King of the Star Dome

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Don't go Jiang Jiao threw out the question again. ……” It was like a thin,304 Stainless Steel Coil, honey-coated steel wire wrapped around his heart, and when she spoke, the strength of the wire tightened.

Disease and blue dragon just fly out, immediately create array and a shock, the top closed, but is directly formed a big round cover, the pillar of heaven and jade tripod, to surround inside. The disease and the blue dragon are very strange. Looking at the jade tripod and the pillar of heaven wrapped in the sword array. He blinked and slipped back to yuan yuan. Shrink the body, one wrapped around his left shoulder, one crouched on his right shoulder, put on a look of watching the fun. yuan yuan's face was calm, and he said lightly to the pillar of heaven, which was wrapped in the sword array, "Your mission has been completed. The way of the star is that the force is weak when it is divided, and the force is strong when it is United. You must have merged with the jade and the tripod during this period of time, and it is hard to give up. That being the case.". I will temper you again and make you a part of the jade tripod thoroughly! Jade tripod needless to say, this curtain is a powerful star made by yuanyuan, and Tongtianzhu was taken from Ava by him that day, and was re-forged by his divine consciousness, which incorporated a trace of his spirit in it, which can be said to have become one of his original star, so for the two star. He was completely in control, without hindrance. But it is one thing to use it without hindrance. It is not so easy to smash it and forge it again. After all, a powerful star vessel that can be called a "holy vessel" can be destroyed and returned to the furnace and sacrificed again. It is no exaggeration to say that it is more difficult to reach the sky. yuan yuan's hands just set the amulet, and two groups of milky white light from the ten hearts shot out,304 Stainless Steel Bar, hitting the jade tripod and Gao Ci's Tongtian orange. Then a burst of drink: "Give me broken!" The spinning Taiji diagram escapes from between the eyebrows and expands sharply in midair. The head and tail of the black and white Pisces meet, and the blue thunderclouds attached to the white fish rise into the air. Condensed into a round millstone with a diameter of 1000 meters, in which countless clasped thunder balls emerge, exploding the energy of the void; and the Xuanming heavy water attached to the black fish also overflows and condenses into a mass, which is also a round millstone with a radius of 1000 meters. The two large millstones are closed up and down. Mutual traction, a powerful force, "creak" began to rub against each other. Crush the "Pillar of Heaven". " "Tongtian Giant Pillar" was fixed by the seal of yuanyuan, and all means of attack were suppressed. Faced with the grinding of the two millstones formed by the heavy demand of "thunder clouds", there was no countervailing force at all. With a "boom",Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, it burst completely, was crushed, ground into powder, and turned into the most original state of vitality. It could not stop stirring and running around fiercely. But the Dragon Sword Array could not stop running, and the shield formed by the group was extremely stable, tight and seamless, and the vitality shattered by the pillar of heaven. The novel 520 can not leak out at all, but the jade tripod suddenly radiates the multicolored rays of the sun at this time, constantly rolling up and converging the vitality transformed by the pillar of heaven, and inhaling it into the tripod. The jade tripod was originally an extraordinary thing. Through the continuous traction of the "Tongtianzhu" day and night, the starlight is constantly infiltrated and tempered, and the whole body has long been free of impurities and flaws, full of spirit, and has entered the "holy vessel"; while a trace of divine consciousness remains in it, through the true Qi in the jade tripod and the warm nourishment of the absorbed starlight, the "vessel spirit" of the jade tripod is more directly nurtured. At this time, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, the whole pillar was thoroughly absorbed and swallowed, and the body of the jade tripod was filled with red light. Constantly trembling slightly, like a God who has absorbed enough spiritual power, an ancient, magnificent and vigorous flavor is overflowing, and the seal symbols of mountains, seas, flowers, birds and monsters carved on the body of the tripod are also lit up one after another, incomparably profound and abstruse. yuan yuan stretched out his hand and patted the blue dragon on his shoulder. Blue dragon out of a dragon song, body flying in the air, silver scales shaking, red eyes burning, suddenly to the tripod body spewed out a true fire of Samadhi. The true fire of Samadhi spits out on the body of the jade tripod, making a loud noise like thunder; the jade tripod keeps rotating, and the seal symbols carved on it, birds, animals, mountains and seas, are extinguished one after another. If there is spirituality, the true fire of Samadhi is quietly absorbed in it. Under the urging of "Qi Ling", the true fire is absorbed in it. However, with the help of the power of "Samadhi True Fire", the energy of the devoured Tongtian Pillar is thoroughly refined and blended with the noumenon. But the blue dragon flies in the air, the dragon mouth is huge, a Samadhi true fire gushes out, endless, without interruption, but it serves to show the purity. So after a day and a night, the jade tripod made a deep and vigorous trembling sound, the whole star field shook slightly, and the slowly rotating jade tripod suddenly stopped. And the blue dragon also closed the huge mouth. Shrink the body and climb on the shoulder of yuan yuan again. Look dispirited, motionless, obviously a true fire of Samadhi for such a long time, but it is not a small consumption. The jade tripod is stable. Standing firmly in place in the hall, the jade light on the body of the tripod is like a halo of water, and the seals carved in the sun, birds and animals in the mountains and seas, have also been restored to their simple and unsophisticated shape, and do not look much changed. However, yuanyuan, standing in the hall with his hands on his back, smiled at the corners of his mouth and knew that the whole jade tripod and the pillar of heaven were combined into one and had been reborn. Completely turned into a first-class powerful star device. yuanyuan stretched out his hand to point to the jade tripod and put it into operation, and then the whole jade tripod completely inherited all the abilities of Tongtianzhu. Not only does the power of pulling the stars shine lightly, but also the suppression of the whole star field is as stable as mountains, and the spirituality contained in it is surging, and the "spirit" in the tripod is greatly strengthened, almost having its own consciousness. Looking at the whole jade tripod, yuanyuan still seemed not very satisfied. He hesitated a little, and his eyes suddenly shone with silver light again. With a clear shout, he knew the golden elixir in the sea and turned around. He carefully released the "Lingxi Wishing Mirror" from Suri and threw it into the Dragon Sword Array. As soon as "Lingxi Yingyuan Mirror" falls into the star array,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, the blue light of the mirror immediately flourishes, absorbing and devouring the aura in the star field crazily. It rises to a radius of about hundreds of meters, and almost fills up the whole dragon sword array.