The Great God has been disconnected (end + extra chapter)

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Dong and Wei Guogong are also childhood sweethearts, love is not without affection,massage bathtub manufacturers, but suddenly see the couple so intimate, even if just looking at, feel a little blush.

Wen Qin nodded, "are you free to run?" "Why?" Tang Qian turned his head and looked at Wen Qin. A little unexpected. Wen Qin smiled, Tang Qian turned to look at Wen Qin, and then opened his mouth, "the recent game is not you ah." "I can't be like you." Wen Qin shrugged his shoulders. Tang Qian nodded and then remembered something. There was a little bit of interest. How about it? Have you figured out how to deal with me? "Eh?" Wen Qin hesitated for two seconds, and then immediately understood what Wen Qin was saying. There are still two games left before the end of the first half of the year, and then a short summer break. It's the second half of the competition. Uh Wen Qin thought for a moment and then said, "It's still early." "I've already thought of it." Tang Qian ran up, "you will lose miserably." Oh Hearing this sentence, Wen Qin simply. No pressure at all. Oh, after that, I saw that Tang Qian didn't seem to care about it. Wen Qin hesitated for a moment, "Come on..?" “……” Tang Qian immediately raised his head with an expression of seeing a ghost. Are you serious? "Uh..?" Wen Qin did not understand what Tang Qian meant, and then he heard Tang Qian's doubts. Aren't you supposed to look up and be cocky and say, 'bring it on'? Wen Qin thought for a long time what was the deviation, so that Tang Qian had such a big misunderstanding of himself,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, "I am so in the second?" "Almost." Right. Tang Qian nodded his head. Wen Qin thought for a while and finally had to admit it. He was originally in front of Tang Qian, as if he really looked like this. After realizing this problem, Wen Qin was a little entangled. Because she didn't seem to think of Tang Qian for a long time. Tang Qian's side has not changed at all, "when I win you don't." Overreact. "How old are you?". How could it be. Wen Qin replied casually and then stopped the treadmill directly to one side. Wen Qin thought for a moment and then opened his mouth, "Come on..?" "Cough.." Tang Qian was really frightened this time, "recently you are." Did something happen? "Well,jacuzzi swim spa, what's wrong with you?" Wen Qin is not happy, "you are not happy to say refueling." Tang Qian waved his hand, and Wen Qin walked away directly with his back to Tang Qian. "How can I say that you are also the person I once looked forward to?" This is not an honor for me, but bad news. Tang Shallow in the heart silently read, or quickly chose to ignore. Wen Qin has long been accustomed to Tang Qian's attitude, and only after walking out of the door did he look back. Tang Qian had already put on his headphones and was running without looking this way. The first match in the second half of the year was with Ta-xue Feihong, and this Wenqin was deliberately recorded at the beginning. After all, for Wen Qin, Tang Qian is always a word that can not be mentioned. It's just. Wen Qin reached out to untie the headband that tied her hair, and she did not know when she began to think of Tang Qian's name less and less. Had it not been for Tang Qian's reminder, Wen Qin would not have remembered the match with Tang Qian for the time being. It seems that you have been running towards the light all the time, but in vain, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,Chinese spa manufacturer, for a moment, you are suddenly attracted by other things around you, and when you look at the past again, you find that you will no longer be involved in your emotions because of the light or anything else. When talking with Tang Qian just now, Wen Qin really had no waves in his heart. It's like an old friend who has known each other for a long time, familiar and happy, but without any superfluous emotions. The one who would be excited just to say Tang Qian's name has disappeared. In fact, Wen Qin is a little bit lost, but more is a kind of emotion that can not be explained clearly. Come out, unexpectedly so easily, in their own unaware of the time, come out. Wen Qin thought about it, took out his cell phone, then called out Tang Qian's number, and then looked at the message he had sent. Standing in the corridor just did not send two minutes to see Ye Xixue and Wang Zijie two people came face to face, "Hi," Ye Xixue also raised his hand to say hello. Hi ~ "Wen Qin waved his hand back, and then continued to turn over the record without any response.". Not only Ye Xixue, but also Wang Zijie was a little surprised. But Wang Zijie is different from Bai Zihao. I don't belong to the kind of person who can say something directly, so now Wang Zijie is just surprised and doesn't say much. Ye Xixue is directly closer, "not angry ah?" Wen Qin looked at Ye Xixue, and then looked at Wang Zijie on one side. "Well, it's really not easy to win us once. Allow you to be happy for a while." "Say that when you win." Ye Xixue raised her neck. Do you want to go next time? Wen Qin is just the leader. He is not a player, so it is no problem to use the rules. When everyone knew what was going on, Wen Qin went up once and it was nothing. But if the next time you go on stage as before, it will be more or less criticized. There are not many players in the league, so it is not difficult to know that Wen Qin has strengthened his training recently. But Wen Qin is a leader after all, so if you go on stage directly. In fact, if there are too many, everyone will feel that it is not interesting. And Wen Qin is only a leader anyway, and the tactics are only in the general direction. And at present, the method used by Wen Qin is still a strange one. But everyone has their own habits of thinking, no opponent has played the opposite play, this adventure can be once. If we meet again, I'm afraid it will be greatly discounted. In terms of tactics, I'm afraid the blade of the dead is still a little far behind Lin Ruojing. In terms of strength, there is absolutely no repressive advantage. Wei Sa and Shi Zhi are almost the same as Prince Jie Jia Zhou Di. Wen Qin does not play the situation,endless pool swim spa, Ye Xixue this attitude is really nothing to say. However Wen Qin thought for a moment and then narrowed his eyes. If I remember correctly, your account number in your information is the original account number. I don't seem to know you, do I? 。