Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist--Mo Jia of Rebirth

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Hu Shanwei has been away from his daughter for four years. Her daughter feels strange and distrustful of her. Her father is in the same mood as she is at this time. Moreover, his father has been like this for 20 years.

So the two men were so enthusiastic that they almost wiped the gun and fired. When we finally separated, we all calmed down for a while. I asked him, "You were very busy at that time, and I couldn't see you, so naturally I was suspicious." He sighed and said, "The company is really in trouble.". I want to develop my own career, and I want to plan for our future. I am a manager of the family head office in W city, and the company in B city is a subsidiary of the head office. In the past two years, I have acquired part of the subsidiary's equity in my own hands, but now I am still a little short of being able to break away from the control of the head office. So I'm a little busy at the moment, and I can't accompany you. I put my finger on his lips and said with a smile, "I understand. You are busy with your work. I fully support you. Besides, I have my own business.". I understand your heart now, and I won't be suspicious any more. He hugged me tightly and rubbed his face against mine and said, "Next Spring Festival, I will go to your house to propose marriage. We will get engaged first, and then we will get married as soon as you graduate, OK?" I giggled. "You want to tie me to you so early.". I want to be free for a few more years. He sighed lightly and said, "You want to play freely and easily for a few years, but I am old.". Do you want me to wait for an old man? I laughed, "You are a handsome old man when you are old, and some beautiful women want to marry you." He put his forehead on mine, looked at me affectionately and said softly, "I just want to marry you. Please marry me." I looked into his eyes and smiled and said, "Yes." We hugged each other and shook gently, face to face,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and he breathed gently in my ear, whispering. I looked up at the night sky, and the stars were so close to me that I could reach out and pick them up. He licked my ear slowly and said softly, "Let's go in." I gave a hum. The hot water on the stove was warm, and the potatoes buried in the pit were ripe. I pulled them out, peeled them, and handed one to Chu Ruochen, saying, "Eat it. This is the midnight snack.". It's not a good thing, but it's fresh. He took it and ate it very sweetly. After supper, people were washed clean, so they rested. From the next day, Comrade Xiaochu became a temporary teacher. Early in the morning, he first went to pull water with Mr. He. The day before, ceramic bobbin heater ,7g Ozone Generator, a tank full of water was emptied by us overnight, but the trees in front of the house were moistened tall and straight green. When I came back, I ate a bowl of gruel cooked by Mr. He, and he taught the children with me. I teach Chinese and he teaches math. In music class, I sing and he beats time or whistles to accompany me. Later, a student brought a precious harmonica from home, and he played the harmonica to accompany me. In physical education class, he and the children learned Taijiquan with me, and we took turns to teach other classes. Lunch was brought by the children from home, and dinner was cooked by ourselves. The dishes were from Mr. He's vegetable garden. Clear oil, eggs and rice noodles were exchanged from villagers. When Chu Ruochen went up the mountain, he didn't bring his bag and didn't have any clothes to change, so he had to wash and dry them every night and wear them the next day. All of a sudden, we entered the honeymoon period from love, just like a pair of newlyweds, the wife sings with the husband, such as glue, the affection is continuous, the honey is mixed with oil, and the tenderness is very sweet. Fortunately, we live far away from other people, otherwise the villagers who know our situation will certainly scold us for being shameless and immoral. I thought he couldn't bear hardships, but he lived here for a week until the company called the village head, who went up the mountain to tell him, and he reluctantly left me. There was no signal in the mountains, and their company would not urge him to go back if there was nothing important. When he left, he left some money for Mr. He. He said, "I can't help you more in this situation. You can use this money to buy some new teaching AIDS and school supplies.". When I get back and send some money, you can rebuild the house and buy some new desks and chairs for the school. Teacher He was very moved: "No, these are enough. When my book is sold, we will have money to build a house and buy tables and chairs." He put the money directly into Teacher He's pocket and said, "You'd better keep your money to marry a wife." Teacher He smiled sheepishly. I know that if we want to make this place rich, we must move all the people to the mountains, but this is not possible for individuals at present. Teacher He also understood, so he accepted the money and took more care of me. On the second day after Chu Ruochen left, another classmate in my group finally came. He told me apologetically that another classmate had acute appendicitis and had an operation in the hospital. He took care of him until he was discharged from the hospital. He appraised Teacher He's ancient book and made a judgment that disappointed everyone: "This book is a fake book. It's a mess and has no value at all." Teacher He was very sad that the ancient book that generations regarded as a treasure turned out to be a worthless fake. But he soon cheered up and said, "It doesn't matter. I originally sold the money to buy textbooks and stationery for the students. Now I have the money.". I don't have anything to feel bad about. I don't throw this book away. I keep it. After all, it's left by my ancestors. It's not a treasure but also an heirloom. We smiled, and our smiles were bitter. My senior is also a kind and honest young man. After seeing the situation of the school, he made the same decision as me: to stay and teach the children. He is also a good young man who bears hardships and stands hard work. He lives with Mr. He. Besides attending classes, he sometimes helps Mr. He to work in the field. We didn't leave school until three days before the start of school. Teacher He and the children were reluctant to let us go. After more than a month together, our feelings were very deep. Everyone has been sending us to the outside of the mountain, and little Fugui is still crying and holding my hand. I promised them that I would teach them again next summer vacation,Ceramic Band Heater, and he reluctantly let go. In my junior year, I was busy with my studies. I decided to major in classical philology and Chinese history at the same time. In order to gain more academic knowledge, I often audited the courses of Chinese literature and Chinese linguistics.