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Hu Shanwei has been away from his daughter for four years. Her daughter feels strange and distrustful of her. Her father is in the same mood as she is at this time. Moreover, his father has been like this for 20 years.

The disciple immediately stopped, looked at Yan Xin, and said, "How can you bother Elder Martial Sister to do such a small thing by herself? Let's do it." "You go." Yan Xin is too lazy to say more. Directly to Qin Tian cold way. I've just entered the third rank. I can't deal with the monster of the eighth rank. Elder Martial Sister, let Elder Martial Brother go in. Qin Tian l lù out of the dilemma of s sè. Then he stepped back slightly, with an expression of not going in even if he was killed. You have to go even if you don't go. This is Shifu's order. Do you dare to disobey Shifu's order? Yan Bing said angrily. As soon as the two disciples of Shougu heard that it was the master's order, the God s sè immediately changed and became very solemn. The God looked at Qin Tian in a businesslike manner and said, "Younger Martial Brother, I advise you to go in by yourself. It's not good for us to throw you in." The implication is that if Qin Tian does not go in, the two of them will start to arrest him and throw him in. This made Yan Bing laugh happily. Looking at Qin Tian's frightened expression, he said proudly in his heart, "Let you play with me. Now you are afraid." "Are you really going?" Qin Tian swallowed saliva and looked at his eyes in the valley. His expression was extremely frightened. If he put it in his previous life, he felt that the Oscar winner was not even qualified to shine his shoes. Even he himself had to admire his acting skills. He could show his expression of fear so well and superbly. Be sure to go. The more afraid Qin Tian is, the happier Yan Bing is. He is a little devil. Will you come to save me when there is danger inside? Qin Tian asked weakly. You don't.. I'm sure I'll save you. Don't worry. Yan Bing grinned with a caring look in her eyes. Then she said, "Don't worry. I will go to save you. When you are in danger, just wait. Don't resist. The more the snakes inside resist, the more crazy they are." "You said that." Qin Tian took two steps forward and said earnestly. I said, you go in. If you don't go in,cantilever racking system, I'll kick you in. Yan Bing clenched his little pink fist and demonstrated fiercely. Qin Tian took small steps forward, and his body could not stop trembling. After entering the Valley of Ten Thousand Snakes, a mist blew through, and his figure was pasted up until he could not see it at all. Elder Martial Sister, he can only enter the third rank. Will he be in danger? A disciple of Shougu asked. Yan Xin gazed at the valley with two eyes, and his heart was also faintly worried. It's okay to meet a low-level monster in the third rank,heavy duty cantilever racks, but it's hard to cope with the snake king in the eighth rank, and I'm afraid his life will be in danger. The fact that he was able to find a strange fire from the underworld was enough to prove that he could deal with the monster of the eighth order. If he is lucky. Yan Xin was stunned in his heart. It seems that the joke is a little big. And just still excited Yan Bing also put away a smile, feel that their false orders, a bit too much, if Qin Tianzhen died inside, she will make a big mistake. Sister, is there really anything wrong? Yan Bing asked in a low voice. Yan Xin did not speak, eyes with a touch of anxiety. More than two hours later, there was no movement in the valley, as if no one had gone in. In the past, I thought it was a violent sāo movement, but now it's surprisingly quiet, and there's no sound at all. It wasn't eaten by a snake, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, was it? Yan Bing was a little scared, and her face changed slightly. Yan Xin could not hold back, and his face became anxious. Ah A pig-like scream came from the depths of the Valley of Ten Thousand Snakes, with incomparable panic in the voice. The two sisters, Yan Bing and Yan Xin, are in a panic. Chapter 184, are you here to save me? A throbbing scream echoed in the valley, shaking people's hearts. The sisters, Yan Bing and Yan Xin, were surprised at the same time. Qin Tian, however, entered the Lieyang Palace with a flame order. He was chosen by the palace master himself. He was supposed to see the palace master, but now he was sent to the Valley of Ten Thousand Snakes by them. Judging from the screams just now, it must be in danger, and it is very likely that he was seriously injured. Even death. What to do, what to do? Sister, what should I do? The master will definitely punish me. Yan Bing's face was anxious, and he looked like he had done something wrong, and his tears almost came out. Yan Xin pondered for a moment and then said, "I'll go in and look for him." "I'll go too." Yan Bing immediately said. "I hope he lives, and if he dies." Yan heart secretly said, Qin Tian is really dead, the two sisters certainly can not escape punishment. After all, Qin Tian is a disciple of the third rank, and he is less than twenty years old. He is a gifted disciple, and many people in the clan are already paying attention to him. If he dies, Yan Xin and the two of them will be punished. The punishment for framing a disciple who has entered the realm of emptiness is not generally heavy. The two men soon entered the Valley of Ten Thousand Snakes. ————————————————————— "I like to eat braised snake meat." "Do you like it?" "I really like to eat." Sing Yeh's Roast Chicken Wings are adapted to the tune of braised snake meat, but this broken Gong voice [ Qishu Network] is completely out of tune, singing like a pig howling. On the fire, the snake meat is oily. It's crackling. Give off the scent of y'yòu. Patter, patter.. Maomao's eyes wanted to get into the snake meat and kept drooling. He seldom ate grilled fish since he left the Kunlun Mountains with Qin Tian. The delicious smell of the grilled snake meat made him almost swallow his tongue. Maomao, you can't eat hot tofu in a hurry. "Good snake meat is roasted slowly." Qin Tian took out a handful of salt from the space ring and sprinkled it gently, and the oil star immediately came out in disorder. Like countless elves dancing, sizzling, yyòu people are very. Not far from them, a huge green snake lay motionless on the ground, with a large piece of meat dug out of its back. The eighth-order monster, Qin Tian solved it three or two times. However, he did not want to go out so early, pretending to let out a scream,heavy duty metal racks, he wanted to see Yan Xin, Yan Bing this pair of sisters still have no sympathy. After waiting for a long time, the snake meat was almost roasted and they didn't find it. I can't help feeling a little lost.