever. Strange and strange, use every trick to get some advantage, in the disgrace of others. Until it comes out, nine out of ten will die without a burial place. The speaker, according to what you say, how can there be a stealing period in this world that has become a positive result? There are also those who cheat, in the end nothing, how to see then all die? The reader heard, but you do not know, a drink a peck, is not the former set. Husband and wife, needless to say, are idle flowers and weeds, but also the fate of previous lives. If steal period, became positive fruit, the leading edge is gathering together, cooperate naturally, those who cheat protect oneself to have nothing to do, the leading edge is paid,industrial racking systems, can take heart. For this reason, there is also this generation, which is different from those who are obsessed with not turning their heads and losing their lives.