The story of spring

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Hu Shanwei has been away from his daughter for four years. Her daughter feels strange and distrustful of her. Her father is in the same mood as she is at this time. Moreover, his father has been like this for 20 years.

In the evening, Mochi hosted a banquet for them at a hotel at the east end of the factory. Cruise's passion for food was as strong as ever, and Sicun sat with him on one side, with an average appetite, tasting everything. The ink pool slowly warmed the oolong tea, and the three of them were speechless for a moment. Suddenly, there was a commotion at the door, several waiters ran out, and then some diners ran out excitedly. Ink pool heart suddenly empty, a kind of unspeakable panic in the chest diffuse. He jerked to his feet, pushed aside his chair, and went out. Startled, he followed. Cruise stood up third and was stopped by the waiter. "Sir, please pay the bill." Out of the door of the restaurant, a stream of hot air came to my face. The ink pool looked westward, half of the sky was in flames, and black smoke rose up, covering the starry sky. It's the voice of thought! Mochi hurried to the factory. Si Cun also realized something, took Mo Chi's arm, and ran with him to the sound of thought. The whole factory area was filled with thick smoke, and red flames penetrated the factory building and rushed straight up. The workers withdrew one after another,tile trim manufacturers, and the ink pool rushed among them to find the workshop director, "Count the number of people and see if anyone has not come out!" The sound of the fire was over, and the ink pool shouted in his ear. Some workers are rescuing important equipment. Shouted the workshop director. The thick smoke made the ink pool cough again and again. "What equipment should I save? Save me!"! Save people! The ink pool roared and rushed into the fire. Si Cun stretched out his hand to pull him, and he made him stagger. The ink pool rose and pointed to the open space in the distance and said, "You go to a safe place over there, go quickly!" There were several women workers over there who were so frightened that they cried and trembled like chaff. They came to them decisively and comforted them one by one. Ink pool came to the production workshop, a heat wave blow on the face, ink pool suddenly a fun,china tile trim, almost fell down. A lot of wood, paint produced a strong smoke and pungent smell, ink pool chest suddenly shrank, was stimulated to cough loudly! The director of the workshop ran up to him, "Boss, you go out quickly, I'll deal with it here!" Ink pool says aloud: "Organize a worker to go out quickly, a person also is not allowed to stay!" The fire was blowing, and several busy figures were seen in the depths of the workshop. The workshop director said in a loud voice: "The new batch of equipment is very valuable, and we are rescuing it!" "Nonsense!" Ink pool drink a way. He dodged one fire after another, walked quickly to the workers, threw down their equipment, and asked them to withdraw immediately! Get out of here! No one is allowed to stay! The ink pool roared. Under the leadership of the ink pool and the workshop director, the workers filed out and left the workshop smoothly. Everyone gathered in the open space, the ink pool bent over, stainless steel edging strip ,stainless steel tile edging, the artificial limbs stiffened, coughing violently, as if to cough out the lungs. Si Cun, who was comforting the woman worker, rushed to his side and held his arm. It took Mochi a long time to catch his breath and asked, "Count the number of people. Have they all come out?" The workshop director said: "a total of thirty-eight workers and a cook who worked overtime all came out." Mochi breathed a sigh of relief, suddenly thinking that today is payday, Oda did not trust so much cash in the office, said to wait for overtime workers to get off work to pay them and then go home. Mo Chi's heart suddenly sank and he asked Si Cun, "Has Oda come out?" Si Cun said, "I didn't see Oda." The ink pool immediately walked toward the financial office, and his footsteps were bumpy. Si Cun pulled him, "Mo Chi, the fire is getting bigger and bigger, you can't go in!" Mochi shook her off vigorously. He had never been so rude to her before, and Sicun fell to the ground. "My staff is still inside!" He rushed back to the factory without looking back. Smoke blurred his eyes, and Mochi found the financial room by feeling. A wave of heat made him stagger, and the heat made his skin ache! The ink pool held its breath and rushed in. In the light of the fire, Oda poured a glass of water into her schoolbag full of money. She ran to the safe again. The safe was burned by the fire. As soon as she touched the handle, Oda screamed. Mochi's chest was too stuffy to speak, and he pulled Oda out. Oda went to grab the bag of money, and Mochi stopped her. "Get out of here!" Mochi cried desperately, but his voice was as hoarse and weak as cotton stuffed in his throat. Oda was still looking at the safe. "A lot of contracts are in it!" "Get out of here!" The ink pool staggered and threw itself on the table. He has no strength, Oda sent a girl still thinking about protecting collective property! A petite figure flashed into the financial room, the ink pool liver and gallbladder were cracked, and the person who came in was actually thinking! Si Cun found the ink pool accurately and picked him up. "How are you?" The fire is getting bigger and bigger, people seem to be in purgatory, the skin of the whole body is burning, inhaling into the lungs is no longer air, but poisonous smoke! Mochi quickly took off his suit jacket, used all his strength, picked up the water bottle on the table, and poured all the water on it. The suit was quickly soaked, and Mochi stuffed the wet clothes into his bosom and pushed her out, "Take Oda, you go quickly!" "No!"! What will you do if we leave? Si Cun hugged Mo Chi's arm and tears came out. You take her, I can get out by myself.. … ” The air in the lungs had been exhausted, the prosthesis seemed to catch the table, and the ink pool was struggling, but it could not move it. He was speechless and his eyes were fixed on the door. Si Cun put the wet clothes on Oda and let her run by herself. Oda's attention shifted from public property to the fire, only to realize what kind of danger he was facing. The young girl's legs went limp and she sat on the ground. Mochi said, "Pick her up and go!" Si Cun pulled the ink pool, "No, you go with us!" Mo Chi suddenly turned around and looked at Si Cun with sharp eyes. He said solemnly, "Si Cun, I ask you to take Oda out.". She's my employee, and I want to make sure that every one of my employees is safe and sound! Mo Chi looked at Si Cun deeply, with trust and trust in his eyes. Si Cun suddenly felt that he was the only person Mochi could rely on at this time. She suddenly grabbed Mochi's neck and left a kiss on his lips. "You have to get out alive,tile profile factory, too!" Mochi nodded solemnly. Si Cun gritted his teeth, looked at the door, pulled up Oda and rushed out.