When the finished product was placed in front of him

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Hu Shanwei has been away from his daughter for four years. Her daughter feels strange and distrustful of her. Her father is in the same mood as she is at this time. Moreover, his father has been like this for 20 years.

When the finished product was placed in front of him, he was surprised and surprised that he had finished such a complicated card! The next second, a strong sense of pride filled his heart. From only being able to make one-star energy cards to now being able to make complicated cards, he unconsciously found that his progress was somewhat beyond his expectations. Pride, but it is hard to avoid feeling, of course, there are countless lucky, but can come to this step today, during which there are many hardships and sweat! He inserted the card into the meter. He wanted to examine the card. Activation meter, because it is an auxiliary card, it only needs a very small ray of perception to start. In order to be safe, Chen Mu adds a pattern of secrecy to the card, and only when the frequency of perception reaches a special value can the card be activated. As soon as the meter on Chen Mu's hand lit up, he saw countless silver lights shining like a star cluster suddenly bursting open. The silver light dispersed and a strange sight appeared in the room. Chen Mu was like a galaxy in the universe, with countless silver lights of all sizes distributed in every inch of the room. Every bit of silver is like a star, and they move slowly. Between these silver stars, there are some silver lines with different thick lines winding from time to time. The most blurred ones are those transparent planes like crystals, each of which is of different sizes and seems to be distributed in disorder. Points, lines,warehouse pallet racks, surfaces, and more complex three-dimensional and multi-dimensional structures composed of several.. Chen Mu looked at the strange scene with some dullness, and his brain almost crashed. Is such a wonderful and mysterious card really made by yourself? He swallowed his saliva subconsciously, and he suddenly thought of the star evolution magic card he had seen in the low-level magic card club of the Acropolis of Eastern Shang, which came from the master Chemossih. This card made by myself is more shocking and charming than that card! Shocked, the mood in Chen Mu's heart was suddenly a little strange. To be able to make such a magical card, no matter who,industrial racking systems, it is inevitable to give birth to pride and pride. However, for a business card maker, even his own cards can not be predicted, wrsh wrsh.ōm that only shows that he is not good at learning, it is not a glorious thing. It seems that their grasp of the card is still too superficial ah! After a good introspection in his heart, Chen Mufang raised his head. Refocus on the jumble of silver stars, lines, and surfaces. Suddenly, Chen Mu found a more difficult problem, this card. Even he doesn't know where to start and how to use it. Oh my God! The pride and pride that remained in my heart just now suddenly disappeared, and the business card maker did not even know how to use the card he made. To say it out, this is absolutely a great shame for the business card maker! These silver stars and silver coins and planes are like a group of naughty children, ignoring Chen Mu and playing with themselves. This also makes the depression in Chen Mu's heart even more. Very not easy to think that their business card printing skills have a new breakthrough, did not expect the blow is one after another. Look at the shining stars. Chen Mu felt as if he were laughing at his incompetence in the magnificent and mysterious scenery. He simply sat in the galaxy and closed his eyes to think about the rules. Chen Mu, wire mesh decking ,heavy duty cantilever racks, who closed his eyes and concentrated on thinking, did not notice that these little silver stars, the silver lines running around, and all kinds of strange transparent surfaces were changing little by little. Chou card theory is extremely profound, Chen Mu this sink down to think, only feel multifarious. Even though he had always felt that his brain was quite bright, he almost wanted to explode. As a last resort, he had to stop thinking for a while, and the card was put away by him. This card was named "child" by him, which means that they are as disobedient as children. I thought I could make an auxiliary calculation card, which could calculate the remaining words of the golden lock, but I didn't expect to make such a strange card. For the sake of material, he not only had a fight with Dang Han on the road, but also almost fell into the hands of Sang Hanshui, but he got such a card that made him suffer a lot. Sang Hanshui saw Chen Muyin with a calm face and flashed aside with great interest. These days, he can be said to be frightened, watching the training without card flow every day, so that his fragile nerves become more fragile. He finally has a very deep understanding of the no-card flow, in his view, the true meaning of the so-called no-card flow-is to destroy themselves first, and then to destroy others. Looking at the child's daily training, Sang Hanshui felt that if it were himself, he would have died several times. The more he looked at the bottom of his heart, the more cold, this little guy so ruthlessly destroy themselves, then, destroy others up, but how to be ruthless ah! Since then, in the heart of Sang Hanshui, the most dangerous occupation is no card flow. Weah suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky outside the training room. Episode 5 Section 407 means "Someone is coming." Via's face was expressionless, and then he flashed to Sang Hanshui's side and gently cut the back of his neck with his right hand. Poor Sang Hanshui had not yet reacted, his eyes were black, and he fainted directly. In the blink of an eye, Weah carried the mulberry cold water and disappeared with his silence. Just then there was a knock at the door. Chen Mu still doesn't understand how Weah can find others far away. In fact, he has a considerable advantage in this respect. His perception is more sensitive to physical objects than to energy. But even so, Weah's detection range is much larger than his, unless he uses a snake mirror, it is possible to be better than Weah. Opening the door, it was Asan, and behind her stood a young woman. "Mr. Qiao, this is Miss Lin Yao from Frost Moon. She would like to see you." Asan said carefully. In the eyes of these people, Frost Moon and Cold Continent are unattainable existence, and they dare not disobey at all. So when Lin Yao made such a request,drive in racking system, Asang Ming knew that this might cause Chen Mu's displeasure, but still only brought her here. The influence of Shuangyue Hanzhou on the people of Tiandongli District is deeply rooted, which has been accumulated for hundreds of years. Such deterrence is far beyond the reach of other Carthews. jracking.com