If Paris Is Not Happy (Parts 1-3) ...

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Dong and Wei Guogong are also childhood sweethearts, love is not without affection,massage bathtub manufacturers, but suddenly see the couple so intimate, even if just looking at, feel a little blush.

From your long and sincere letter, it seems that your situation today can not be explained by the simple word "bad". Such a rough childhood and adolescence, in the eyes of an ordinary person, is a great disaster. In your letter, I saw the 11-year-old orphan, who escaped from the orphanage again and again, saw the loneliness of a young man wandering in the sea of people, saw a poor child who had no way to seek help, no answer to heaven, no way to find his mother, and his father was unknown. To see the confusion, to see the heart of seeking good and upward, to see you finally surrender to life and give up, then hate, then resist, then throw caution to the wind and give up, and then go to hurt an innocent person. Zu Yao, please don't be disappointed, frustrated and resentful of human nature and fate. Please believe me once. I won't lie to you. You are only twenty-four years old this year. You say that all the people in the world are false, but you have written to me. Please try and believe me, OK? I can't give you anything, but I can give you an experience that there is still faith, hope and love in the world. Because I have met such people thousands of times, they are people like you, they are not false, not bad, not bullying, not cold, do not despise anyone, I have really met,outdoor whirlpool tub, believe me, the world is still the existence of love, it is not entirely in your eyes so cold and hypocritical, try to believe me once? You said: The sky outside the prison is not yours. Zu Yao, you are about to be released from prison. If you think so, what confidence do you have to face the sky? A person, the most important thing is yourself, but in your life, you see how others treat you, but you do not value yourself, besides,garden jacuzzi tub, don't others despise you because you despise yourself first? Poverty is not a disgrace, but meanness is a disgrace. You have hands, you have feet, you can speak and write, and your writing style is very fluent, which shows that you have the conditions for "basic survival". Once you get out of prison, you are determined to turn over a new leaf. You used to be young, but now you are an adult. As long as you are willing, as long as you no longer hate, as long as you are not afraid of hardship and honesty, this society will not starve you to death. You have taken revenge on others for the sufferings of your life. It is not enough to blame yourself, nor is it enough to be tortured. Come out and make up for this victim with the rest of your life. Otherwise, you have no real action and repentance. Sometimes, in our life, it is necessary to forget, and it is also necessary to remember, let the past of suffering forget, remember the lessons of this time, use this wrong experience, in the future "absolutely" no longer do the vicious circle of hurting others and oneself, jacuzzi suppliers ,best whirlpool tub, please promise me? Not only that, but also remedy the mistakes and do it in good faith, okay? There is a very good book called Les Miserables, which was written by Hugo, a great French writer. Have you read it? If you can't find this Chinese translation in the prison library, please let me know next time, and I'll send it for you. You love literary books, this one, for the struggle and glory of human nature to do a very deep depiction, read everyone will have inspiration. In the past, you went to a high engineering school, and I have a lot of friends who do water and electricity, repair locomotives, iron doors and windows, and repair motors. If you are willing to learn, hard-working, serious, honest, and do not care about the treatment, everyone can help to find out, there will always be work. Don't be afraid of the future, take your destiny into your own hands, and prepare your determination and confidence to step out of the door that you will never go back to, okay? Zu Yao, we are all your compatriots, welcome you back to this society. Thank you for calling me sister Chen. Zhu Ankang Sister Chen, go Virtue or cowardice? Sanmao: When I was out of work for a while, I discovered a secret of happiness. It was diligence and kindness to others. It was the beginning of my search for peace of mind in virtue, and I did it. In addition, I also read Buddhist books, and everything to avoid excessive calculation, I gradually become a good young lady, the heart of love and hate are not strong, but in the end they hate themselves. I hope I dare to love and hate, and have the courage to bear everything, but virtue imprisons me in the most hopeless place. For fear of hurting an annoying person, I will make a person I love in my heart misunderstand me, and even feel that it is a sin to hate others, so that I can become a "good girl" without any other advantages. I have always believed Lincoln's words, "a man is responsible for his own face after forty." So doing good is one of my goals in life. But I feel contradictory, the virtue of the past really makes life boring, why can I find quiet happiness in virtue, but find that virtue is also a shackle? Sanmao, would you please give a speech or write an article about a "good girl's trouble" one day so that I know how to do it? Lin Aiwen Ai Wen: I also like this quote from Lincoln: "When a man is forty, he is responsible for his own face." But I can't agree with your other idea, because you think that virtue is a shackle. People who do not love or hate strongly should not be confused with the words "no personality" and "no interest in life". If you really have inner peace, why do you want to break away from such a beautiful realm? From your letter, I feel that your definition of virtue is a little mixed with "cowardice", so I hate myself. Let's sort out these two ideas together, OK? Do not care about everything, treat others kindly, feel that hating others is a sin, pursue happiness, do not criticize others.. In my opinion, they are all part of virtue, and most of them are important. All of the above is stated in your letter. However, it is cowardice not to hurt a person you hate, but to misunderstand the person you love in your heart. What I mean to say is that most people, not just you, will often give in to the more vicious people and ignore some good and respectable people. This is the weakness and commonality of human beings, as well as nature, which is quite regrettable. My idea is that a truly perfect person must have three conditions, that is, great wisdom, great benevolence and great courage. How easy is it to achieve these three words? So the Chinese say "very difficult". Okay,outdoor hot tub, it's really hard! Cleverness, the benevolence of a woman and the courage of an ordinary man can be seen every day in this society, but that is not a big deal. And are you and I one of the many. monalisa.com