Flowers in the mirror

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Dong and Wei Guogong are also childhood sweethearts, love is not without affection,massage bathtub manufacturers, but suddenly see the couple so intimate, even if just looking at, feel a little blush.

"Shi Zhen, all the doors must be opened." The two girls ran into the lab, pushed open the Do Not Disturb door, and re-entered the lounge. Jane immediately went to open the closet door and found it locked. As soon as the ocean looked, immediately said: "is the sound lock, when the precious, says a word to it." "What is it?" "What do you say to the other locks?" "Open Sesame." The cupboard door clicked open. Shi Zhen and Zhi Yang exclaimed. The cupboard was very narrow, but there was a chair, and a man, leaning against the back of the chair, was sitting comfortably. It was none other than Professor Li Meizhu. Shi Zhen was so excited that she wanted to reach out to help her father up. Don't move. Shi Zhen's hand froze. Zhiyang raised his voice. "Don't disturb him. Let him stay as he is. He has been out for a long time and will come back at any time. If you disturb anything, I'm afraid it will affect his journey. Please remember the example of Tieguai Li." Shi Zhen was so anxious that she almost cried. "Father, father." "Keep your voice down. Perhaps the external sound will also make him uncomfortable." Shi Zhen panicked. "Father, why are you here?" "He has been at home all the time." "Why did you lie to me about going out?" "This is his most important experiment, and he doesn't want you to worry or disturb him." "Zhiyang, you seem to know more about my father than I do." Zhiyang looked up, yes, because she had known him when he was young. Zhiyang gently closed the cupboard door. Middle-aged Professor Li Meizhu's hair is slightly gray, his figure is well maintained, and his face still has a firm and resolute temperament. "Is he breathing normally?" Shi Zhen asked anxiously. Zhiyang reached near his nostrils. "I think so." "What about the pulse?" "Don't worry, Shizhen." "Why am I not afraid? He is the only family I have in the world." Zhiyang muttered to himself, "So he has been near the laboratory all the time." "He's been gone so long that I'm afraid he won't come back." "I have confidence in the professor's research." "Zhiyang, let's go and find him." "Oh,Whirlpool bathtub, how to find it?"? The place where a person's mind can go is more vast than the universe. "He's my father. I must find him. I'm afraid of danger." Zhiyang looked at the sweaty Shizhen. "I have no clue. Where do I start?" When Jane fell to the ground, "a dream to find the past, until he saw so far." "Shi Zhen, he doesn't really want to see us, otherwise he won't arrange a fake image to talk to us on the screen." "What are we going to do?" "Lock the cupboard door first." Shi Zhen said to the lock, "Close the sesame door." "Let's discuss it slowly after the break," said Zhiyang. They went to the kitchen and found a case of champagne and iced several bottles to get drunk, at least temporarily. Holding her head in her hand, Shi Zhen said, "I didn't expect my father to defy the law." "Half of the scientists had the spirit of sacrifice, and Curie and his wife both suffered from cancer because of their long-term research on radioactive objects." When Jane looked at the ceiling and sighed, "but there must be other reasons for my father to enter the dream he designed himself?" "What is that?" When Jane took a sip of wine, hot tub spa manufacturers ,outdoor whirlpool, "I always felt that he wanted to go back to the past to find something lost in his early years." Zhiyang smiled, "the thinking of scientists will not be so vague." Shi Zhen goes on: "Make up the memory into a story and input it into the computer, and then try to get into the story, which is tantamount to going back to the past." Zhiyang holds up a cup, and this theory is best explained by Professor Li Meizhu himself. Shi Zhen said: "After he comes back this time, I must set aside time to get along with him. I didn't know what I was busy with before. Every time he had something to say, I said I had a date and a program." "Maybe you think the professor is still young and doesn't need you to take care of him." "But I never thought he would be lonely." "Yes, we seldom consider that our parents also have all kinds of needs, and always think that their purpose of life is only to take care of our needs." They both laughed. If you know yourself so well, you can see that you have grown up. "Other people always have detailed records of their research, but he doesn't," Shi said. "Maybe it's a private study and he doesn't have to tell anyone." Shi Zhen added wine and drank it down. Her capacity for liquor is shallower than the ocean, a little too strong to drink, she said: "After drinking, the mood is better, people are much more relaxed." "Otherwise, how could wine be popular for thousands of years?" When Jane stretched, "Alas, today's worries are enough for today." www.xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter V Da $Xue $Sheng @ Xiao'Shuo "Net That's very true. She casually collapsed on the sofa in the living room and fell asleep. The ocean is not tired. She returned to the laboratory, sat down alone, and while she was calm, she said softly, "Professor, where are you? Can you give me some advice?" Of course she won't get an answer. Looking up, I saw the night sky outside the skylight. Li's house was in the suburbs, and I could still see the stars. Shizhen and I both miss you and hope you will come to meet us. There was silence in the laboratory. Shi Zhen wants to find you one by one, but I don't think it's possible. When we get to the first dream, you may just leave for the second dream, and you won't meet in your life. It's more difficult than finding a person in the world. Zhiyang sighed softly. Unless there is fate, in that case, thousands of miles can come to meet. I want to see if I can meet you in this dream. Zhiyang put on the instrument and pressed the button gently. It didn't feel right from the beginning. Night, ice and snow, high and strange sky, strange old buildings, flagstone streets, and even carriages. The words spoken by passers-by are not understood by Zhiyang, neither French nor German, nor any Nordic language. She grabbed a very overdressed passer-by and asked in French,whirlpool hot tub, "Where am I?" The man understood and answered her, "Moscow." "What?" The man was impatient. "Moscow, you don't even know you're in Moscow?" "What year?" "Psycho!" The man broke away from Zhiyang's hand and hurried on.