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Dong and Wei Guogong are also childhood sweethearts, love is not without affection,massage bathtub manufacturers, but suddenly see the couple so intimate, even if just looking at, feel a little blush.

Su took out pots and pans and asked Liu Yunyun to prepare for cooking. You stay here and I'll go down. Yan Yun nodded and kissed Su on the face. "Be careful." “……” Suddenly I still feel comfortable with my own corner. When Liu Yufei and Liu Yunyun made a fire to cook, Dong Jian silently faced the corner. Life is as lonely as snow. Downstairs. Su Yuyan is already holding Leng Xi and talking happily. Lin Xiaoqi was sulking on one side. Face but still dare not show, maintain their kind and generous appearance. It is said that the male protagonist of this plane did not collapse, but he was very bad. Of course, the original plot will not write the male protagonist. Su Yuyan and Leng Xi were childhood sweethearts and grew up together. Naturally, the two families intended to get them engaged. But Leng Xi has always hated arranged marriages. The two families were afraid of the opposite effect, but they did not let them get engaged. So Leng Xi and Su Yuyan get along like brother and sister. But Su Yuyan is not a simple brother-sister relationship to Leng Xi, but a love between men and women. In fact, if there is no end of the world, Leng Xi should be married to Su Yuyan. Because a month before the end of the world, Su Yuyan's grandfather died, before dying to let Leng Xi take good care of Su Yuyan, in fact, is to entrust Su Yuyan to Leng Xi. In the original plot, Leng Xi is a person with a strong sense of responsibility. Therefore, regarding Su Yuyan has not expressed the manner,whirlpool hot tub spa, is ambiguous. Later, I met Lin Xiaoqi at the end of the world. The heroine and the female partner naturally had a confrontation, but Leng Xi was in the middle, but he did nothing. Finally, the heroine won Su Yuyan by scheming. Su Yuyan was eventually disgusted by Leng Xi. Su Yuyan is not a calculating person, but some young lady temper,outdoor endless pool, but the heart is still kind. But under the design of Lin Xiaoqi, she became a vexatious, arrogant and self-willed person with a vicious heart. Finally abandoned by Leng Xi. Su Yuyan is very stubborn, even if she was finally reduced to a man's plaything by Lin Xiaoqi, she never hated Leng Xi. I even love him. I don't know if it's your luck or misfortune to meet me. Sue sighed with emotion. Son came out, "probably more lucky." "Do you know what I'm going to do?" "You're just going to cuckold the man and the woman." "Oh, son, you are wiser." Speaking of this, Su was quite gratified. "Sure enough, if you stay with smart people for a long time, even a system will become smart. The charm of this goddess is so irresistible." “……” Does it need to be guessed? The host talks about cuckolding the male and female hosts every day. It's not that stupid, endless swimming pool ,endless swim pool, okay? It's impossible to chat with the host. Seeing that her son ignored her, Su had no choice but to go to Su Yuyan. Seeing such a beautiful woman standing in front of him, Su Yuyan immediately raised his vigilance. When Leng Xi saw Su, there was an indescribable secret joy in his heart. Sure enough, she still likes herself. Su Yuyan? Since it's my family, I'll take care of it. Su Yuyan hugged Leng Xi's arm and said warily, "Who are you?"? How do you know my name? "Of course I know." Su Xiaoxiao, "I used to have a friend who liked you and showed me your picture. He said you were beautiful, kind, gentle and virtuous." "Oh?" Hearing this, Su Yuyan could not control the corners of her mouth. Girls, after all, have vanity. Not to mention in front of the man you like. Sue said so, which made her look good. Who is your friend? Su pulled out an unimportant passer-by who liked Su Yuyan, "Rong Jiashu." "It's him." Su Yuyan has an impression of this man. What can I do for you? I wonder if you have any food? I'll buy it from you with the crystal nucleus. Just now Sue said she was beautiful and kind, but now she doesn't sell it, which makes Sue feel that she is not kind. That won't do. Heng. Su Yuyan called out. A man got up and came over and said respectfully, "Young lady." "Take some food to this young lady. It's free." "No, how can this be done?" Su smiled. "Although Miss Su is beautiful and kind, you still have to pay what you should pay, otherwise everyone will treat you as a philanthropist." When Su Yuyan heard this, he quickly understood what Su meant. You talk funny. I like you very much. Sue smiled and did not answer. Inside, he is crazy and narcissistic. Son, see? Another woman has fallen at the feet of this goddess's jeans. “……” Whether the host has figured it out or not, people just say it politely. I didn't want to have sex with you. Heng took some bread and some candy for Sue. Candy is a luxury in the end times. Sue took out a hundred crystal nuclei and handed them to Ah Heng. Heng was stunned. Su Yuyan was also stunned. I thought Sue meant it, but I didn't expect to be able to take out so many crystal nuclei. If this is in the base, you can rent a house, buy food and live for a month. How on earth did people with so many crystal nuclei get mixed up without food? This is a problem. Regardless of their performance, Sue spent all the crystal nuclei and immediately went up to the second floor. Chapter 178 everything is ready. Towards evening, another group of people came to the factory building. Or an acquaintance. It was noon when Sue and the group of people who bought the car. Remember when the army of zombies came, these people are still wearing big underpants in the battle. I didn't expect to die. They were originally five men and one woman, but now there are only two men and one woman. That woman has no power, can actually survive in the army of zombies, is really strange. When she had dinner later, Su heard the woman's name in Liu Yunyun's place and suddenly realized. No wonder he didn't die. It turned out that his mission had not been completed. Awesome, my Mr. Plot. The woman's name is Wang Yuwen,whirlpool hot tub, and she is an important cannon fodder. But it turned out that she was not online so quickly. Now the plot is stirred up by Su, and Wang Yuwen is on the line ahead of schedule. The heroine can't escape the plot of being drugged by cannon fodder. Lin Xiaoqi naturally encountered being drugged, and the person who drugged was this Wang Yuwen. Wang Yuwen is sweet and scheming. monalisa.com